Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meet my little friend...Bianca!

Hump day equals horrible traffic day.  It normally takes an hour for me to get to work on a hump day if I'm driving alone.  Today, however, my husband and I carpooled and it took only 30 minutes.  But then after he dropped me off, it took him another 30 minutes just to go 5 miles.  So ridiculous!

I went over to Anthro yesterday at lunch and had a disappointing visit.  I was looking for the Lima Lines Skirt and the Bravern store didn't have it.  I must have walked up and down that store five times and didn't see it.  So I went over to the sales section hoping to find the Switching Lanes Cardigan.  Another let down.  They had none left!  Of course, my instinct kicks in and now that I'm left coming back to work empty handed, the rest of the afternoon was left to me planning out my mission on how I can obtain these items.  I decided to take a trip after work to the Uvillage Anthro (where I originally tried these items on) and test my luck there.

Good news...I found the Lima Lines Skirt!!  But no luck with the Switching Lanes.  I am still deciding if I love it enough to order it online...but I'm leaning towards no.  Instead, I saw one last Bianca blounce in the black motif (???).  I decided to try it on and fell in love!!!!  So it went home with me.  I also don't typically where my new items right away, but I just had to today...

I decided to keep the outfit nice and single (and pants!!!'s my first time wearing pants in two weeks).  I thought the simple ensemble would show off the beautiful patterns in the blounce more. 

Sizing wise, I kept with my true size.  I tried sizing up, but it looked too blah.  I also tried on the orange color which I also loved but decided to get this motif instead. 

While I was there, I saw the D'Armee Dress and decided to also give it a whirl.
After seeing this on Sara here, I was intrigued and wanted to try this on.  It looked so great on her and after seeing reviews online, I knew this would not be good on me.  And I was right!  I only took one picture because I just didn't like it on me at all.  The color was off for me and the fit wasn't comfortable either.  The length was a little short for my liking.  I do wished it worked better since I do like the military inspired trends out right now.  But it just wasn't meant to be. 

That's it for this hump day everyone!


  1. Lovely blouse Cindi! Too bad about not finding the cardi though. I do think the green dress looks very pretty on you. Hope you have a better Hump Day!

    xx Vivian @

  2. This is the blue motiff. I'm wearing mine today as well! It's such a cute blouse.

  3. Tien is right - you're wearing the Blue Motif Bianka, and it's beautiful on you!!!

  4. Yuck - I hate traffic. We actually moved so I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore! LOL

    The blouse looks great on you and good luck stalking your skirts! I wish there was still free shipping - I'd be ordering fall items up a storm if I could try them on for free!

  5. Yay, it looks great on you!!!
    Thank you so so much for your comment that the two stores have the color I'm looking for! I'm going to try to call tonight! I'm so torn on sizing...4 or 6...what do you think? I took an 8 in the Clinton, so what would be your recommendation for the shirt??

  6. Vivian - Thank you! I actually don't own any tops this color...maybe a cargo pant so I've never had this color close to my face before. Now I know it doesn't go. But thank you for the nice compliment!

    Tien - Oooh yes...that makes sense since there was a solid black one.

    Kim - I saw this blouce on you the other day and it looked so great. It inspired me to keep it in mind.

    Kathleen - Haha moving close to work would be nice. For us, we're 13 miles from my work (my husband doesn't have a normal office) and usually it takes 20 minutes with no traffic. We can't afford to live in the city I work. Haha it's like the Beverly Hills of Seattle. Way too snooty.

    Erin - I think you should take a 4. I'm wearing the 6 and I know I'm bigger than you. I took a 10 in the clinton trench. The blouce is flowey and it runs really TTS. I feel if you go with a 6, it'd drown you.

  7. I like the paired down pants with the top. It's simple and chic. Plus, that blouse is so fantastic that it doesn't need much in the way of styling. D'Armee dress was a bust on me too. I think it's proportions thing. Plus, the fabric was not my fave. Too crinkly yet rough.

  8. Congrats on getting the Bianca :). It's such a pretty name for a lovely blouse. I like to wear newly acquired items asap, too!

  9. omg, Kathryn and I are our wearing our Bianka Blouses today too! So funny! It's like the whole anthro blogging community got the memo or something...

  10. I'm glad you got the lima lines skirt - I thought you looked fantastic in it!

  11. My store better have that blouse in green when I go tomorrow or I'll have to break down and order it online (boo shipping!). Looks great on you and I actually don't think the D'Armee Dress looks bad on you from the pics :)

  12. I love the Bianka on you! I am so tempted to buy that color as well, the roses are so pretty.

    I think we just keep missing each other...I was at U Village over the weekend, at Bravern yesterday right before lunch, and then I planned to go to U Village yesterday after work but was too tired!

    Also, was the rust Bianka at U Village a 6? I've been looking for that...

  13. Cat - I'm interested to see your in depth review of the D'Armee dress because I'm sure you'll have a great perspective.

    Sydney - I read before that you like to wear your new stuff right away. I think that's so cute. I'm always afraid I'll have remorse or something and I've actually returned quite a few items by waiting.

    Carol - I know right? Great minds think a like.

    Lisa - THank you!!! I can't wait to wear the skirt for you guys.

    Sara - Haha...there were a lot of green left at both of the stores I went so hopefully there's a lot there for you to try your little heart out!

    LC - There's no 6's left. :( There was only one 8 there yesterday and it looked like an online return. I tried it on but it was too big for me.

  14. Hey Cindi
    Everytime i see another blogger wearing the bianka, it makes me want to get it even more!!
    I love this top on you, and i really like how you didn't complicate the outfit with accessories etc. It allows the pretty print do all the work!
    I am not a pants person myself. THe only pair of pants i own are my jeans (and some sleepwear, but i don't count that as an item of clothing!).
    I actually don't mind the darmee dress on you, i think it gives you a nice shape. But yeh, the colour is not to my liking either...(i do have the kindred spirit dress, bu that is more of a mossy green, a bit more "me")

  15. Cindi this is def the first time I can recall you wearing pants, and you look great! love the Bianka on you, and HOORAY for UVillage anthro...

    I'm dreading traffic tomorrow and I've had to switch meetings around cuz of the Obama visit to campus.


  16. I like how you kept the styling simple to let the blouse really "shine." Very pretty!

    And I'm so glad that your persistence paid off and you were able to get some items from the UVillage store. I typically shop at the Princeton store, but I've found that the sale section at the North Brunswick store tends to be a bit better stocked. Now that school is back in session, I guess all those Princeton students tend to get to the sale before I do!