Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hello readers!  I'm hoping you're having a great week so far.  This week's feeling a lot better than last because it feels like it's zooming by.  I'm excited for the weekend already because we've got some Halloween plans so stay tuned for a special "Blogween" post!

This year will be Chris and my first Christmas together as a married couple.  Rather than giving each other gifts (because honestly, we really don't need anything), we decided that our home needs a gift from both of us.  We really want to make our new house feel more like a we've been thinking a lot about decorating and furniture. 

For our Christmas gift, we're considering either an area rug or a new dining table and bench.  Right now we have no rug.  And bare cherry floors make our great room seem too cold.  But a new dining set would allow us to entertain better.  Our current dining table is a small four seater with an extension from Ikea.  And honestly, anyone over the age of 30 should start to graduate from Ikea furniture right? :)

Our wood floors are brazillian cherry and our couch is green and brown.  All the furniture we have are a dark mocha/coffee color so I definitely wanted a rug to lighten up the place.  This rug is described as "slate blue" even though it looks gray online.  I'm in love with the pattern and it fits the old world feeling I'm wanting.   
I fell in love with this set when I saw it at Cost Plus World Market.  I believe it's from India and it's made of solid wood!  I'm sick of veneered MDF glued furniture.  I want something resistent and ready to last years.  I also like the idea of a bench.  This won't actually go into our formal dining room...rather it'd go in our breakfast nook, which is a huge area.  And the bench I wanted to position against the set of windows we have along the wall.  We wouldn't purchase the chairs because we currently have four mocha leather dining chairs which would work.  With the bench, this table can possibly fit eight.  :) 
We also have a space above our fireplace that's meant to be for a TV I supposed.  But I hate looking up that high, so our TV is actually placed on a stand at eye level.  To cover that ugly space up, I wanted an old world clock to balance the wall.  And this is something we're considering.  This would just be a "stocking stuffer" to our house!  
Another item we need to think about replacing is our Ikea coffee table.  It's currently wood and glass...and I just hate glass tables.  I love the look of it, but glass attracts dust easily and smudges way too often.  I'm very particular about my surfaces and HATE dust.  So the coffee table gives me nothing but headaches!

There you have it.  Our family Christmas wish list.  :)

I have an OOTD I forgot to post from last week.  I debuted the Tucker from Target top I bought a few weeks back.  And might I add I love it!  It's so comfortable and the design is great. 

Cardi - Anthropologie
Blouse - Target
Tights - Nordstrom
Boots - DSW


  1. I LOVE THAT COFFEE TABLE! But what I love even more is the Tucker blouse on you paired with that cardigan. The colors are so vibrant! :)

  2. I'm on love witht hat coffee table. Can I know where it's from?

  3. Sammie - Thank you, girlfriend!!! You've inspired me to get the Steve Madden jacket btw!

    Anon - Here's the link to the coffee table. It's a paula deen piece!

  4. I love that rug! I was looking for something similar for a while but ended up with: I think it looks kind of granny-ish online, but in person the blue is very vibrant and makes it looks modern (I am a vintage-modern fan if that makes any sense!)
    I also think the coffee table looks great!
    I have to admit, most of our furniture is Ikea, hahaha. But we do have a few investment pieces like our couch (Crate and Barrel) and bed (solid wood from a local shop that specializes in beds). :)

  5. Ami - When you and Bry come again to visit you mom, make sure you let us know so we can spend some time with you! :) I'd love for you to take some pictures of us in our home! Haha. In return, we will buy you food!

  6. So fun getting to see how you plan to cozy up your home over the next few months. I love the rug and coffee table (the rounded corners will be great when you add kiddies to the mix!)

    That cardigan looks great on you! And I wish I had picked up more from the Tucker line at Target!

  7. Ooh can't wait for your "blogween" post! I'm sad because I can no longer go to school as Russel from Up. Our principal has called off any Halloween festivities. I was very bummed because I so want to be a Wilderness Explorer. Oh well. I'll just have to watch the movie again. :)

    I think it's a very smart decision to forgo individual gifts and focus on the house. I'm totally loving that rug and the other stuff you picked out.

    I do love IKEA, and in fact, most of my furnishings are from there, but I agree with you, there comes a point when you have to upgrade to much higher quality stuff. When I get married, I'm sure my IKEA stuff will become basement furnishings.

  8. I definately don't mind mixing a little Ikea with other better pieces of furniture. Ikea is great for non-investment items. I love all the chotchkes and prints there.

    I LOVE that area rug!

    I also LOVE your entire outfit! The top goes perfectly with the cardigan and you KNOW i love boots and leggings. You look great!!!

  9. Jan - I didn't even think about rounded corners/legs for kids! That's totally true.

    Liz - Aww...I was so looking forward to see you as Russell. How sad to not do any Halloween activities!! I think that totally ruins the day for kids!

    Pamela - I think IKEA is great for those pieces that you don't want to keep for a long time. And believe me, I've spent my fair share of Ikea money. ALL of our furniture with the exception of our couch is from there. Haha...that's why I needed a change. :)

  10. I love the dining room table.

    And I agree with you- I HATE glass tables!!!

  11. The dining room table looks like a fabulous choice. I like the idea of combining bench seating with chairs, very functional.

    Great outfit, too! I can't pull off a high neckline, but you wore it so well! The cardi matches the flower perfectly.

  12. You look great in the bright colors in the TfT blouse and your bright berry-hued cardigan. Very pretty color combo!

    And that rug is gorgeous. I definitely think it would brighten up a darker color scheme in any room. I also love the idea of having a dining bench with an informal set. It really lets you squish people in -- the more the merrier!

  13. That's one great Christmas list you got going! I love your outfit, and the jack-o-laterns are so cute!

  14. Hey Cindi! err, yes, my hubby still insists of getting furniture from Ikea. I want an now! (im not quite 30 yet, but almost!)
    It's funny about the dust thing. I seriously don't know how dust enters our house. I wipe something one day, and a week later, it's dusty again!
    I love your colourful get-up. The pink cardi just lights up your face, and you glow girl :-)
    those pumpkins are awesome!!!

  15. Great outfit Cindi! I love the pink. Your pumpkins are fun. I'm planning on doing our pumpkin carving on Friday night. My oldest is very excited. I really like all of your furniture picks. I think they will look fab in your home. I really like the table with the bench. That's exactly the kind of table I want.

  16. Hi Cindi! I DO totally understand! J and I finally closed on the house this week! We went to take a look as the homeowners last night and boy, will we need a lot more furniture and stuff than we have/can afford. It will be slow to put it all together for sure! I love all your picks and can see your old world taste you're talking about. It always astonishes me about how expensive rugs can be. *sigh* BTW - I LOVE that shade of pink on you! Seriously flattering!

    xx Vivian

  17. that Target blouse is beautiful with the bold flowers! And it goes amazingly with that cardi! nice job!

    ps - love the carved pumpkins!