Thursday, October 21, 2010

Longest Week Ever!

This has got to be the longest week ever!!!  I'm desperately needing it to be the weekend already.  Tonight though we'll be meeting up with a friend and coworker of Chris' for dinner in Ballard.  One of the places I've wanted to try is a place called Veraci.  They make their own wood burning fire ovens and actually sells them to other restaurants.  I can't wait to see what their pizzas taste like!

Something totally off subject, but I've noticed lately that my memory's been bad.  I used to remember everything in my head, from grocery lists to task items I needed to do at work.  Now, if I don't write things down, I will sure forget.  I need some B vitamins or something...but Chris is different.  He has an amazing memory...and last night his friend John came over to have him tutor him on algebra and statistics.  John's taking an exam to try to get an apprenticeship at the Navy ship Chris was able to teach him what he needed to know.  I don't even remember how to do long division...but Chris remembers a lot of his math from college...even Calculus!'s a sexy trait!!!  When we have kids, I'll tell them to go to daddy for most of their school work help.  :) 
So on the subject of memory, I'm wearing my Jacinth Sweaterdress to go out for dinner tonight and this morning as we were getting ready, I asked Chris if he remembers this dress.  And he goes, "Oh yes, this one flows well and doesn't add bulk!!!" funny and cute that he reads (and remembered) what I wrote about it. 

You know that feeling you get when you put on something new?  You just feel extra clean and...well...pretty?  I feel that way today...but not only because the dress is new...I just love how I feel in it.  It's not restricting and soft.  Definitely a great buy!

Also, remember how I purchased the Anthro COAT hooks and was also going to add a leather trunk beneath it?  Well, this past weekend we went to Cost Plus World Market and the trunk was on sale!!!  So we had to get it. 

This is where I put my shoes on in the mornings! :)  Love it.

Have a good one!  One more day till Friday!


  1. I am lovin' that dress and the gray/orange color combo on you. Chris is *so* funny :)

  2. That dress looks so great with the grey tights! It's totally cute that Chris remembers your wording from your blog.

    And dude calculus or just intelligence in general IS totally sexy. I've been meaning to right a post about this because of an op-ed in NYTimes saying Sarah Palin is making ignorance sexy again :(


  3. Sammie - Thank you!!! I totally imagined myself with the MJ tote with this outfit. Phooey!!!

    Lori - WOW...ignorance is sexy??? First it was it's sexy? I can't believe of all places, NYTimes would publish that. What a joke!!! But yes, intelligence is very sexy and it doesn't get old. :) Well, unless he starts being a smartypants...which he isn't. Hehe.

  4. What a beautiful combination of gray and orange, Loving it! I agree with you and Lori, intelligence is totally sexy, but I think there is another layer to it, intelligence backs up confidence, and men is at their best when they are confident. Believe it or not, in college, I use to have a thing for guys who can type really fast. I know, I am a total nerd and I probably pulled too many all nighters at the lab.

  5. That's so cute that Chris said the dress was flowy and didn't add bulk :) great points! The color of the dress is awesome. Sweater dresses are wonderful.

    I've noticed that if dint write something down, I'll forget it!

  6. Yi - That is so funny that you thought men that type fast were sexy! I guess we all have our little quirks. I love it when a guy can make me LOL and Chris started doing that when he kept instant messaging me at work trying to "woo" me. :)

    Pamela - I hate writing things down because I'm so lazy. I can't even remember what I did like two weekends ago. This is so sad!

  7. Cindi--It was an op ed piece by Maureen Dowd questioning the fact that Palin is making ignorance sexy. The NYT nor Maureen Dowd is making an argument for it. Dowd is very much against the idea. Just like O'Donnell with "Separation of Church and State is in the first amendment?"

    Gray and red are lovely together! I love how you comfy you look, but still stylish.

  8. Tien - Ooh thanks for that clarification. I wonder who made the comment of Palin's sexy ignorance in the first place because that person is crazy! :)

  9. I love the new set-up in your entryway -- it really makes the space look cozy, welcoming, and home-y (very different than homely, haha!).

    The Jacinth dress looks perfect on you. And how wonderful that Chris remembers which items you're talking about. It reminds me of the post when you wrote that Chris pointed out someone he saw wearing the Two-Wheeler, and even remembered it by name!

  10. Cindi that dress is lovely on you. It fits you perfectly. I love the color and the gray looks amazing paired with it. I seriously need to get to my local anthro so I can try some things on. I also really like the entryway bench.

  11. Love the orange and gray combo! Your cute outfits with gray cardis inspired me to go out and buy one at Target (somehow that's one of the only colors I don't own) :)

  12. Hey Cindi
    "When we have kids, I'll tell them to go to daddy for most of their school work help" --- that would be me too! I don't remember anything i learnt at uni let alone high school!
    It's funny how Chris reads your blogs and remembers them. My hubby reads my blog daily (or whenever i publish a new post). Sometimes he quotes what i've written too! He's becoming quite a style know-it-all now, and would sometimes comment (to me) on other bloggers' anthro reviews..hehe.
    LOVE the jacinth dress on you. It looks so comfortable on you, and I really like it with the greys.