Thursday, October 28, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'...

A few days back, Lisa of Respect The Shoes posted an entry here about buying multiple items of the same thing if you're in love with it.  I totally agree with her and in fact, have just practiced buying multiples recently.

The boots I'm wearing today are my Aerosole brown knee-highs I purchased awhile back.  I remember jumping up and down in the DSW store aisle after I've zipped these up because I've finally found some boots that fit my calves.  I didn't even care if they were comfortable...I was willing to deal with pain for fashion.  But it turns out, these are comfortable!  Probably the most comfortable pair of dressy shoes I own.  Chris and I have been carpooling recently (which explains my lack of visits to Anthro...a good thing!) so I'm left with no car for the day.  Today, I've decided to try out a BBQ place about half a mile away, so I walked in the rain with my new Clinton Trench!  It was perfect...and my feet didn't even hurt!  There and back, it's about a mile and I can probably walk another couple of miles in these boots! 

Anyway...I had a point.  This past week, I also ordered the same Aerosole boots in black!  I do own a pair of black boots, but they're not nearly as comfortable as this.  I've noticed I always gravitate towards these boots and on the weekends, they are my go-to pair of shoes.  I should be receiving my black version of these in the mail soon and can't wait!  Maybe I should also get another pair of brown ones just so I have a replacement pair when these ones retire.  :)'s my Clinton Trench with my boots!
And was ugly out.  The view from my office window.  We probably won't be getting sun for at least a week! 

I leave you with some Thursday cuteness!!!'s Chewy in a box.  Free to a good  home?  Awww!!  Kidding of course!

This past weekend at Lowes, we brought Chewy with us and my mom always puts him in a cart to push him around in.  Additionally, she brings him a pillow...fearing that the holes in the cart will hurt his butt.  I tell ya...our dog is so spoiled!  He also just got a puppy cut a week ago.  This is my favorite look on him.

P.S. For those interested, is having a rug sale.  20% off most rugs over $100.  Guess what I purchased last night? ;)


  1. Wow, you are brave to wear untested shoes for such a far walk! I wore my flats today instead of my newish Ann Taylor heels because I knew I had to walk 2 blocks to the Post Office! LOL

    Those are very cute boots though. I may need them!

    Love the Clinton Trench (of course) and Chewy is just a doll!

  2. Love the boots and the trench! You can never get to much of a good thing! Your dog is a cutie!

  3. Chewy is adorable! My dog just got a haircut too (: Love the boots and coat together, especially the pop of color in the dress you're wearing!

  4. OMG your dog is a ball of absolute adorableness! And the pillow from your mom is so cute - men don't ever think of thoughtful things like that!

    I had a pair of stiletto boots from Aerosoles (who knew?!) a few years back and they were so so comfy that I literally wore them out. I think Aerosoles can be hit or miss with their styles but I have a few pairs too and they are oh so comfy(and those boots are oh so awesome!)

    Thanks for the shoutout!

  5. Love those boots! It's great when you find shoes that are comfortable and stylish.

    Your Chewy is SO cute! I bet he loves riding around in the cart on his pillow. ;-)

  6. Your outfit is DIVINE!!!! Omg, I need to get those boots b/c my calves don't fit into ANY boots. :-(

  7. Oh my gosh, Chewy is adorable, especially in the box. Look at me...making the dog comment first. lol.

    Love that jacket. I have a similar style from Anthro, and I always get so many compliments on it. It's nice to find a pair of boots that are perfect. Finding boots is so much more difficult than shoes because there are so many other factors to consider. My problem is height. Most boots are too tall. Anyway, you're looking good in your rainy weather outfit.

  8. Kathleen - You're so funny. Two blocks huh? :) I know what you mean though...some shoes I just don't want to wear it and walk with them on in fear that I might damage the sole or heel!

    Bonnie - Right? Especially boots because it's sooo hard for me. OH SO HARD!

    Cindy - Thank you! I love my little doggie even though he doesn't live with me anymore. I see him on the weekends and it's great! I love your little shih tzu too!

    Lisa - I know! I've never owned a pair of aerosoles before just because they're never cute. But these surprised me!

    Debbie and GinaBean - Thanks!!! These boots have another zipper to expand the calf area which is nice. For me, the second zipper isn't noticeable when you wear it. But I know this has bugged others.

    Liz - I can see how it'll be frustrating if you have a shorter calf and the back digs into the back of your knee. Maybe that's why we value our boots so much. They love to play hard to get!

  9. Chewy is CUTE and it sounds like he is in veeeeery good hands with your mom! Love you in the Clinton trench, and the boots look great. I hope the new rug looks perfect in the space :)

  10. I am definitely a serial multiples buyer. I found a really nice v-neck t-shirt at the gap about a month ago and well.. I have 15- YES, 15!! Isn't that crazy? They were very cheap, like 5 bucks a pop, AND I don't have ANY other t-shirts now except the gap v-neck t-shirts and I oh so love them oh so much! You are looking super cute in your new trench :)

  11. How cute is your dog! My dog at my mom's house is SO spoiled...My mom feeds her by hand every day!

  12. Cindi, that has got to be one the most cutest picture of a puppy that I have ever seen! So cute how he's in that big box! You should send it to

    Congrats on your multiple boots. You know what they say...if the shoe fits, get a dozen :-)
    I see you're wearing your Navy Clinton. I love it on you, and i love it with those boots. I can't believe i missed out on that trench...

  13. I'm a huge fan of buying doubles especially for hard to fit items. I wish I could go back in time and get a back of my favorite boots. The Clinton Trench looks so chic in this look. It's made for boots! Those last two shots of Chewy. So cute!

  14. Why do you think I have the halogen trench from nordy in at least 3 colors? ps. I love the Clinton trench on you! pss. Chewy is adorbes!

  15. oops, I meant cardigan (not trench).

  16. I just want to give your doggie a hug -- too stinking cute! And the Clinton Trench looks adorable with boots. Dont' you love comfy shoes that are also cute? Naturalizer is my good to "comfy" brand, and I"m looking forward to trying something from their Naya line soon.

  17. Thanks for the tip on the rugs! I love the Clinton trench and eck - if you can walk miles in those boots - I'd say get em in every color! Chewy is so cute! I love that your mom spoils him too.

    xx Vivian

  18. yeah the weather is totes gross right now :( Chewy is adorable, and I love that he's treated like a little prince :)

    And I think it's super smart to buy the same pair of boots in black and brown if you really love them. Aerosoles are super comfy!


  19. Hehehe, I've been sitting on a post about buying in multiples! And I'm with you on buying the boots - I bought a black and brown pair of Fitzwell wide calf boots a couple years ago. The only thing is they have heels, so now I'm on the hunt for some flat boots. Very cute outfit with the Clinton Trench! And Chewy is just too cute :)