Monday, October 18, 2010

Saturday at Marination and Anthro!

Happy Monday morning everyone!  What a gorgeous weekend we had here in the PNW.  I love the fall and winter sunshine the most.  There's just something different about it compared to the summer sun.  Probably because it's further from our side of the planet during this time of the year...which I love! 

This Saturday was family time with my Hubby and doggie!  We trekked all the way to West Seattle for a famous food truck we wanted to try called Marination Mobile.  This truck was started by two girls passionate to make good fast Korean and Hawaiian inspired foods.  I kid you not, but we ordered everything on the menu and by the time we finished eating off of the trunk of our car (yes, no seats...just good old fashioned standing while eating here), we were stuffed.

Here's what Chris wore...he wanted to try out his new Nike Air's!  The shoes were blue, which matched his Li-ning Chinese track jacket he got last year in China.  Haha.

I went with simple and comfy with a pop of mustard yellow!  The beautiful sun was in my eyes!

Here's the family infront of the taco truck!

Kalbi (Korean marinated short ribs) tacos. 

Kalua Pork Quesadilla

Kimchee Fried Rice

Spam Sliders

Chewy watching us munch inside our car.  Poor guy!

After we ate, we went straight to Anthro to return some items I've purchased from a while back.  In the store, we saw a fellow Shih Tzu!!!  The pink leashed girl pup was so excited to see Chewy, but as usual, Chewy was so shy and scared.
 I was able to get some reviews in during this trip and wanted to share a couple of purchases with you that I'm really excited about.  I'll have those up tomorrow! 


  1. Such a cliffhanger! I'm so ready to hear your purchases (and reviews)! haha! Glad you guys had a fun weekend :)

  2. I'm so jealous!We are just starting to get food trucks here.Your food looks so yummy!

    You guys look totally adorable:)

  3. Love that pop of color in the scarf....super cute! Looks like you had a great weekend...complete with YUMMY food!!! Can't wait to see your reviews and new goodies! =)

  4. Erin - Thanks! I'm excited to show you guys of course!!!

    Courtnee - The food trucks are starting to get really good and fancy. Some of them are like gourmet meals in a box!! I think Marination is trying to get on that food network truck race show.

    Jenni - Thank you! The scarf was a present brought from England by my hubby. I love it too!

  5. Hey Cindi
    That food looks so delish! My husband and I not only loved the shopping in America, we also loved the food!!we want to go back for more actually.

    You look so weekend-cool in your outfit and the mustard yellow is an unexpected nice touch to the outfit! How cute is your dog and that shih zhu!
    I'm looking forward to reading about what you bought from Anthro..tsk tsk!

  6. Yumm...that food looks delicious -- especially the spare rib tacos! I haven't had much Korean or Hawaiian food, but the little bit I have had was scrumptious.

    And I can't wait to hear about what you picked up for yourself! I love the mustard scarf on you. I tend to steer clear of mustard, but using it in accessories is a great idea!

  7. I love that you and your husband love good food. I enjoy hearing and learning about new and tasty foods. I just don't know how you can eat all that good stuff and still be so slim. I look at your pictures and feel my pants get tight :) oh, but it looks like it tastes so good...

  8. Why have I not have kimchi fried rice in my life before? It looks and sounds DELICIOUS!

    Can't wait to see what goodies you've got! I love vicarious shopping! ;o)

  9. OMG I can't believe I missed that food truck! It was so close to me. :*( It looks so good, now I have to stalk them.

  10. Jen - I was hoping if you could post some "Australian" food because I have no idea what it is. :)

    Jamie - Yeah the kalbi tacos were sooo good. I think I could have had ten of them!!!

    Pamela - Haha I'm no where close to being "slim" but thank you for the compliment. I do try to eat healthy during the week and then splurge a meal or two on the weekends. On the weekdays I also take classes.

    Lisa - Haha Kimchee Fried Rice is the bomb and it's so easy to make as well. Just Kimchee and soysauce with some white pepper!!! I love it.

    LC - You live in West Seattle? Oooh nice!! Lucky you because they are there every week!!

  11. Mmmm... I love Marination Mobile. I went with a girlfriend and we ordered EVERYTHING! :) We were on a walk on the Burke Gilman trail and it just happened to be there. So much for burning calories!

  12. Sounds like a great outing Cindi! Nice that your hubby goes with you to Anthro. The Kalua Pork Quesedilla sounds so interesting.

    xx Vivian @

  13. Meredith - Haha so you did what we did. We totally ordered everything on the menu other than the drinks!

    Vivian - Haha Chris usually goes anywhere with me but I don't usually hang out for a long time. I try to make my shopping trips fast if he's around. And when Chewy is with him, girls come up to both of them so he's entertained!

  14. Cindi, Australian food --- is basically your "shrimp on the barbie (bbQ)". Apart from that, we love meat pies, sausage rolls and...kangaroo meat.
    Ok, im kidding! this is so stereotypical aussie..
    Australia is so multicultural that i don't think there's such thing as Aussie cuisine anymore. There are so many chinese, korean, and thai restaurants, which is good to see, and even the fine dining restaurants have a bit of "fusion" in their dishes.
    Oh and there's always maccas (my fave), but that's American i believe! hehe

  15. I love Chewy! It's great seeing fashion bloggers w/ their pups hehe.

    I also love Marination, but I've never been to the actual truck. My brother in law was out here for nearly and year and worked for them, so he was always bringing us food they had leftover at the end of the day. We still have frozen meat from there in our freezer, lol.


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  16. oh my goodness, I love korean tacos and everything you guys got looks so yummy! i love that you can bring your dog to anthro :) we're getting a puppy soon and I plan on bringing him shopping with me too :)