Monday, August 16, 2010

Shower and sunshine!

This past weekend was such a wonderful one!  My lovely bridesmaids put on a great shower for me.  However, the pictures I wanted to post for you guys were left in my 7D which I let my friend borrow to practice for our big day.  She promised us to video tape our ceremony and needed the 7D to practice.  

I did take some pics with our Canon G10 though which I can show you for now.  Stay tuned for more though.

My Matron of Honor's gift to Anthro apron!  I've never owned an apron before and this will be my first.  I love it!

Another bridesmaid, Wai gave me this new iron.  Our old iron leaks and I loathe ironing because of it.  I can't wait to try this out!

Marla, a bridesmaid, found out that Chris loves it when I wear his wifebeaters.  So part of her gift was a pack of wifebeaters just for me!  She is such a funny gal!

My friend Malena, who couldn't be here for the shower because she lives in Chicago, always give the most thoughtful gifts.  She was able to make a ViewMaster of pictures just for me.  It's filled with pics from my bachelorette party in Santa Monica.  I just love it and will treasure this for years to come.

My future sister-in-law, also a bridesmaid, gave me the best gift of all...CASH!  Well, an Amex credit card to be exact...but she KNOW where I'm spending that at...Anthro!

My future mother-in-law Linda know Chris and I love pho and noodle soup.  She gave us these huge soup bowls that are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe!  Love them.

My friend Nora from high school is one talented girl.  Her photo blog is filled with pictures she's taken on her travels here.  An architect by trade, she has now decided to go back to school for nursing.  Nora is so quiet, sweet and loving...she'll be a perfect nurse.  For my birthday years ago, Nora did a fun drawing of me and us girls from high school:

My high school friends all know me as "Xin", my Chinese name, so I'm the girl with the big "knockers" in the middle.  I had told Nora that I wanted big eyes, and low and behold...she gave me huge "eyes" all right!

For my friend Jamie's wedding, her bridal shower gift to her was also a drawing of us girls, but it had Jamie in her bridal gown.  During Jamie's shower, I joked and said for my shower, I wanted to same thing.  Nora remembered this for three years and made me my own bridal photo of me and my high school girl friends:

THANK YOU to all the girls that helped arrange my shower and for all those friends that attended.  I had SO much fun and feel so blessed to have such a great circle of friends around me.  I can not wait to share the most important day of my life with all you girls!  


  1. Oh my goodness! I love everything you got! It's so wonderful how well your friends and family know you. Your smiles in these photos are gorgeous! You are literally glowing. Love it!

  2. What wonderful gifts! You will love the rowenta! It's changed my life :)

  3. Oh that sounds like a great shower! Your friend is really talented with those adorable drawings (even with the huge "eyes"!). : )

  4. fantastic gifts Cindi! i'm sure they will come in handy in the near future. Who doesn't love Pho soup? yummo!
    Your friend is very talented, i love the style of her illustrations.
    You look very happy and comfortable there in your Anthro dress. I'm sure you must be excited about your big day!
    Jen @

  5. PS - i almost thought the Anthro apron was a dress :-) looks too pretty for an apron, i'd be scared to get it dirty!

  6. aimee - Thank you! I was very happy that day! Didn't want it to end and just wanted to spend the whole night with my gals!

    Sammie - Oooh I can't wait to use it. I'm sooo tired of our leaky cheapo iron!

    LC - Haha...thank you! Nora is talented isn't she? It's so amazing how much they really do look like us,

    Jen - I know...those Anthro aprons look so pretty and they are very well made, with really thick fabric!

  7. Goodness -- that is one beautiful apron. Too bad it's not a dress!

    And I agree with Sammie -- Rowenta makes ironing an absolute joy (as much as any chore can be enjoyable).

    How lucky are you to have a friend as talented and sweet as Nora! And I'm giggling over the big "eyes." Too funny!

  8. Your gifts all look fabulous - and oh my, you've got some fantastic artistic friends, big eyes and all. :o)

    It's awesome that you stay close to your HS friends - most of mine are just FB buddies now, I've lost track of them long ago unfortunately!

  9. Wow!! Cindy, you truly have a great circle of friends and gosh, you are all so fortunate to be sharing this experience!! Those gifts are so perfect and show how much your friends know and love you.

  10. Looks like you had such a wonderful time with wonderful friends :) That Anthro apron is absolutely darling!!!

  11. ps - I'm still giggling over the big "eyes", too! So funny! Your friend is very talented doing these fabulous drawings!

  12. Aw it looks like you had a great day! And I love that apron - I thought it was your dress at first and went, "Hm I need that dress!" I have an Anthro apron too, but it's too pretty and I hate to wear it! LOL

    And a random tidbit re: the viewmaster: that's the same 3D technology that Dr. May wrote about in his book A Village Lost and Found. Each photo is taken twice, about six inches apart and then your mind melds the two images to create the 3D (just like it does with objects in real life!)

  13. Love the bridal photo, Cindi! Glad you had a wonderful shower :).

  14. Cindi, you look absolutely sweet in the dress, and what a happy day for you! Congratulations!

    I have to tell you that I never gave that dress a second look - seemed too plain to me - and once I saw you in it here, I ordered it this morning! You look really cute.


  15. You look so happy and beautiful Cindi! What a great shower! You have the most thoughtful friends -your gifts are amazing. I love that you got an Anthro apron, and that your one friend gave you a viewmaster of pictures -that is AWESOME!!

  16. Great gifts and your friend is so talented with the drawings! I'm obsessed with Anthro aprons to give and to get!

    xx Vivian @