Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DSW = Double Shoe Wednesday!

I swear I was only going to Target to get a mop and a bucket for our wood floors.  We have a lot of preparation and cleaning up to do this week because my best friend of 21 years is coming in for our wedding starting Friday night from NYC.  We've known one another since 4th grade and haven't seen each other since 2007, so I'm super excited.  Expect a special post dedicated just for her soon! back to Target, yes, I wasn't familiar with this Target and its whereabouts but when I drove into the parking lot, I noticed a DSW next to it.  I thought...meh...why not!  I'll stop in just to take a look.  Well, with shoes, you never just look!  You try on and once you try buy!  Or at least I buy. 

I darted straight towards the boots section and tried on a couple of brown ones.  I have very wide calves and boots are usually very hard for me to find but I saw one that was for wide calved girls and tried those on.  Ladies, it worked!  I love it.
Sorry for the small picture but these were the only ones I can find online.  They come with the usual side zipper, but next to the main zipper, there's an additional zip that you can use to expand the calve area.  Isn't that just genius?  I'm so excited I found these.  And for $60...I mean come on!  I couldn't walk away.

A girl also can't have enough black pumps.  I have only one pair that I wear over and over again, so I've been on the hunt for awhile.  I saw these and tried them on:

These are by Jessica Simpson and I have to admit, I've never owned a pair because I've always thought they're way too high, resulting in them being uncomfortable.  But I decided to give these a try and they are surprisingly very comfy.  Great support in the balls of my feet as well.  Not to mention, they are super suede with the cute flower detail near the back heel.  Lovely!

So folks, I'm now two pairs of shoes richer.  :)  Here's what I wore today though: shorts again.  These are the second pair I own which I have not worn for about 2 or 3 years.  I do miss them though and glad I grabbed these today. 

Cardigan - J. Crew
Tee - Anthropologie Faint Lines Tee
Shorts - Banana Republic
Shoes - Seychelles


  1. I love those crops! They're like shorts but dressier and not really capris - I dig it. You are totally giving off a fall season color vibe today - I dig that too!

    Great buys at DSW - those pumps are sweet!

  2. Cute shoes! Both the new ones that you bought as well as the Seychelles you're wearing. I believe they are the "Apple a Day" pumps, if I am not mistaken.

    I just discovered the glories of DSW about 3 weeks ago. I know, late to the game, right?

  3. Lisa - Thank you! I didn't even realize I had fall colors on. But it was cloudy this morning so maybe I was in a fall mood! Haha.

    Jamie - Welcome to DSW land! Isn't it a great place? I typically buy my shoes from either Nordstroms or DSW...I don't know how to thrift for shoes. Haha.

  4. I just ordered the "Trip the Light Fantastic" heels from DSW today. I love that place!

  5. I love the jessica simpson pumps! and you know, i've always been against buying anything of that brand... well, simply because it's jessica simpson. haha! terrible, i know. but yeah, those are super cute! and way to go on finding boots that 1. you love and 2. fit you right.

  6. so... the word i got to verify that i was a real person was "sulat". take a guess what i thought it said when i first glanced at it... haha!!

  7. Sara - You'll love those heels! Those are my go to summer heels. They are so comfortable and go with so many dresses I have.

    Aimee - I know...I feel the same way about jessica simpson. Alot of her stuff feel a bit hooker-ish to me. But these ones caught my eye. I'm thinking of wearing them for my rehearsal dinner. Stay tuned for the rest of the outfit! :)

    Oh and sulat! Haha I think I've gotten that before. HAHA that is very funny.

  8. Great buys at DSW. I can never go into a shoe store without buying something. I get a pair everytime. Very cute outfit today. I love the crops and the shoes.

  9. I love those pumps! Will have to make a trip into DSW soon. =)

  10. the details on those pumps are killer! i have problems with boots not fitting properly over my calves, too. It's the best feeling when you find a pair that fit nicely! yay!!

  11. I love your outfit and all of your shoes! I used to be a JS hater, but her shoes have been getting cuter and cuter.
    I think I need the shoes you wore today:)

  12. Cute boots! I have the same problem with my calves, so I'd love to try those on! What brand are they?

  13. Love the outfit & the shoes! Is J. Crew still selling that cardi? It's so perfect for fall!

  14. Lori - I know right? I think I've been in a DSW 3 times so far in my life and every time I'd get something.

    Carol - Haha you are too funny! Make sure to blog about what you get!

    Pamela - Don't you just hate our big calved genes? I think we should name is BCS...big calf syndrome!

    A - It's so funny because I've worn these shoes before but for some reason today a lot of people noticed them. I think it was the cropped pants!

    Meredith - The brand is Aerosole...sorry I forgot to mention that. I believe they are the Infamous Boots and I found it on piperlime for $90. They're cheaper at DSW though!

    Tina - I got this item on sale and unfortunately I don't think it's available anymore online...I just checked. There are a bunch of cardis on sale right now though on their website! So I hope you end up finding something anyway. :)

  15. DSW? I wonder if we have that in HI. I've never seen it. Next stop google... those shoes are so pretty! I'm always afraid of super high heels, but I have a secret desire to try them out.

  16. I am crazy bc I just logged on again to look at the shoes. I love how they cover all of your toes - I am not a fan of toe cleavage lol.
    Are they comfy? My feet are a bit wide and I am always nervous to order without trying.

  17. Cat - experience with DSW is that it's always at strip malls where there's either a Target or a Ross. Haha! They do have a website though if you want to check them out online.

    A - Seychelles usually run a little big on me. I usually wear a 8.5 and they are still a little loose, but I have narrow feet. If you have wider feet, then I'd say stick to your true size in them and you're going to be ok. :)

  18. Thank you Cindi! I guess I can try them and see. I just HATE making returns! I have a box destined for endless in my car as we speak.

  19. I love DSW! Those were some great finds! I haven't been in awhile, but might have to make a little trip there soon. ;-)

  20. Hey Cindi, sorry i have been MIA lately!
    Just catching up on everyone's blog updates. Love the black pumps - of course we ladies can't get enough of em!
    Target is fantastic for cheap shoes and clothes. the Targets in Australia are great for that!
    Congrats on being 2 pairs of shoes richer!