Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Preview...

Happy Friday, everyone!  I can not wait for this day to come sooner.  I have a few good reviews for you guys so here goes...

Showpiece Tee - $58

I first saw this tee on Aimee's blog of all things aimee and loved it right then and there.  I was happy to see it at my store and grabbed the Medium immediately.  The fit is perfect and the ruffley detail around the neck is lovely.  I tried on the navy, but I prefer the pink motif over this.  The tee has a described "cowl neck" but it's not your typical crumb catcher's actually very subtle.  I loved the fit of this but like the climbing cowl neck tee, the arm holes are a little big and this might bother some people.  If you're looking for a layering piece though, this would be great for it.

Boucle de Souffle Jacket - $128

 My eyes always pop open when I see a nice cream colored jacket but I'm always wary about purchasing one.  If I were to wear this jacket, I'd wear it blazer type and not as outter wear.  I'd pair it as part of an outfit, but the cream color would get so dirty in the sleeves.  And this jacket in the black just isn't the same.  It's cute and I liked it on myself, but my fear of "white against the world" made me walk away.  It was fun trying this on though!  Sizing wise, I grabbed the 8 and felt it felt well.

Three pictures = LOVE!  I have a  hard time finding blazers that actually work for me because of my shoulders.  For some reason, blazers just don't lay right on me.  But this one, OH MY!  It's also not your typical blazer either.  The cut is cinched at the waist and the buttons are angled down the jacket, flaring out a little at the bottom.  I only buttoned the top two buttons which is why the second button pulled a bit, but I believe this jacket was meant to be buttoned halfway.  Buttoning it all the way would make it look too "military".  Also, I love the scrunched sleeves, which made my arm look skinnier!  LOVE!!!  For sizing, I grabbed the 8 in this.  Online sizes 10 and 12 are already sold out and there are only 14 of the size 8's left.  They are pretty limited now.

Gifted Skirt - $78

I finally saw this at the store, and might have just missed it the last few times I went.  It looked so great on some of the other bloggers, but for me, I didn't feel it.  I have to be pretty careful with flared skirts as they can make my legs and butt look bigger.  I'm usually a straight A-line or pencil skirt type of gal.  I didn't hate this, it just didn't wow me.  The pockets are lovely though and the feel of the fabric is very nice...comfortable.  We hardly see any skirts at Anthro for $78 so if someone did love this, it's worth the price.  This is a size 8.

White Noise Skirt - $98
After seeing Sara review this and how cute she looked in it, I knew I had worn this skirt wrong!  I hate it when clothes are smarter than me! :)  This skirt is basically a piece of sweater fabric with snap buttons you enclose to fit around your body.  The buttons run all the way down the front of the skirt for you to enclose but I must have snapped them wrong because the skirt just looked awkward on me.  It also accentuated all the wrong areas.  I grabbed a Medium in this but it just didn't do anything for me at all!  Pass for me.

Bouquet Toss Dress - $168

This dress definitely had a 70's retro feel to it.  I loved the color and the silky fabric of course felt nice but this is a dry clean only piece. I can see this dress transitioning very well into the fall with my cute brown boots I just bought.  The key hole enclosed collar is nice, which is suiting for the upcoming colder months.  The sleeves are 3/4 length with a button enclosure.  For those that have bigger arms, you might run into the same issues as the Two-wheeler.  Sizing wise, this runs big.  I grabbed the 6 and as you can tell, there's still a lot of room left in the dress.  I have never worn a size 4 in Anthro dresses but I would have to with this one.  However, sizing down means the arm holes get smaller, so I might run into that issue. 

That's it for this week.  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. Ack, I may just have to grab the Brief Meeting jacket this weekend. I've been eyeballing it forever and actually am surprised it has been selling so well. Reviews online have been conflicted on sizing (but I guess this is due to that buttoning thing), did you feel comfy in your normal size?

    BTW, thanks for all the reviews! You do look awesome in that Boucle de Souffle jacket!!!

  2. Umm... yes, you need the brief meeting blazer! it's perfect on you! and i agree about the armholes on the showpiece tee. they were very large on me, and made me look so weird! it's pretty, but that part was a major dislike.

  3. Ok, I need that Brief Meeting blazer. After seeing it on you, I had to find it on the website because god only knows how many times I visit but I have never noticed this item before. Isn't it funny how something that you totally overlooked on the website suddenly becomes a must have item after seeing it on someone else? Unfortunately, I'm saving my money for some new boots, but I am so tempted to say screw it and get this.

  4. Lisa - I had my size 8 but then I only had the tee under. And I felt that it fit fine. I like my blazers a little snug though because as I said, looser ones just make my shoulders look broad, so it depends on how you like the fit. I'd go with one size up from what you typically where in blouses.

    Aimee - I know right? I really fell in love with that blazer. There's so many ways you can wear it and it matches so many things in my closet. Like the vagabond dress! And I wear a lot of pants in the winter time, this would be perfect! OK, I'm just justifying now. Haha. Must stop!

    Liz - That's why I started this feature! And it's on a Friday because then people can take the weekend to shop and try things on. :) I know, I'm an instigator. But man, I sure love that jacket! In fact, this jacket would be so cute with boots! Why not get both! Haha.

  5. I actually really like the Gifted Skirt and the White Noise Skirt on you! I also love the Boucle de Souffle Jacket on you in white. Maybe you could get it and only wear it to places where you know you wouldn't get dirty (easier said then done I know)?

  6. Sara - If the boucle jacket ever goes on sale, maybe I will think about it. But I just know I'll get something on it the first time I'll wear it. I know, I have no faith in myself. =)

  7. Thanks for the reviews Cindi. I'm so curious about the Bouquet Toss dress now. I'm dying to try it on for myself. I think it's so darling. I'm sure I'm going to have issues with the arms which makes me sad. I'll still try it and hope for the best.

  8. The Brief Meeting Blazer is perfection on you! I hope you took it home.

  9. Lorraine - One of my friends that read my reviews today didn't like the dress on me at all. I'm so thankful for her honest and candid opinion. She said the dress was clown like! it's gonna be a pass for me!

    Tien - Oh how I wished I had but I'm still thinking about it. I'm keeping an eye on it online though!

  10. Oh man, that Brief Meeting Blazer is fabulous on you Cindi!!! You need it. It's not my typical style, but I think I'm going to need to try it!

  11. You look so beautiful in the Boucle de Souffle jacket, especially in the white color. I looked like a Linebacker, but the cut is perfect on you!

  12. Cindi, thanks for your Friday reviews. I really like the Brief Meeting Blazer on you and glad you brought it to my radar!! I've forgotten all about my blazers (they're packed away) but best believe that I'm up for trying on this cutie!

  13. the brief meeting blazer looks so unique. I love the collar and buttons.

    i feel the same way about white or cream colored jackets. I always end up getting the bottom of sleeves dirty and I hate feeling or looking dingy.

  14. Oh thanks for the reviews Cindi - love the blazer on you!! i cant believe how good it looks on you...actually, I DO BELIEVE IT! it looks fab fab fab!
    Also love the boucle jacket - i just love the frilly detail, its feminine but not overly girlie..


  15. Both jackets are extemely adorable on you! And I really like the Showpiece Tee, hopefully I can try that one soon. Thanks for the great reviews!