Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Busy bee...

Hello all!  Boy, have I had a busy couple of days.  Busy...but productive.  This past weekend we crossed off quite a few items off of our wedding to-do list.  We purchased all of our wedding wine, met with our rehearsal dinner restaurant manager and finalized our menu, AND made our table numbers.  I'll be posting those up in a later post, so stay tuned.  Also, with all that's been going on lately, I was totally scatter brained and totally forgot that I had a make up and hair trial this Sunday.  They arrived at my house and I wasn't there!!!  They are currently trying to squeeze me in for another session, but I just felt horrible.  Those that know me know that I never miss an appointment.  I hope they'll be able to make something work.  This whole month of August leading up to the wedding is just not good...crazy hectic right now. 

Yesterday I spent the whole day at one of our company golf courses to help with their pro-shop inventory.  The pro-shop at a golf course is where people check in for their tee times and rounds.  They also sell golf clubs, shoes, apparel, etc.  This particular course had some inventory issues, and so far missing about $30,000 worth of stuff!  How could that be coming from a store that's 1/8 of the size of Anthro!  Anyone ever worked in retail?  Any horror stories or advice on how to control retail clothing inventory?  How does Anthro take their monthly count?  It was a headache, I tell ya. 

I came into work this morning and found a little treat on my desk.  It was my Clinton Trench...arrived FINALLY!  It was indeed a wrinkled mess when I got it out of the box, but that didn't deter me from trying it on.  What do you guys think?
First off, this is my simple OOTD.  The shirt/dress/tunic thing I'm wearing is a thicker material...not any thicker than a thin cardigan, which is what I'd probably wear under the trench.

This is a size 8 and I'm so glad I sized up.  Really the 6 and the 8 wasn't much different, but the 8 really left me more room for layering. 

The best part of this trench is probably its lining.  It's so colorful and fun.  Makes me want to wear this inside out!

That's it for now!  Thanks to Lisa over at respect the shoes for the shoutout in congratulating me on my upcoming nuptials.  Times like these, it really feels great to have that support.  So thank you, Lisa girl!


  1. Oh man, I'm crushing hard over that trench now...you look amazing in it!

  2. it really does sound like you had a busy past few day! i was wondering where my Cindi-girl was all day yesterday, but then you commented on my blog - PHEW! :) haha! Um... last night was NUTS! Frank not showing up was so lame! And Roberto? Really? I mean, they look happy, but Chris was just so amazing - a total class act!

    okay, sorry for that rant - i love that trench on you! the 8 seems like a perfect fit for you. and your hair looks so pretty too!

  3. Ashley - Thanks! I'm so glad I was able to score this...it's a full priced item that's totally worth it for me.

    Aimee - Haha...so funny. Sorry to make you worry! ;) I know...Roberto! Ugh. I heard that they knew one another mutually and Ali had already had a crush on him before the show even started and so she helped him get on the show! Scandalous. But oh well, they do look cute together though and although Chris is a great guy, I think he deserves someone better than Ali. He needs to be with someone more down to earth and can take care of him. I hope he doesn't get the next Bachelor show cause that'd just ruin my image of him.

  4. The trench looks stupendous on you, so glad you got it! Don't you just love packages at work! Best of luck as the days wind down for the BIG day...I know you're putting in a lot of hard work to make it as special as possible.

  5. Holy busy-ness! But at least it sounds like you've had an opp to cross a bunch of stuff off your to-do list.

    Good call on the Clinton trench - I love how you look in it! I saw one of the other gals sporting what looked like a shorter version of the Clinton trench so I have my eye out for that on the web and in-store. That could work better for a shortie like me!

    Thanks for the return shoutout, though no return was necessary!

  6. You look FABULOUS in the Clinton Trench!! And I just love the lining - so fun!!
    I totally agree with you that Chris needs to be with someone more down to earth. He is such a classy guy and I hope he finds exactly what he's looking for without being the Bachelor. I am afraid there would be plenty of non-genuine girls going on there and he deserves the best!

  7. Hi Cindi, I recently started reading your blog and I now look forward to your posts on Google Reader all the time!

    That coat looks amazing on you! I'm so jealous because I CANNOT justify a trench coat here in southern california ):


  8. Dea - Receiving something I sent myself at work is like receiving a gift. Haha...I open it right away and usually can recycle the box right here. Mmm...perfect!

    Lisa - I know you've been on the hunt for a trench, so I hope this one works out for you. I am sooo loving it.

    Erin - I know about the non-geniune girls. I kinda want Kirk to be the next Bachelor. And I bet anything that he is. But before that though, how about the Bachelor Pad show huh? Haha talk about reality trash!

    Cindy - Welcome!!! And we share a name. :) I know, I used to live in southern Cali too and one of the things I missed a lot were boots and coats. But hey...you just can't beat the 70 degree winter weather there!

  9. The trench looks great on you!! I love the fun print on the inside too. :-)

  10. You totally made the right choice. Size is just a number, and you should get whatever works best on you. As such, this is really flattering on you. I haven't seen it look as good on anyone else as it does on you.

    I commiserate with you on the busy work week. It's only tuesday. :(

    Can't wait to see your wedding photos!

  11. Debbie - Thank you!!!

    Tien - Aww...that's some sweet comment there! What a nice comment to end my busy work day. Thank you so much! :)

  12. Wow, that trench looks great on you! I want it, I want it...but I'm determined to hold out for sale since I bought the Two Paths Trench a few months ago.

  13. Your pictures speak for themselves. The Clinton Trench is just so flattering and pretty. The standup ruffles really work for you! I'm so glad you got this one. You'll have it forever. And yes, I've worked in retail and have a million horror stories. When I was at j.crew, our inventory mgr was stealing stuff by throwing it away in dumpsters and then picking it up after shift.

  14. The Clinton trench is so perfect on you -- the ruffles are just placed perfectly. I saw it in store and had to restrain myself -- just too tempting! Don't feel bad about missing the hair appointment -- it happens to everyone, and I'm sure that they understand that this is a chaotic time for you. Good luck in the days ahead!