Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good Saturday

Good Saturday to everyone!  Right now I'm at home on my deck enjoying a drink and my bridesmaids are in the kitchen preparing for the bridal shower.  I wanted to help but they've relegated me out here.  So, I decided to post a quick entry with my OOTD.

I'm so glad I decided to exchange the Breakfasting dress for this one.  It's in the low 90's today and I can't imagine wearing a thick fabric like the one made for the breakfasting dress.  This one's a cotton blend, breatheable, comfortable.  I love it!

Earlier today I also picked up my wedding dress.  And good news girls, it fit like a dream!  I just can not wait to wear it.  The bustle was very complicated but once it was bustled, it looked wonderful.  I can dance all night in it.  I just can't wait to show everyone!

Last year on our trip to China, my cousin whom I used to be best friends with while I lived back there gave me these cute little Chinese wedding dolls.  They're now on top of our fireplace...aren't they cute?  It gets up in the mood for our wedding.

Also, the auspicious character in the Chinese writing used for when someone gets married, has a child...or any occasion that's a celebratory one is "Xi" or "double happiness" and it looks like this:
We taped ours on our front door to symbolize our upcoming wedding.  The reason why it's "double happiness" is because if you split the character in half, the character means "happy" or "like" as in "I like you". So, it only makes sense to put two happy people together, or two people that "like" each other and have them marry right?  :)

Before I leave, I give you my darly tabby, Ty!  Three things he loves...spam, ice cream and french fries.  The other night Chris was eating some Molly Moon's ice cream (the best ice cream in town) and Ty of course wanted some.  He usually sits next to us and tilts his head sideways, looking intently at what you're eating.  So cute!


  1. What a great dress and a forecast of what will be your Big Day! Congratulations and I hope everything goes smoothly. =0D So exciting!

  2. Hey Cindi! omg, your pictures of the chinese dolls and double happiness sign takes me back to the day of our wedding! those dolls are super cute, our bonbonnieres featured a couple of chinese figures like those dolls. will have to upload one!
    I love the Camilla dress on you! I can see how well it fits you, and how you can actually breath in it. Perfecto!! oh and your hair looks really lovely today too!
    I have a lunch date with friends today and thinking about wearing the Mullany IS a nice day for it.
    anyway, hope you had a good day!
    Jen @

  3. You look amazing, Cindi! And what a perfect day for a wedding shower! That dress couldn't look more perfect on anyone else. Seriously. And I really love how you wrote about the Chinese wedding dolls and the characters on your door! I've always been so intrigued by other cultures and traditions.

  4. Hope your bridal shower was amazing! You look great in that dress...I wish it had worked for me.

    Your cat is too cute! I want him!

  5. What a perfect Saturday. And you look amazing -- I love both the dress and your hair. You definitely made the right choice to go with this dress!

    I'm so glad to hear that your wedding dress fits perfectly and that you'll be able to dance in it. You deserve to have every bit of fun at your wedding!

  6. Cindy, I'm glad you had a beautiful day to match both your dress and the occasion! I really appreciate that you and Chris are perpetuating cultural traditions. It's very nice to see!

  7. Hanna - Thank you! I hope everything goes smoothly as well but if it doesn't, meh! I'll still have fun right?

    vintageglammz - I want to see you in the mullany dress in action! It looked so lovely on you.

    aimee - Hehe I knew you'd be intrigued by other cultures. You just seem to be that type of gal...which I love! We don't have these present at our wedding venue, but at home we decided to decorate a little for fun.

    Jamie - The dress helped me stay cool the whole day! It was so hot this weekend and so glad I was able to wear something light and airy.

    Cat - Thank you! I'm excited to post up some pics Chris was able to take of the shower before he left. :)

  8. I hope you had a great shower! Your dress was perfect for the occasion. :-)

  9. That dress is perfection for your bridal shower - super pretty on you! I was finally able to recreate your Beda/Green Thumb Belt combo this weekend and I loved it - you definitely can rock a white dress, so I imagined you'll be nothing short of amazing on your wedding day!

  10. Cat loves spam - lol. He should move to Hawaii - Spam is the national food there (seriously, spam sushi!)