Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Preview...and something blue???

Happy Friday everyone!  To reward everyone for such a hard week's worth of work, I thought, hmmm...why not share something blue with everyone since I've been writing a lot about my wedding lately. ya go:
I tried very hard to snatch this picture before he walked around the corner while I was waiting for my TKB class last night.  This guy strutted out in his baby blue, full body work out tights and walked with such pride!  You can't see it from the picture, but the two girls sitting at the couch area were like this: 0_0 and D=. 

Anyhoo...lets get our Friday Preview started:

I received these shoes earlier in the week and haven't had the chance to try them on until last night.  Ladies...I love these!  I almost want fall to come so I can put some tights along with these cuties.  Online they're described as grey leather, but in person, they seem chocolate brown to me.  The strap with the bow doesn't detach, rather it's elastic so you can slip your foot through.  They are super light and very comfy.  For sizing reference, I typically wear a 8.5 in US, so I bought the size 40 which fit fine.  I know a couple of you have been wanting to get this, so I checked online just now and only the 37 and 38 remain.  It's selling out quick! 

I've seen so many ladies try this on and it looked so lovely on them, so I just had to see for myself.  And yes, it is lovely!  I won't go too much into detail, but just for sizing reference, I'm 5'5" and grabbed the 8, which fit perfectly.  This dress, along with many dresses that came out lately from Anthro, is so pretty but I just won't know where to wear this.  As much as I loved it, it's a pass for me.

Another dress for a special event.  This would be a great holiday party or fall wedding dress.  The lace top is beautiful and the organza pleated skirt falls ever so perfectly against my curvy frame.  I grabbed the 8 but it ran slightly big with a little can see from the top left picture near my arm.  I would suggest sizing down on this if you have a smaller upper body since the skirt itself is flowy. 

I thanked and embraced my curves when I tried this skirt on because I just loved it.  The mossy green color really caught my eye when I walked around the store and the cute buttons that ran on the front side sealed the deal for me to take it into the dressing room.  I grabbed an 8 because that's what I typically grab and if I need to size down, at least I don't need to go out to grab another size.  It was a bit loose on the waist, but fitted perfectly through the thighs (this is always the case for me with Anthro skirts).  I really think this will be a great addition to my fall wardrobe (which is truly minimal right now) and I will be stalking this item for a sale.

I grabbed the Slanted Plaid Blouse because I wore a dress that day and needed a top.  The color's great, ruffles are beautiful but the sizing ran small.  I grabbed a 6 and I really had to pull to button this.  When untucked, it's a little long, but the material is thin so I'm not sure how I'd wear this on a normal basis. 

I'm hoping for an Indian summer in Seattle since our official summer didn't really come until mid-July.  So when I saw these cropped pants on sale, I decided to try them on for size.  And oh my...they fit SOOO well!  I'm always wary with cropped pants since they can make me look frumpy, but these didn't at all.  I believe the color of the denim had a lot to do with it.  They only had a 29 for me to try on, which hung a bit loose, so I ordered these in a 28 online.  For those of you who are not straight figured like me, I definitely suggest you try these on. 

That's it for this week girls!  I'm getting a spray tan tonight to try to cover up my bachelorette party tanline.  If this works, I'll do it also right before the wedding.  Wish me luck!


  1. Oh, Cindi, you look great in ALL these things! =D Good luck with the spray tan! *Fingers crossed*

  2. The Babergh dress looks great on you! Maybe I'm nuts, but I plan on wearing it whenever I feel like, like to the office or out to dinner. Once you put on a cardi and the flowers on the side are hidden, it really brings it down. And your make-up looks great in the photos!

  3. The Baberg dress looks so pretty on you! I agree though, I'm not sure where to wear it. And I just looooove those cropped jeans on you! They are perfect :)
    Have a great weekend, Cindi!

  4. Carol - Thank you! If it turns out bad I will be blogging about it for sure. Haha.

    Tien - I really don't know if I can wear this dress at work. My office is 20 people big and I'm the most overdressed person here. But I saw that you bought it and can't wait to see you in it. I think you can pull off fancier dresses better than I can!

    Erin - Thank you! I loved those tomboys cause they are a looser fit. I'm excited to wear them. You also have a great weekend!

  5. lolololol i love the "something blue" are too funny! That is totally something I would do! (take a pic of that and post it on facebook or my blog, i mean...not wear a full body blue leotard)

  6. HAHAHA! that blue man pic is hilarious! Seriously... thanks for taking that pic. Amazing. Love the new shoes! They are so you and I can't wait to see how you do them up in the fall. Also, that Higgled-Piggledy Pencil Skirt is fabulous on you! I really really want to try it on now :) You're a strong girl to wait for a sale. I think that if it works on my frame, I'll most likely have to do the same thing. So I guess we'll be keeping our fingers crossed together :)

  7. Hey Cindi! in blue tights...hehehe - funny!
    The Babergh dress - oh woweee! its fantastic on you! nowhere to wear it to? are you kidding me girl?! you can wear it to parties, dinners, work...just about anywhere :-)
    The Sprightly Steps Dress does look a bit big up top. I have been eyeing that one online as well, waiting for reviews. Thanks for trying it on!
    I love the Higgled-Piggledy Pencil Skirt on you! It's quite unique in detail and the colour is so in right now. Definitely stalk it!
    And congrats on the crop pants - they DO fit you so well.
    Jen @

  8. I'm glad you loved the Marjorie Heels :) Now I'm going to have to stalk my wishlist for a popback in my size. Good luck with the spray tan. I thought about going that route, but I decided to just embrace my ghost white self :)

  9. PS - I LOOOOVVE your new shoes! Love love love !

  10. Wowser -- what beautiful shoes -- and what an eyeful of blue tights! I'm majorly jealous of the shoes. I think it's good that they're sold out in my size, otherwise they'd already be on their way to me. And thanks so much for the fitting room reviews. I really like the Sprightly Steps dress on you. Too bad the fit up top isn't better... I saw and loved the SSD online, but forgot to look for it in the store.

    And the Babergh dress looks beautiful on you. I loved it as well, but I just don't know where I can wear it. Once Fall starts, my office turns a little more conservative, and I don't know if this would fly...bummer.

  11. Love the heels!! thanks for sharing! now I want one tooo! ;)

  12. oh, boy. That blue workout gear is a real attention getter! good for him! at least he's getting healthy!

    I am really loving those dresses you tried on! Each and every one looked great on your figure. Those jeans are so cute, too. I just cannot get over buying jeans with a hole in them. Do you know how many times I have walked around a store holding on a pair of distressed jeans but ended up putting them back? I can't stop hearing my father's voice asking my I am spending money on jeans that are worn. I just LOVE them on everyone else. I need to get over this issue!!!