Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sale item reviews...

Good Tuesday everyone!  There's a sale going on so I decided to visit my store during lunch to see what they have in store.  Here are some of what I tried on:

Camilla Dress - Navy ($69.95)
Everyone knows I have the white version of this and that I wore it to my bridal shower, but when it went on sale, I wanted to try it on in the navy if it's in store.  Well, I tried it on and I believe this dress looks different enough in both colors.  I don't have any navy dresses other than the two-wheeler so I took this home with me after a return.  I saw a Medium also in store in the navy.  The navy is still available in Small and Medium online as well. 

When this dress came out, I could not for the life of me find one in my size instore.  Of course, there's one in an 8 hanging in the sales section today so I grabbed it.  I've heard this dress run a little small so I also grabbed a 10, but the 8 fit perfectly.  I stood in the dressing room debating between this and the Camilla...knowing that I have the Camilla in a white already.  But I just could not pull the trigger on this dress.  What do you think guys?  Did I make a mistake?  I think my problem with it was the fabric...it's a little too delicate for me.  I felt like I was going to snag it somewhere.  Also, the button enclosure at the back of the neck was missing.  Although I thought about asking for a discount, I still did not love it enough and think I would get enough wear out of this.  So, back on the rack it went.  I hope I don't regret the decision though! :) 

Chantico Tank - $49.95
The tank sold out online but there were still plenty of gray ones left at my store.  I never tried this one regular price because I just didn't think it was worth the price, but once on, I still felt "meh" about it.  It just didn't do anything for me, although I did like the bust area and the neckline.  I wished it was just a tad bit longer...like it looked on the catalog model.  But on me, it just felt a little bit short, which made me look wide.

I would never wear a cardigan this colorful but the ruffles intrigued me so I decided to try it on.  It's cute and reminds me of another cardi I own from Anthro, but I didn't love it enough to pay $70 for it.  I can see this on some of you gals and it'd look lovely though.  I recommend this because it's comfortable and fits great!  If you're one to wear colorful cardis, this is the one for you!

OK, now for all those ladies that obsessed over last year's Dwarf Quince Cardigan, well, here she is...making another appearance with a slight face lift.

I saw this on Anthro's website just now and just about fell out of my seat.  I KNEW they were going to bring this back in another motif.  This one's more fall appropriate I suppose, with the same creamy color but with blue-ish flowers rather than coral and pink.  So who's going out and getting this cardi?


  1. how do you think the Camilla dress fits? I don't think I ever saw it in my stores (or at least I never noticed it...) but after seeing it on you I want it!

  2. Ashley - I love how the Camilla fits! For reference, I usually wear an 8 in dresses if it's a side zip. If it's a pullover I wear a Small. However, I got the Perilla in a medium and you got it in a small right? So if you were to order, I think you'd be safe with a small in the camilla. :)

  3. I totally agree with you about the navy Camilla dress looking different enough from the white version. You look cute in both! :-) I think you were also right about being able to get more use out of it than the Drifting By Dress. It's pretty but the Camilla dress is more timeless I think. Good choice!

  4. I think you look adorable in the drifting by dress, but if you don't think your going to get your wear out of it, good choice not getting it!
    I don't really get the Chantico Tank either, when I tried it on today it was practically down to my knees. I wonder if we tried two different batches? I know I am shorter than you, but I think the difference was more severe than our height would demonstrate.
    love the Camilla- I tried it, no dice :)

  5. Debbie - I even thought about whether the camilla can go well with tights and a cardi in the winter time and I think I can somehow pull it off. The drifting by dress I just don't know what tights I'd wear underneath. Black? Gray? I don't know! Haha.

    Spiffy - I wish they had the drifting by dress in black as well because I would have probably gotten that one instead. The neutral color I felt also washed me out. I have a tan right now but once that's gone, I'm pretty pale! Haha.

  6. I like the Quince cardi better in the coral color - this blue version is very "meh" to me.

    What's the grey cardi you have on over the Drifting By dress? I always dig a good heather grey and really like those cuff buttons.

    Ack, I've been waiting for the Camilla but it's totally gone in my size, and I am too lazy to go hunt for it since I'm really all about the fall looks right now! And that darn June-August dress - go on sale already!!!!

  7. i actually don't think you made a mistake with the drifting by dress. i mean, look how amazing the camilla dress is on you! the drifting by dress is so pretty, but i feel like you've tried on so many other dresses that suit you more. go with your gut though. if you feel regretful, maybe you can call CS to track one down?

  8. Lisa - The cardi is actually my own that I wore today. I got it at Nordies in their Point of View store and it's by Halogen. I know, I loved the little buttons with the bling!

    Aimee - Thanks! Yeah I think I can always track it down if I want it. :) At least right now I'm not feeling regretful yet.

  9. I don't feel crazy now for buying the Vappu Dress in both colors (even though the two are a lot more similar than the two Camilla Dresses)! I easily passed on the Chantico Tank too. The fit was off for me and I don't wear pants often, so I figured it wouldn't get much wear.

  10. I got the drifting by dress and I love it for its "softness." But I agree, its a VERY delicate dress!

  11. Hello Cindi
    I think the Navy Camilla dress looks wonderful on you, and it does look slightly different to your white one - with the Navy you can see more of the embroidery at the front. Navy is a very versatile colour, can't go wrong!
    You know, i like the drifting by dress on you too. Its very soft and pretty. I have one too, and i can't wait to show it off one day (soon). It IS delicate and you have to treat it with TLC, but i think it's worth it. You should get both, they are both on sale right?? the button can be easily fixed...
    Look forward to seeing more reviews!

  12. I think the Drifting By Dress is just lovely on you! As you now, I bought it for my birthday, but I plan to wear it this winter to work (if I have a job!) with a cardigan. It's so pretty on you, I think you should reconsider!!

  13. Sara - Ooh so you did end up getting the navy vappu! yahoo for the vappu! Hehe...I'm glad you did cause it looks great on you!

    Jen - Ooh I can't wait for you to debut the drifting by dress. I think these type of dresses really look great on you...totally sweet. Like the mullany dress.

    Kim - Oh man! You are killing me! Haha. I don't know if I can bring home, yet another dress. Maybe I'll see if customer service has any more left in the country!

  14. Love the drifting by dress on you and the grey cardi just tops it off. So soft and romantic! I am back home now. Seattle is surprising hot. Yummy sushi you guys have there :-) The trip is surprisingly good. I think I will be back for more.

  15. Yi - You chose THE weekend to come when we reach the 90's. We always say every summer there's only ONE weekend where it's unbearable and you caught us during that time. Congrats! It was hot but oh so nice. It's going to cool down this weekend when my friend from NYC comes in town. Which sushi place did you go to?

  16. Amazing cardigans! Love the floral printed Cardis - so girly! and pretty! perfect for date night, right?
    The Beckerman Girls


  17. I really like the drifting by dress on you. It looks amazing with the cardi. That's the only dress I picked up from the sale. I've been dying over that dress since it came out and I tried it on. I knew it would be mine once I saw it was on the sale list on Kim's blog. I think it's such a pretty and timeless dress. I also really like the camilla on you. It's also beautiful dress.

  18. Hi Cindi - I think I like the Camellia Dress on you better. Not to mention, isn't it machine washable, and the Drifting By dress not?

  19. I'm with Carol, I think you definitely chose the right dress - the navy Camilla is just adorable on you! And I hadn't spied that cardi on the website yet, ooooooh, I love it!

  20. I swear I must always just miss you at the store. I was there at lunchtime too (early though) and I stared at the Drifting By Dress for like 5 minutes, but decided to pass. If they had had the black I would have been tempted to buy it, but it is sooo delicate and I hate dresses that snag easily. I did buy the Camilla in white after seeing how lovely it looked on you!

  21. Ooh! I LOVE the Drifting by Dress and could only find one on sale in size 12 in my store and only black online. Even by the time I got home from work the black was almost sold out.
    I think both dresses look absolutely sweet on you Cindi!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  22. Beckerman Girls - Date night! Yes! Haha Anthro outfits are my date night go-to's. I always grab for a nice piece from Anthro when Chris and I go on a date together.

    Lori - I'm really reconsidering the drifting by dress now after reading all the comments and seeing the pictures again. I'll just keep marinating it. :)

    Carol and Jan - Oh so true. The camilla is truly very low maintenance. I've always loved that about most of Anthro pieces.

    LC - Aww that's so sweet! I bet the white camilla will look great on you. I swear I was looking out for you today! I was at Bellevue though...you must work really close to me!

    Vivian - There was an 8, 10, and a few 0's at my store. I know...sizes are very limited. But maybe there are more in stores if you call CS?

  23. Hi Cindi -- I'm finally weighing in on the great Drifting By debate. I think it looks cute on you, but I don't think it's nearly as flattering as many other dresses. I think I would hold out for a dress that you love more, especially because the $90 price is good, but not great.

    Oh my, that Amphitrite cardigan is right up my alley. It actually looks like the print is very similar to the Knotted Poppies dress. I decided not to try it on for fear that I might decide to buy it. But it looks stunning on you. I will keep my fingers crossed that it makes it to second cut so I can bring it home!

  24. I think you made the right call on the Drifting By Dress. It's a very very pretty dress, but if you have an issue with things that are on the delicate side, it's not for you. On the other hand, the Camilla Dress in Navy and White are just perfect on you! You have a knack for finding exactly what works for you. These are perfectly flattering!!