Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Get with the Program...

Hi All!  Thank you to all of you who commented yesterday wishing me to get better.  Your words must have worked because today I feel a lot better!  I still have my head cold, but at least I'm less sluggish.  I also lost my tastebuds!  Haha...don't you hate it when that happens?  I've never totally lost it before from getting sick, but this time I could not taste a thing.  We went to have pho for dinner...and being as spicy and salty as it is, I could not taste a thing.  What a waste of calories!!! 

Anyhoo...this past weekend Chris and I worked on our wedding program.  Those of you that's followed me for a while know that I posted my wedding invitations here.  We knew we wanted our programs to have the same theme so we designed away.  And this was the result:
You can click on the picture to get a closer look.  Both pages are printed on 29# vellum and the first page on the left will be a letter to our guests.  The second page is the true program itself.  Both will be stuffed in our black envelopes addressed "To Our Guest". 

Also, I posted about my table numbers here.  In the post though, I forgot to mention that Chris and I painstakingly made each post card.  None of those were bought from the places we visited.  Also, what's really cute was the post mark on the back which we made to resemble a stamp.  It's of a guy and girl
stick figure with the guy on his knees proposing to the girl.  The date stamp on the post mark says "8.28.10", our wedding day.  :)

For those of you that haven't noticed yet, I have enormously huge calves so boots are hard for me to find.  Which is very sad for me because I love me some boots!  I've tried several on, ones with the zippers never zip up all the way.  Ones that pull up never gets past the ankle shaft.  I have one pair of black boots which are made for wide calves, but the ankle area slouches, which I'm ok with but it's not ideal. 

Booties and mary janes are great alternatives, I feel, to those of us that can't always wear knee high boots.  You don't have to fuss about fitting them past your calves and they also go great with tights for those winter months.  So, I finally broke down and ordered these pair of shoes:
They are still in the box because I've just been too sick to try those on, but I'm excited!  Can't wait to wear them come cooler months.



  1. I love reading about all your wedding stuff!! It must be SO exciting! I can't wait to plan a wedding for myself! Cross your fingers I'll get to do that within the next year! ;)

  2. Ugh, I have the same problem with boots - I love them so much, but my calves are way too big for most of them. It's really frustrating.

  3. Lol I have huge calves too. It runs in our family and we call them Hsu Calves :p

    Great invitations, I'm loving how personal everything is and how much effort you two put into the personal touches (like the postcard stamp--adorable!)

  4. Aww, I LOVE all the things you've done for your wedding! =) I can't wait to hear how the Marjorie heels work out!

  5. Let us know how you like the Marjorie heels....they are at the top of my wishlist and I just might cave and get them if they work well for you.

  6. Oh, I love those heels! Can't wait to see them on you! Let us know if they're comfy (they look it...) I love the big bows!

    And your wedding stuff is so fun! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Robin - Here's to hoping you get what you wish for too!!! I can't wait to read about your experience!

    Shannon - Yeah..that's what my dad says about my legs. That they're from him and my mom. What a lovely present.

    Kathryn - I will let you know how the marjorie shoes work out and I can't wait to get your wedding pics!

    Sara - OK...definitely will! I get a feeling you might just cave! :)

    Carol - I love the bow detail as well. I can imagine little Kate standing in them! Haha.

  8. I love the TYPE of your program. it adds another personal touch. It's all just fab!

  9. I love your program! I'm sure they will be very will received. I hear you the calves issue. I experience the same thing myself and it's completely menacing... to be menaced by your own calves. The mary janes are a great alternative for sure!

  10. Hey Cindi
    Your wedding program looks fabulous and i especially love the cursive font and the two silhouettes down the bottom - so classy!
    omgosh- i love those shoes! you know im a sucker for bows. i soooo want a pair!

  11. Pamela - Thank you! I hope that people aren't sick of these personal touches!

    Cat - It is so hard for me to believe that you have any type of calf problems. Hehe you're so teeny tiny.

    vintageglammz - Stay tuned to see my review on them. I'll post them up along with my Friday Preview. I'm excited for these shoes as well!

  12. I love the Marjorie Heels, Cindi. Can't wait to see how you wear them -- they are just to do for. Hope you keep getting better!

  13. Hey Cindi, don't you worry, i will stay tuned for sure!! those shoes are the cutest things ever. If i was near an Anthro, they'd be the first things i'd go for! But i can't get them, as I wouldnt know what shoe size i am (shoe sizes vary depending on the label - dammit).
    Oh and guess Mullany dress has arrived - check me out!
    jen @