Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Preview...

Hello hello!  After almost two weeks of not going into any Anthro store (I know, who am I right?) I was finally able to make it this week to try on some new pretties.  I can't wait to share them with here goes.

Marston Sweater Skirt - $98

I first saw this as a window display but the store didn't have them out yet until this week.  I was attracted to the mustard color and the fact that it would transition well into fall.  I'm wearing a medium here, which I believe fits TTS.  Reviews online said it's unforgiving and shows every bulge, but I did not have that problem.  The four pockets in the front I thought was darling!  The only thing people might have a problem with might be the tiny little balls of yarn that's scattered uniformly across the skirt itself.  It almost has an old balling affect to it, but I actually found this to be interesting, texture wise.  I think this will be an item that'll hit sale racks pretty fast, so I'll wait.

I also saw this skirt on a store display and was wow'd by the wonderful colors and the great design.  The bow in the front looked so great.  Fit wise, this runs I'd encourage people to size down.  Especially since there's that bow detail, you won't be able to wear this with a belt.  Speaking of the bow though, I felt like it attracted too much attention and I couldn't stop staring at it...which will probably affect others in the sale way, resulting in people staring at my womanly area.  At $168, I personally don't think this is worth it.  Sale listed!

I few of you have already reviewed this and although it looked lovely on a lot of you, it didn't do anything for me.  I felt a little "Little House on the Prairie" in this because of two reasons...the color and overall fit.  It, for some reason, ran a little big for me, so the top was gaping quite a bit.  Brown is not always my best friend, so this light milk chocolate brownish color did nothing for me.  Especially since I'm still a little (or a lot) tanned from my trip to LA, this just did not work.  People have complained about the arms being tight, but the closure itself is tied, so you can undo the knot to make it looser.  I didn't have a problem with the arm sleeves though.  I'd say overall this dress runs about half a size big for me.  I'd wait for a sale at this point, honestly I think Anthro's overdone it with shirt dresses and this might hit sale really fast.

Ahh...I finally got the nerve to try on a Leifsdottir dress since I know so many girls out there love this particular brand.  I think their pieces are wonderful and very well made...however, this dress just did not work for me.  The color is a navy, with tiny horses running all over it.  It's of a silk material, so dry clean only ladies!  The biggest problem for me was that when I put this on, it felt like a romper.  You can even see in the left picture, it almost look like I have shorts on.  Those that know me understand how I feel romper...I look horrible in them.  So, this dress, as comfortable as it felt on, would definitely be a no-go for me.  Especially at $298. 

If I take more than two pictures for a review, you know it's either I love something or I hate it.  In this case, I loved this dress!  OMG if I had a special Christmas party to go to or something, I'd get this...full price.  But I don' I couldn't shell out $258 for it.  Many girls have reviewed this item, so I won't go into too many details.  The SA knocked on my door and insisted I show her this dress...her gushing over it just made it that much harder to take it off and give this back to her.  Honestly, even if this went on sale, I still wouldn't know where I'd wear this to.  It's just so darned cute...hehe.

Mystery Coat - $178
Another ruffley coat from Anthro that I fell in love with.  This time it's wool and very structured.  I'm wearing an 8 here, but to layer in the winter, I'd have to definitely size up.  The enclosure is a zipper, so the buttons don't really do anything.  Once on, the cinched waist is very flattering.  It's perfectly and beautifully lined with blueish (I believe) lining which is oh so pretty.  For $178 this jacket is actually well constructed and worth the price.  If this were sold at J. Crew, it'd be over $200 I think.  If I didn't have the Clinton Trench already, I'd consider this.  It's just lovely!

Well that's it for this week.  Have a wonderful weekend!  Mine's going to be another busy one with errand running and wedding planning.  Tootles!


  1. Oh my gosh - you look great in everything! How did you not spend $9000 this weekend? I would have bought it all! I'm intrigued by the Lincolnshire Skirt too - and if it runs big that might even mean that my big old legs aren't sized out of it! But for $168? No way, Jose!

  2. I love that mustard skirt! I saw it briefly yesterday and was surprised how much I liked it (didn't try it on though). Can I ask you, what kind of phone do you have? is it an iphone? I am in the market for a new one and of course I want an iphone, but I'm not with AT&T...

  3. Oh my goodness, I love the 2nd skirt with a bow and a poplar dots dress. Super adorable on you!! They are way out of my price range though.

  4. I must have that jacket in my life. I love it! It looks fabulous on you.

  5. Oh, I felt the same about the Mullany! It's so GREAT, but so EXPENSIVE and not really super versatile. Sigh.

    The first two skirts look AMAZING on you!

  6. I've been waiting patiently to see that coat in-store or on-line because I kind of adore it.

    You look great in the Mullany dress too - I haven't seen that bad not look awesome on anyone yet - if only it were cheaper and I had an occassion to wear it too (it seems too nice for office-wear)!

  7. Oh, I love the Mullany on you! I'll get if you get it? ;o)

    The Lincolnshire Skirt is so COOL! It looks amazing on you! I just wish it didn't cost that much...!

    And isn't that mystery jacket great? I think I need it in my life...

  8. Kathleen - If I didn't have so many wedding expenses to pay for this month, I would have walked out with something at least! But I guess I"ll just get married. I guessssssss.

    Spiffy - I use the Tmobile Blackberry Curve. Although I would love to have an iphone, I just can't type on it. There's a new BB coming out that slides and has a touch screen which is pretty cool.

    Nelah & Lorraine - Thank you! :)

    Lorraine - I actually would love to see you review it. So would you? :)

    Carol - I asked the SA how I'd wear this and that I was worried that it might be too dressy. And the SA said I can wear flats with it. Mmmmm I don't think so. Haha.

    Lisa - I think I'd look ridiculous if I came into the office with the mullany dress. Haha.

    Kathryn - Haha...I wish I was the same size as you and then we lived in the same city. That way we can share the dress.. :)

  9. Oooh, I love both skirts, but definately the Lincolnshire skirt has my attention! Each and every piece looks great on you.

  10. Oooh - the skirts are adorable on you! I really like the color of the sweater goes well with your coloring!

    You MUST find a place to wear that Mullany dress because it is PERFECTION on you Cindi! I love the wool jacket too - I might have to look for it the next time I'm in an Anthro.

  11. I loved the Mullany Dress too, but I don't think the colors are going to work for me. Why does Anthro have to make such cute clothes in colors that I can't wear :(

  12. I personally love the Mullany on you, but as i said to Carol previously, I am probably biased as i bought that dress online! I fell in love with it with Cat @ Anthrosdottir reviewed it - i had my credit card out straight away ..hehehe...
    I am expecting the dress to arrive next week!

    I also quite like the Lincolnshire Skirt - its very ladylike. But yeh, not sure about the bow in the crotch area! if the bow was higher it would be perfect!

    And the ruffle coat - nothing to be said there. its beautiful!

  13. Ummm.... mystery coat is killing me! love love love! and i think you really need to add the Marston Sweater Skirt to your wardrobe - it's absolutely perfect on you!

  14. First of all, you look great in the Marston Sweater Skirt and I'm jealous! It looked like total crap and made me look wide! You look teeny in it!
    I adore the Mullany Dress on you, but it's so pricey, I KNOW it will go on sale and then you must buy it!
    Lastly, that mystery jacket is amazing. I need that in my life - thanks for the review!

  15. Pamela - I think the Lincolnshire skirt will look so lovely on you. I think you have gorgeous legs that'll show this skirt off the way it should be showed off.

    Michelle - I got a J.Crew wool coat from J. Crew before when I was in LA and it never got hot enough in LA for me to wear it.

    Sara - That's how I felt about anything brown Anthro puts out! Haha...cause it's not a rich always seems pukey.

    vintageglammz - WOW! I want to see the mullany dress on you when you get it so make sure to do a first look!

    Aimee - You'd look so good in the mystery coat. Add a little scarf that you sometimes wear and it's perfection!

    Kim - I can't even imagine anything looking wide on you!!! AND I think the mystery coat will look absolutely great as well but it does look really similar to the J. Crew wool coat you have.

  16. Cindi, the Marston skirt looks amazing on you!

  17. Hey Cindi
    I will most certainly post pics of me once i get the Mullany - i cant wait!
    in the meantime - check out pics of me in the Time Gone By dress! Anthro rocks

    Jen @

  18. The Marston sweater skirt looks marvelous on you. I don't think I can pull off mustard, which is a good thing -- otherwise I might have to march over to Anthro right now and buy one -- full price!

    Thanks so much for all these wonderful reviews. Can't believe fall, and fall fashions, are right around the corner!

  19. Thank you for this batch of reviews!! All of these were on my to-try list!! I'm kind of in love with the marston skirt and the horse dress.

  20. Love the Mullany and the Mystery Coat on you. Did you happen to jot down the style number on the mystery coat? Thinking about trying to track it down and have them send it to me. Thanks!

  21. Linette - I did not notice the style number on the mystery coat...sorry! But I was just at my local Anthro this past week and saw them still hanging around. Maybe you can call them and they can do a store send? Their number is: 206-523-0622.