Monday, August 9, 2010

A recap of my weekend...

Hello all!  How was everyone's weekend?  I see in my dashboard that I've got a lot of catching up to do.  I've had a horribly busy weekend and another busy day ahead of me.  But I decided to write a quick entry to everyone cause ya know...I can't leave you guys hanging for long!  Tonight is my hair and make - up I'm super excited.  Chris will be taking pics after so I'll make sure to post some up.  Also, tonight we're starting to film our dedication video for our parents to show at the wedding.  Since I'll be dolled up, I thought it'd be nice to shoot me while I'm in full make-up.  Haha.  Basically, the video will be of us talking about our parents, and while we're talking, there will be pictures shown of our parents and us from years past.  Kinda like a documentary style video...but way shorter.  I can't wait to get that started!

Anyhoo, onto the weekend.  Chris has always been really into shoes...or "kicks" as he calls them.  Tennis shoes to be exact...specifically high tops.  So when he found out you can design your own Air Jordans at Nike, he wanted one right away for our wedding.  He'll change into them during the reception and the colors he decided to design them were our wedding colors (red, white, and black).  On the side of the shoes, near the heel, he put his last name...and will have the rest of the groomsmen sign the bottom.  I'm wearing them to show them off.  Hehe. 
At the Nordstroms sale (and in preparation for Hawaii), I saw these Fendi sunglasses on sale for a really great deal.  Because I have a small bridge on my nose, sunglasses are hard for me.  But these ones stay on really well.  Also, I can't get ones that are curved, ,since they make me dizzy.  Chris thinks I need glasses for my vision, but I don't think so.  =P  I see fine! These are pretty flat, and the dizziness is minimal.  What do ya guys think?

Moving onto some meals we made for the weekend.  Friday night it took me forever, but I made home made Kimchee soup.  :)  For those that don't know, Kimchee is a fermented cabbage dish from Korea.  I love this stuff...and I know some people can't stand it.  But luckily, Chris loves it too.  I made a pork based stock, added potatos, daikon (radish), onions, jalapenos, and kimchee with other Korean spicy condiments.  Also, for some seafood flavor, I added some frozen mussels.  It was delish.  This soup is always better on the second the next day Chris' brother and sister came over and almost had half a pot full! 

Most of you know we finished our deck in our backyard but our patio furniture came in and we picked it up this Saturday.  My dad helped us put it together so Chris and I decided to have dinner outside last night.  We grilled up some chicken burgers from Costco.  These are sooo delicious people!  They're called Caramelized Chicken Burgers made by Amy Lu.  We put some cheese on them and fried an egg to top it off.  On the side, we bought some baby octupus to grill up.  Chris made a spicy marinade and it definitely had a bite.  Overall, a great relaxing night...FINALLY!

Finally, my OOTD for today.  This is the debut of my sapphire acting out skirt.  Sorry for the horrible photos and I know you can't really see the skirt, but I just love it!  This version of the skirt is more fitted than the original gray version...which makes me feel powerful and sexy at the same time.  I'm loving it! 

Cardigan - Halogen (Nordstrom)
Tank - Halogen (Nordstrom)
Skirt - Acting Out Skirt (Anthropologie)
Necklace - F21

There you go, my weekend in a nutshell.  We're also almost done with our I'll post those up after they come off the presses!  Have a wonderful Monday to you all!


  1. I would love to have some Kimchee! :) I like Korean food. Each time I go back to San Francisco to visit my family and friends, we always go out for Korean food at least once.

    Everything about your upcoming wedding is so darling :).

  2. Ahhh, love it! I can't wait to see pics from your hair and makeup trial! I love your idea to do the tribute video for your parents - that's such a thoughtful and heartwarming thing to do. =)

    I love me some Korean food too, and I wish I could have some of your soup! And that's too funny about the Amy Lu chicken burgers - I first tried those a couple weeks ago at Carol's in-law's place the night before Kate's birthday party, and I LOVED them! I just fried some up this weekend for lunch, hahaha! I'll have to try it with a fried egg on top. That sounds goooood.

    Lastly - love the the Fendi glasses and the Acting Out skirt! You look fab! The custom Air Jordans are awesome too!

  3. YUMMY! That Kimchee soup and the baby octopus look DELISH! They are opening up a Korean grill near my work that serves yummy tofu soup and kalbee, so I'm so excited about that! The deck is absolutely gorgeous btw.

    I can't wait to see the results of your hair and makeup trial - the video sounds so sweet - the 'rents will love it, I'm sure.

    Those glasses are HAWT! I have the same problem with sunglasses - Oakley does an "asian fit" for glasses, but they are pretty fugly IMO. My dad has a pair. LOL!

    Love the Jordans. Chris cracks me up - the customs are such a great idea!

  4. i love idea of the video tribute to your parents! So sweet! i'm sure they are all going to love it.

    the kimchee, burgers and octopus look so yummy! i seriously want to come over and eat at your place on the weekend now!

    cute ootd and can't wait to see the pics from your hair & make-up trial!

  5. LOVE those sunglasses- excellent buy if I do say so!
    I also love that your fiance is so into the wedding itself, I found myself ironing my guys suit and discovering there were tiny moth holes in his pants the night before the wedding. He was like, "what's the big deal"
    ha ha, oh well.
    Have I mentioned I want your deck? oh only 30 times, well, this is 31 :)

  6. You are just too cute modeling those fun shoes!! I love it!!
    The sunglasses are totally fab on you and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit from your porch picture. What cardigan is that? Looks like something I just might need ;)

  7. Ah, boys and their kicks.

    Your deck looks awesome - seriously, when is your dad available to come to my place to build me one? ;o)

    All that food looks super-yum too. I have to find those chicken burgers - we don't have a Costco here but hopefuly Sam's also has them? We recently just joined and now have enough toilet paper through 2012.

  8. I think that is such a great idea to honor your parents. They are going to love it. The shoes are awesome and I love that you modeled them for us. I've got to get to my local anthro so I can try on that acting out skirt. It's perfection on you.

  9. Those air jordans are awesome!

    That deck is gorgeous!

    And that outfit!! I really want to try on that skirt for myself.

  10. Groovy shoes Cindi.
    The kimchee dish looks delish. Its making me hungry for something spicy...
    oh and i love those sunnies, simply perfect! get them!

  11. Thank you, lovely ladies! I will be putting up pics of the trial...IF I don't look like a scary painted mess! Haha.

    Erin - The cardigan I'm wearing is a Halogen cardi from Nordies. I got it on sale but not during the recent event. The jeans are also the AG skinnies I told you about. Love them!

  12. I had no idea you could create your own Air Jordan's! I'm definitely going to have to look into that.

    I also love your new shades! I've had the same pair now for years and I think I got them somewhere like Forever 21, so I definitely need to invest in a new, more expensive pair.

    I hope your hair/make-up trial goes well and I can't wait to see pics!

  13. How great that Chris created his own Air Jordans! I'm sure they'll be better for dancing than stuffy leather shoes.

    And I can completely empathize with the difficulty of finding sunglasses that fit. They always slide down the bridge of my nose. I'm half Asian (mom is Chinese), so maybe that explains why most sunglass brands don't quite work on me.

    And my mother definitely makes hamburgers with fried eggs on top, and serves it with rice. It was one of her go-to meals whenever my dad was traveling.

  14. mmm... kimchee. Makes me miss my mom! I haven't seen her in a couple of months :( On the other hand, happy face for those awesome kicks!! The Acting Out Skirt looks amazing on you!!