Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Whoopie!!! A Pie!!!

I've never had much of a sweet tooth.  Salt was always my guilty pleasure of choice.  I'd choose a bag of Tim Cascade's Jalapeno Chips any day over some chocolate chip cookies or a piece of apple pie.  But ever since I met Chris over three years ago, I've started to develop somewhat of a sweet tooth.  Sweet baby tooth, if you will.  This is definitely not a good thing...and my thighs and booty are not thanking me for it. 

So it was obvious when we walked into the Seattle Metropolitan Market that I ventured into the desserts section and saw they had freshly made Whoppie Pies!!!  I was immediately curious (and might have salivated...err...drooled on my camera).  The vanilla marshmellow center was ever so perfectly sandwiched between these two soft mounds of chocolate cake.

Just look at all this yummy-ness!  It is perfection, I say!  Perfection!

Can I just say how much I love the rented 50mm f1.4 lens?  It is definitely going to be my next purchase.  Look at that creamy vanilla icing...I mean...excuse me....creamy, blurry background!!

YUM...just delicious.  

"HYOHOU(W(#&#^%*(HJHOLHDFSOIIOAY$D#%*()*IU!!!!"  That's me saying, "THIS IS AWESOME...SO CHOCOLATY AND SOOO GOOD.  I WANT AN OTHER!!!!" with my mouth full.

What?  You think Chris was going to watch me eat one?  Oh helllllllll no!  He got one for himself and I think he liked it.  Can you tell from his face?

ALL GONE!!!  I tried hard to not plop my face down on this table to lick the crumbs left over.  But that would just be sad.  

After this weekend of, what I call, pleasure eating, I decided to be healthy and cooked some chicken stuffed peppers with quinoa.  It was good but way too healthy and now I am hungry...and after this post, I'm craving for chocolate.

Good night!!!


  1. Mmmmmmm! Looks delicious! Great pictures too!


  2. Whoopie Pies are my FAVORITE things ever!!! They are a New England thing, and since I've been going to Maine twice a year since I was born to visit my grandparents, I am always grabbing a "real" whoopie pie when I go up there. I've made them myself a few times and there is nothing better. I'm excited you found them!

    Good pics, too!

  3. Oh yummo Cindi! They remind of a giant luxury Oreo. Are these only available at the Seattle Markets?
    I consider myself a savoury tooth rather than a sweet tooth...but doesn't mean i don't eat mouthwatering sweets :-)

  4. Kristin - Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying the pictures. Because I sure like taking them.

    Robin - You know I think Bobby Flay did a Throw Down on whoopie pies in Maine. It's definitely a New England thing and it looked SOOO good! I have always wanted to go over there on the east coast and try all the wonderful food.

    Jen - Haha...it is like a huge oreo right? I believe you can get whoopie pies all around the US in specialty stores and bakeries. Seattle Met Market is a specialty foods store here in Seattle. But like Robin said above, it is a New England thing. I'm so glad it came over to the west coast. Hehehe.

  5. Oi Vey! You making me hungry!!!

  6. Ummm...looks great, as do all the pics....great lens...!!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Editor, The Fashion 411 Magazine♥

  7. I could almost lick my screen, the picture looked so good. But THAT, too, would be sad.

  8. That would make a great mid-morning snack right now. Great pics!

  9. So yummy, wish I had those right now after a boring cafeteria lunch....

    You and Chris are great photographers. Going back to my original question on how to take front clear and back blurry picture. I am not really using a digital SLR. I had the LUMIX D5, which I had some buttons I can adjust. I tried take some photos in low light with F2.0 and 1/4 or 1/6 speed, ISO200, and things came out either all clear or all blurry....

  10. Lisa - Now that I read this, I really want some! I'm having an afternoon sweet attack.

    Collette - THANKS!

    Pamela - Haha...we can both be sad together. I'd lick the screen with you right now.

    Loraine - Or mid afternoon snack right NOW!

    Inkmark - I assume you were using a regular point and shoot, and although it might say it has a 35mm lens, when zoomed in, the sensor gets really teeny tiny. That is probably why you're not getting the bokeh. I read somewhere that for a point and shoot, you should get really close to the subject, shoot at the widest aperture and have your background far away to create some type of depth. Also, your shutter speed that you took is really low...but the ISO at 200 is for lots of light. If only your ISO were able to go higher. I hope that helps. I'm going to post a great post about some good FAQ photography blogs that I"ve found. Maybe reading some of them will help you too!