Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project 52: Week 2 - Illustrate a Song

Before I get into my picture of the week, I'd like to thank everyone for their overwhelmingly nice comments yesterday.  I just wanted to tell everyone that the wedding was a great success.  We were so glad to have shared their wedding day with SaraLeigh + Ryan and we can't wait to share their pictures.  Chris and I had SO much fun and was able to get to know some of the family members in attendance.  We were so exhausted by the end of the night but it was a good tired...a proud tired.  We're busy editing photos this week but we will provide a sneak peak of the wedding on this blog and Chris' blog stay tuned!

My friend Michael, one of the wedding guests took this pic of me during the cocktail hour at a bar across the street from the reception.  

So...onto my week 2 of my Project 52.  This week's theme is to "illustrate a song" and as soon as I found out what it was, I knew exactly what song I wanted to use.  Whenever I hear Van Morrison's "Someone Like You", I get this burst of happiness inside me.  And when I listen to it after I met Chris, I always imagine us dancing to this song when we're 80 years old (well when I'm 80 and he's 76!!!) in our living room.  For this theme's picture though, I decided to use one I shot of him I took candidly yesterday:
My husband is my partner in crime, literally!  He's always said I'm fearless, but one thing I was scared of was the camera.  I was afraid to get to know my camera because I loved photography so much that I didn't want to face the possible disappointment that I might not be any good at it.  Chris pushes me, he guides me, he teaches me, and he photographs with me.  Not because he has to, but because he loves it just as much.  Without him there yesterday, I wouldn't have known what to do.  And honestly, there were moments yesterday when I missed an opportunity to capture a candid shot.  I started to panic...that flushed feeling I get in my neck and face when I realize something has gone very wrong.  But then I'd turn to him and he gives me his cool, calm nod, and I knew...he's got my back.  So in Van Morrison's words: "Someone like you, makes it all worth while.  Someone like you, keeps me satisfied.  Someone exactly like you."


  1. Congrats on a good first photo wedding! I can't wait to see the pics - I bet you and the hubs did awesome!

  2. I'm so glad you found your partner in crime :) My hubby and I have been married 14 years now and it just keeps getting better every day. I'm gonna have my hubby Chris check out your hubby Chris' blog. lol. He's really into photography too and maybe he can learn a thing or from your Chris.
    Love that VM song too btw and I can't wait to see the wedding pics!

  3. Oh, I love the candid shot of Chris and I think the VM song is just perfect.

    I can not wait to see your pics. I know you both did a wonderful job!!

  4. I hope the couple will have as much toe touch love in their marriage as you and Chris share - this was the sweetest! I can't wait to see the pictures you captured at the wedding, so glad it went well!

  5. Lisa - I can't wait to show the pics. I just hope I can find a good place to show the slideshow to everyone.

    Lisa - Aww...that's so cute!! 14 years is longer than a lot of peoples' been married and I'm so glad to hear that it's possible that it gets better and better.

    Pamela - Thank you for having so much faith in us! Haha.

    Jan - I think the bride and groom does. :) Yesterday was the first time I saw them interact and I truly love how they are as a couple. She's so's amazing! It was so cute seeing her calm him down. It's just perfect.

  6. I'm excited to see your pictures! Van Morrison is my all time favorite singer. I didn't know Chris is younger than you. You're such a cougar! :)

  7. It's so wonderful that you and Chris are exploring this hobby together. It seems as though it's become a way for you to become even closer.