Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Last Friday immediately after work, Chris and I rushed into Seattle's International District's Wing Luke Museum for an ACAP annual winter party.  I originally blogged about ACAP and what it is in this post so I won't go into too much detail as to what the organization does.  But I will say though, that Chris and I had a blast photographing these students.  I felt a sense of pride for the kids that were there because it was a Friday night, and honestly, they could have been anywhere.  At the nearby mall, at a movie, drinking illegally...anything!  But they were there, networking with fellow business people in their community.  The road ahead for these kids is paved with opportunity and at the end of it...success.  And as I listened to side conversations about which colleges each of them applied to, what internships they've secured for this upcoming summer, I was filled with all sorts of warm and fuzzies.  I had one counselor say, "I love how you're smiling as you look through your camera and taking pictures!"  I guess I couldn't hide my giddiness!  Chris also walked around with his camera and blogged about the night in this awesome post.

I can not stress how important these non-profit organizations are to our community.  When I was in college, an organization called INROADS helped me get my first internship.  And it's partly because of them that my career is where it's at right now.  So folks, please continue to support your local non-profits.  If you can and have the time, serve on a board and start making a difference.  Eventually once I have enough working experience, I want to sit on a board of an organization like this.  But until then, let me share some pics we took:

Mr. Executive Director himself.  John is a natural with kids and he made a wonderful speech that night.

These are the counselors that volunteer their time to change lives.  Smooches to them!  They're my heroes!

The Chairman, Boh Dickey, was there hanging out.  He also made a great speech and urged the kids to give back to the community and help others once they've become successful.  Very great message!

I LOVED LOVED LOVED that some parents took the time out to come mingle as well.  

It was a fun time indeed!

A group of friends taking pictures that'll hopefully last them a long time.  I'm sure these kids didn't know each other before ACAP since a lot of them are from schools all over the Puget Sound.

Hmm...Chris shot this of me from across the room and yes, I was having a great time, as you can tell.  Let me just say how much I love love love this dress I got from Urban Outfitters.  It's a silk dress shirt that I just throw this over some tights and belt it.  It's so comfortable and flattering...I just love it.  I tried finding it online again in another color, but they ran out!  Boo!!!

There you have it!  My recap!  Before I leave though I wanted to get your opinion.  I wanted to try something new on this blog and thought maybe I can incorporate a weekly tidbits entry.  You all know that I love pictures, FOOD, and clothes, but there's a lot to me other than those mentioned three things.  These would be well thought out, oftentimes stories of a time in my life, which will give you a little perspective of who I am.  Not only just random facts.  So what do you think?  Interesting or just plain shallow???  Haha!!  

Thank you all and good night!


  1. Great pictures and great message!

    Yes, I would love to see a weekly tidbits entry! It would be nice to learn more about you.

  2. Hi Cindi! Looks like you had a great time. Fantastic pictures! Lovin' that blue on you :)

  3. Kristin - Aww...thanks! I'm glad you'll be interested. Now I feel pressured to think of good stories!

    Sammie - Thank you! I miss you, girl friend!!! Hope everything is fine now and that we can get together soon!

  4. My favorite tidbits are pineapple ones.

  5. WOw, what a worthy cause! I think that's awesome that you are part of something so amazing!!! I love reading your blog. Anything extra would be fun!!

  6. These photos are very well captured and the kids look really happy Cindi.
    I would love to read a weekly tidbits entry from you! Hehe..i read Jocson's comment above - he has a sense of humour doesn't he? hehe...

  7. It sounds like it was a great event! I would love to follow along and learn more about you and what you are passionate about!

  8. You look beautiful at the event, and I love those super cute pictures in your sidebar too - you are a dolly! Maybe I'm just plain nosy, but I love when bloggers open up and share about themselves - so, I vote lots of tidbits, please :)

  9. I love that smile on your face. I think beauty and fashion mean nothing if one is not beautiful within. I really enjoyed this post, and weekly tidbits about you - bring em on sistah! gonna pop over to Chris' post now.

  10. Ladies - Thank you for chiming in! You guys are so sweet so I'd more than happy to open up my life a little for you guys to read. Be warned though, some of these things might be strange! But makes who I am right? :)Now I think I just scared you all!

  11. This is very interesting! I'm actually an accounting major and I'm absolutely desperate for an internship! I hate to be /that/ person, but any tips?

  12. Cindi, this really sounds like a wonderful event hosted by an organization with a great mission. I've been meaning to get involved with an adult literacy program, and just haven't gotten around to it. But your post has helped to inspire me to make it more of a priority. And I would love to read as much more about your life as you're willing to share.