Thursday, January 13, 2011

Revealed: New Camera Bag

When Chris and I found out we were shooting our first wedding this Saturday, the first thing that came across my mind was how am I going to carry all my equipment around the whole day?  Not only that, how am I going to make sure I switch out lenses without having to walk away from my bride and groom?

I thought about getting a Shootsac, but retailing at $180, it's just a little steep for me considering I'm not a professional.  At the same time, I wanted something fashionable and the Shootsac, while made with great material, wasn't what I was looking for at this time.  Eventually though, I'd love one!  

I was browsing online for camera bags and came upon this listing on Etsy.  I was blown away by how great the model looked in the product shot and immediately contacted the seller, Jeanne, for more information.  After several emails, I decided to get it!  Especially since she told me she was having a sale and the bag would be 20% off.  I was sold and could not wait for it to arrive.

So my friends, I bring you...the Lilia Camera Bag by Jeanne Oliver:
 Just look at that packaging!  It was so nicely wrapped with a "Merci" luggage tag attached.

 It looked better in person than online...I just love it!

I also love the off white flower detail.  It's removeable as well!

The cute little branding patch .  I'm so glad I own something like this that's hand made.

I realized I forgot to take an inside shot of the bag, so here's the product picture.
And here I am, trying to model for you guys but I did a poor job.  I think the bag is the perfect length, not too short...not too long.  I tested it out by practicing bending down, jumping up and down, and running around with this on.  I hardly notice it's on my shoulder.  

Jeanne is an amazing artist so make sure to check out her Etsy store Abushelandapeck!


  1. I am so glad you love it!!! You look fabulous with it.

  2. Very nice! I thought about getting a camera bag, but I'm just too cheap. I started to carry my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag again because my camera fits perfectly inside. It's also crossbody, which is great because DSLRs are so heavy. I like that this one has different compartments for your lenses.

  3. That is such a great bag....and what amazing presentations it had all wrapped up like that! You can find so many cute handmade things on ETSY...I love that place! Good luck on your shoot this'll do great!

  4. yay! congrats on your new camera bag! i love that shabby chic french print!

  5. Jeanne - Thank YOU for the fast delivery! I love it so much...even the little extra pouch that it came with!

    Kristin - Thank you!

    Tien - Whoa...Marc Jacobs is a pretty nice camera bag! :) I love the different compartments as well and I'm sure I'll be thanking them when I'm switching back and forth from the lenses.

    Jenni - I know! I'm so glad I was able to find Etsy! It's one of the best things to happen to the internet!

    Lisa - I know right? I do love shabby chic! I'm SO ready to get compliments on the bag. Haha!

  6. What a unique camera bag! I love the idea of buying from etsy instead of just going to the camera store and finding a boring bag. Good luck shooting the wedding!

  7. Very pretty, and not like the one we have - ours is black, bulky and in the shape of men's underwear - no joke.
    I'm really looking forward to seeing your pictures soon!

  8. Cute bag and it actually doesn't look like a camera bag if you know what I mean.

  9. Such a pretty bag, and I LOVE the white rosette - adds a touch a Parisian romance :) And thanks 4 visiting my blog. It's like having a celebrity come visit, lol.
    I'm Chinese too, so here's to a virtual 'yum cha' and a bowl full of of prawn dumplings.
    As for what camera my hubby got, it's a Canon too and I'll have to ask him the exact model. I'm such a doozy in these things. You're such a pro girl. Hope to see more of your fabbity fab shots :)

  10. mcmanda - Thank you for the good luck wishes. I know I will need it as the forecast says it's raining tomorrow. Boo!

    Jen - Haha...I know those bags. I'm so glad I was able to find one that's like a purse.

    Inkmark - Thank you! Yes I do know what you mean. Even if I don't use this as a camera bag, I'd use it as a purse!

    Lisa - Oh my gosh, I think your comment just made me blush! *^_^* I am by far a celebrity but I know that feeling. When Kim of Anthroholic became a follower of my blog, I was in awe. Haha.

  11. Ooooh, CUTE! My dh got me a very "functional" looking camera bag when he gave me the camera for my birthday - I'm going to replace it just as soon as I think a long enough time has passed to not hurt his feelings...I'll have to check out the Etsy store you posted - the bag is perfect and adorable!