Monday, January 24, 2011

I think I might have cheated on my kitty!

This past weekend, we went out with our friends for some drinks around town after our Seattle Center photo shoot.  We met up with M at his beautiful swanking condo in the downtown area.  M used to own an art gallery, so it's no surprise that his home is filled with wonderful art work.  But, being the catlover that I am, I didn't notice the artwork at all.  Instead, I noticed his two cats!


Apparently, Izzy is the more tamed one.  And she sure was cute!  She just perched on the chair in the kitchen bar and took in all that was happening that night...staring at the two strangers that entered into her abode.

 Magellan is fun and playful!  Just pet him in the wrong place and he'll think you're ready to box him or something.  And he starts to throw hooks and jabs right at you.  Here he is playing with our friend, B!  This was right before B got TKO'd! :)

And of course, naturally I'm going to pick one up and go all Elmyra on them!  "I love you so much!!!  I want to kiss you and hug you and keep you for all my life!!!"  For a second there, a strange feeling came into me.  It felt like I was being my own little baby, Ty, at home.  I think Ty secretly knew (or Chris told him in some form or way) because I noticed an overwhelming amount of pouting that came from him that night when we got home, which also continued into the next morning!

Anyway, it's hard to see in the photos, but these ragdoll cats are groomed to perfection.  Their bodies are shaved and only their heads and the end of their tails are left in their natural hairy state.  It was the cutest thing, as they looked like tiny lions out in the wild.  I oooh'd and coo'd for about 30 minutes, then we all left for the bar.  I think I might have scared M a little bit and he might have wanted to check my purse as I exited his condo to make sure I didn't sneak one of those ragdolls out.  But we saw Izzy and Magellan in the window, perched...saying goodbye to us with their Anime-sized eyes.  It was the perfect furry beginning to a perfect blurry night filled with too many glasses of wine!


  1. awww I wanna cuddle with Izzy and Magellan too. :) Such a heart warming post. I'm feeling pretty fuzzy now with kitty warmth. And cool pics too btw :)

  2. What a couple of cuties!!! I am not really a dog person but I do like cats. And can I just say how cute you look! You're so photogeic and have a beautiful smile! =) Have a great day!

  3. Deer Syndee -
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  4. Darlingz izze,

    Youz ez fione. Can I haz yous nambher? Rwar.

    Dr. Ty Montoya Lasat Katidpat de los Reyes Jocson, III, Esq.

  5. Lisa - Ooh I didn't know you have a kitty too! Or maybe I did but I forgot. cute! I'm a huge cat lover. They're such amazing animals.

    Jenni - Awww you're so sweet. I always say to others how I think I'm one of the most UNphotogenic person in the world...but I guess we are our biggest critics. Your comment means a lot to me, so thank you!

    Michael & Chris - You guys crack me up!!!

  6. Aww, they're soooo cute! I love 'em! Sadly, I'm allergic to cats. I know. It's pretty tragic.

  7. Hehe...i had to laugh at your post title Cindi! These kitties are adorable, and yes, they do look perfectly groomed! I bet they get groomed more than i do...
    Fantastic shots too - I love the photography style.

  8. I want one! I love the coloring on their faces and I love the name Magellan!