Monday, January 17, 2011

Some Behind The Scenes Shots

I had the day off work today and had the chance to look through all of the photos we took at Sara Leigh + Ryan's wedding.  I caught a couple of behind the scenes pics Chris took of me so I thought I'd share them with you:

Here I am waiting for the bride after the hair and make-up session.  This is when I realized the day was going to be a great day!

Look at me, all ninja-like!  I bet they didn't even see me brush right past them, running up to try to take a casual walking shot.

Hmm...what was I doing there?  I sure was making myself comfortable wasn't I?  But I believe I was trying to capture a pair of Hunter rain boots.

It felt so nice to not work today and I'm ready to dive right into another gripping episode of The Bachelor.  Is it me, or are this year's girls crazier than ever?  It sure makes for good entertainment.  I only started watching last week, so I'm not sure who all the girls are yet.  But my favorite so far is Emily...the mother who's husband was a Nascar driver and died in the plane crash.

Happy Monday!


  1. You are quite the ninja! It looks so exciting! Your outfit/bag look great.

  2. Wow. Quite nimble you are! I'm just catching up everyone's blogs. Looking forward to seeing more from Cindi + Chris :)

  3. Great to see what exactly goes on behind the scenes. You look so dedicated Cindi! I don't think our wedding photographer even bent down for us.
    I've only watched an older ep of the Bachelor. From memory those girls were already crazy. If i was single, i don't think i could "share" with so many women!

  4. Thanks for sharing the tidbits of your shoot - you and the hubs have a real eye and it is always interesting to see how unglamorous it is sometimes to get the "perfect" shot of something. Good thing you were comfy!

  5. Love it! It WAS a good day and it's fun to see you growing a new passion!

  6. That should be on your business cards--Ninja Photographer! :)

  7. YIKES! I'm watching The Bachelor too! And YES the chicks are NUTTIER than EVER. WTH?!? My fav is Emily too!!!

  8. I'm watching bachelor- Michelle is this year's nut job!

    your pictures are fabulous, I'm just getting caught up after being away, I like this new addition to your blog :)