Monday, January 3, 2011

Toe Touching Love

Everyone's heard of that term right?  It's been around for ages...that toe touching love? hasn't been around for ages...and I'm sure no one's ever heard of it because I just made it up last week.  I thought of this term because I feel Chris and I share this special something between us.  I wasn't sure what to call it until we hung out with Ami and Bryan last Friday.  Ami and my husband, Chris have known each other since high school.  Ami and Bryan met in Seattle, but decided to move to LA to start their professional careers together.  And boy did it pay off.  Bryan is a video game designer and Ami works for one of the most famous children's networks!  I haven't had the chance to hang out with both Ami and Bryan, so this was my first time spending some quality time with these two love birds.  Immediately, I sensed that they shared the same special something Chris and I shared.

And what is that special something?  Well, I'm not really sure.  I can only give examples.  When Chris drives, he always tries to hold my hand with his free hand.  When we watch movies, we make sure the seat handle lifts up so we can easily lean up against one another in the theater.  When we're on the couch, we make sure we're always close enough to one another.  And when Ami said when her and Bry are on the couch, at least their legs had to touch, I decided to coin this Toe Touching Love! 

Ami and Bryan are one of those couples that finishes each other's sentences.  For someone that had just met them, I can already tell that they help and support one another through everything.  They left a familiar city, Seattle, for somewhere totally foreign to them, Los Angeles.  Being in a huge city, without any family or friends can get lonely.  But Ami and Bryan conquered all that in their little Santa Monica apartment by having each other. 

Both artists at heart, in addition to designing video games, Bryan spends his extra time teaching 3D animation.  Ami has a love for photography and works hard at developing this hobby.  And who knows, before you know it, she just might be shooting at an upcoming wedding you're attending.  She has a wonderful blog that showcases some of her amazing photos, including more she took of Chris and I this past Friday.  Check her out here.   
During their visit, Chris and I were lucky enough to be Ami's models.  We went around our neighborhood and shot some pictures...courtesy of Ami!  It was such a fun day hanging out.  It was cold as heck but we had so much fun.  Thanks, Ami and Bryan for being so great!  We hope to hang out with you soon!

Chris and I also share a love for photography and Chris was the one that shot Ami and Bryan's photos above.  One goal for us this year is to try to develop this hobby further.  When I started this blog, I intended it to be about fashion, food and "fotography".  But really, fashion basically took over.  With this new year, I'd like to focus more on the two other things I've neglected.

I love my husband.  I toe-touch love him!  And I know for a fact that he more than toe-touch love me.  Chris also keeps a blog and he recently surprised me with this entry.  I was rolling on the floor when I saw this.  I actually thought the Anthropologie bags were digitally replicated to make it look like there were a bunch under our tree, but nope...he said those were ALL of my bags in my closet.  Not only does he not resent me for having such an obsession, he pokes fun at me and thinks it's adorable! can I not toe-touch love this man!  BTW...the title of this entry is "Higher Education" because he said Anthropology is a class in college, and I apparently have a Ph.D in it.  Thus, the title.  :) 

Happy Monday!


  1. It sounds like you guys had a great time hanging out together. Her photos of the two of you are adorable!

    You're hubbie's post is so freakin' sweet and funny:D

    My husband and I have toe-touching love too:) We even hold hands while we're sleeping(I get too hot at night so I'm not much for spooning). Whenever I see that diamond commercial of the the younger couple holding hands passing the elderly couple holding hands, I always think that will be us when we're 80. 7yrs together and 8 months married and he still gives me butterflies when I see him from across the room;)

  2. What a lovely post. THIS is what life is all about.
    Followed closely by shopping ;-)

    I jumped over to your husband's post!! So freaking funny!!!

  3. Courtnee - We spoon too because we leave our bedroom really cold at night. I think it's so cute that you get butterflies still when you see him.

    Pamela - Thank you! I know right? Sometimes we just need to sit back and appreciate the very person that make us who we are.

  4. This is so sweet - you both look like such happy and attractive couples! Is it weird though that I am so adverse to feet touching that the phrase "toe touching," as sweet as I know it to be, still gives me the shivers in a bad way? ;o)

  5. Awwww, that is so sweet. This post just warms my heart. Likewise, my husband and I share that toe-touching love. Hah! My DH's name is Chris too and I give him a hard time about snooping around my blog. Oh, I checked out your hubby's blog with the legions of Anthro shopping bags uniting. LOL I was laughing so hard I fell off my chair!!!

  6. Too cute! And about the bags...I could never keep that much "evidence" in my closet...I practically shred mine, ha! I'm glad Chris gets a kick out of your shopping, I can't say the same for my dh, but I still toe touch love him anyway ;)

  7. Fun times, and such lovely photos! It's so nice to have good friends like that. Chris's blog post about your bags was great! And Ami's so talented! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Those are such sweet buzz words - Toe touching love. I actually thought it was something that had been around for ages, until you said you made it up :-)
    These photographs are delightful to see. You and your hubby look so happy together.
    I jumped onto your hubby's site this morning and had a look - it was very clever of him and omg, i was amazed by the numebr of Anthro bags you actually have! that's a lotta shopping :-)

  9. This is such a sweet post, and Chris' post is hilarious!

  10. Lisa - I'm pretty adverse to people touching my feet too but I got used to my baby doing it!

    Lisa - Haha...I did the same thing when I read the his entry. It was hilarious!

    Jan - I save the bags because I use them for lunch bags or giving people gifts. I guess that bit me in the butt! Hehe.

    Carol - Thanks, Carol! I really had such a great time being a model for Ami!

    Jenn -'s amazing how much shopping I've done at Anthro huh? I think most of that was from this year! Haha!

    LC - Hehe thanks! I just love my hubby as well. He's the one that makes me LOL everyday!

  11. ^ this year??! you did all that shopping in err...3 days?! hehehe...

  12. very cute photos! i can't wait to see more photography from you! use that 7D :)

    chris's bag photos under the tree is hilarious! i recently recycled most of my online order boxes. i have all my package slip bags in my nightstand and i'm scared to stack them together!

  13. I'm catching up here, but this is the sweetest post! The pictures are all so cute and the ones of you guys on Ami's blog are wonderful!! It's so funny because Jonathan and I are also trying to do more with photography this year as well - I'm excited!

  14. aw!!!! the pics of Amy and Bryan and you and Chris are so sweet! Ev and I need to take more pics together, but we don't find ourselves out and about enough...