Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Those That Inspire...

Chris and I have always loved the art of photography.  But when we threw ourselves into the midst of our own wedding planning, we started to realize how much we specifically loved wedding photography.  We were amazed at how talented some of these young artists were at creating a telling storybook of one of the most important days of your lives...yet it seemed like they did it so effortlessly.  After going through, I don't know how many different photography sites, we finally chose Erwin Wijanto and we couldn't be happier with him.  As Chris and I continue to develop our love for this art, we look towards a few photographers for inspiration.  These are the people that inspire us in helping us create our own style:

What?  Who else did you think we'd start off this list with?  :)  In going through Erwin's portfolio, we were just amazed at his use of vibrant colors and how he composed his pictures.  He is so creative in his camera angles...it's just amazing.  A tough thing to do is shooting people from the ground up towards their body.  This is hard to do because it tends to add weight to their frames, but Erwin is able to artfully avoid this as shown in the photos below.  I also love his use of the 24 mm lens to shoot a wider, more involved photo...yet all of his wide shots are also really unique.  

Jasmine is my kind of girl!  Jasmine Star is a world famous photographer.  Her photos have appeared in all sorts of wedding magazines and publications.  No surprise as you can tell from the photos below how editorial they are.  Jasmine's photos always come out so crisp, with minimal post editing.  I love how she distinguishes herself from the massive number of photographers in the LA area by being more personal on her blog.  Just read a few entries and you feel like you're already her friend.

John and Joseph to Seattle, is like Jasmine Star to LA.  They're one of the most recognized wedding photographers in our area and it's clearly evident why.  Their photos have an old world, timeless feel which makes telling the wedding day story just that much more interesting.  

 Weddings are romantic, so naturally, we gravitate towards photos that leaves us with a warm and fuzzy feeling.  Gabriel Boone are two brothers...but looking at these pictures, you can't tell.  Their photos are super soft and romantic, almost dreamlike.  The first couple is Matt and Stephanie, a couple I used to work with at my previous job.  I just love this shot...and yes...romantic indeed!

Charles and Cindy are just like Chris and me, a husband and wife team.  And we hope in the future, people don't get us confused.  But to be confused with such wonderful photographers...would be a huge compliment!  I actually went to high school with Cindy and knew her brother.  Like Gabriel Boone, when I saw their photos, I was instantly drawn towards how soft and romantic they were.  The first beautiful bride below was also a high school classmate of mine.  

This girl is hungry!  And I don't mean for burgers (although she recently made me hungry for burgers which resulted in me going to Five Guys and I inhaled a double cheeseburger five minutes to closing).  Ami's hunger is to feed her passion for photography.  Ami is a great friend of ours, and after a recent visit to our house, she helped us spark our determination for the same passion.  I am absolutely certain that you'll hear more about her or from her  in the near future, but in the meantime, check out these awesome photos:

UPDATED: Since I last posted this entry, Ami launched her new website...amisinla.com.  Check her out here.


  1. Beautiful photos always bring good feelings. A treasured memory in the past or a dream in the future. I especially love the first two photographer's style. I think my first comment on your blog was left for your wedding pictures. It completely wowed me over.

  2. You know what Cindi, i still flick through Wedding magazines at the newsstands just to look at the beautiful photos.
    The photographers above have captured the moment, and turned it something really special. Looking back, I kind of wished we spent more money on our photographs for our wedding. I was overall happy with the day pictures, but the evening ones were not so good (a bit too exposed).

  3. I found a great wedding photography site thru a blogger I follow-Whitney from Darling Dexter. Her and her husband persued their passion of photography (Whitney also attends Parsons in NYC) and started their business-Oh, Darling. Check it out. They are so inspiring. I think you'll like it!

  4. Thanks so mch for compiling this spotlight on inspirational wedding photographers, Cindi! If I lived anywhere on the West Coast, I would definitely have to consider them when it's time for BF and I to tie the knot. Although, my cuz in LA had a wedding photographer whose style I really enjoyed, and if our budget allows it, I might see if we can fly her out to NY for our wedding someday. It's a little ridiculous, but I loved her photos that much!

  5. Inkmark - I believe you're right. I love Erwin and Jasmine as well and they're definitely the two artists I'd like to shoot with one day.

    Jen - When I booked a photographer, the amount I paid for Erwin went way over our budget. I mean...more than twice! But I knew I wouldn't regret it because if I didn't have the right photos, I'd regret it. If I'm ever lucky enough to meet you in person, I'd love to shoot you and your husband! Just for kicks and giggles!

    Pamela - You're right, I do love their style. Their colors are warm, but not overly so, and they're really fun. I love how they incorporated their personal life into their business blog which is something I totally intend on doing.

    Jamie - Ooh what is the website of your cousin? I'd love to check her out!

  6. Not everyone with a camera is a photographer. After seeing my dad struggle with his new camera, I realize this. I can't say I understand much about the craft, but there's just something different about pretty pictures.

  7. Lovely gorgeous pics. Can't wait to see your wedding pics too :) btw, I recently started an Anthro lovin blog and hope you'll stop by and visit sometime :)
    My hubby just bought a fancy camera too and it's so much fun to play around w. it. I asked him to check out your blog to see how the real photogs do it :)