Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Preview!

It's finally Friday...and I'm back on track with my Friday Previews.  I made it to my local Anthro store this week to try some pretties on.  I didn't have a chance to make it to the U-village store though, so please excuse the dark lighting of the Bravern store.  I tried to make it work with the mirror lights and I think this was the best I can get it. goes:

Refined Cord Shirtdress - $128
I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this shirtdress because, well, it's a shirt dress!  And I love them.  I am really liking the heavy, substantial fabric of this dress, which is a perfect texture for fall.  Pair this with some tights, boots and a nice trench...throw on a hat with a cute umbrella in rainy Seattle and you've got an outfit ready for a photoshoot.  Although I love this dress, I'm on the fence about buying it just because I already have the Beda, the Two-wheeler, and the Secret Treasure shirtdresses.  I envision this little number flying off the shelves quickly though because it's just a nice, simple, key fall piece. 

Southward Stop Shirtdress - $128 this is another reason why I couldn't get the Refined Cord Shirtdress...because I took this one home with me!  This dress has been reviewed all over our bloggy world, so I have little to add as to why I love it.  I just do!  My friend Jean will be laughing and making fun of me I'm sure.  Because believe it or not, I once was not an Anthro fan.  The reason I gave her for not being an Anthro fan was, "I just can't imagine myself wearing something with birds on it!!"  OOOH boy...I will kick myself in the arse for her!  I love the birds and the deers on this dress.  I love the feel of it and I'm "anticipating" to wear it with the Anticipation heels (it's waiting for me on my front doorstep as I type this!).  Fit wise, I felt this dress flattered me more than the refined cord shirtdress, so this was the keeper!

Cold Snap Jacket - $348
I love it when I see a catalog shot of a model wearing a nice fall coat unbuttoned, with a nice thin sweater, scarft, wool skirt, and boots.  I am not a huge fan of double breasted coats because I like the option of keeping my coats unbuttoned, but I decided to try this one since I did like the color (which didn't come off well in these pictures).  When I got this on, I was underwhelmed.  First it was the's geniune leather, so it's bound to smell a little.  Second, the pockets on the side are useless basically.  They already poof out and you can't just slip your hands right in since there's a button enclosure.  Third...the price.  $348...ouch!  For that price, I'd have to truly love something to bite the bullet.  Finally, the jacket made me feel square-ish.  It wasn't structured enough to define my a no for me.  I can see this on other girls and it'll look fantastic!  For me, it was a pass.

Alice in Autumn Sweatercoat - $168
Some of you know my conflict between the Alice vs. the Clinton a while back here.  When I tried the original Alice in the cream and purple, I really liked it.  Although this little number didn't receive the best reviews online, it still has a piece of my heart.  I've been meaning to try the mustard version for awhile and I must
say, I like it better than the puple.  It's the perfect fall pullover for Seattle during our "colder" months but I'm still not sold yet.  At full price, it's just not on my priority list to get.

I leave you with good news!  Remember my rant about my engagement ring here?  Well, today we went to Neiman Marcus and spoke to the original salesperson that sold Chris the ring.  She was so nice and we sent
the ring for repair...without any cost!  I'm glad that the crack will finally be filled in...but now I feel a little separation anxiety. finger feels naked with only my wedding band...which is a pretty...but a dainty little thing.  :)  YAY!!!  Have a great weekend, everyone! 


  1. I am glad you were able to resolve your ring issue with out incurring additional costs. Lovin' the deers and birds dress on you! Ps. the rug you had in your previous post is from Home Decorators!

  2. I love your Friday preview posts! I've been waiting all afternoon for it, haha!! Your new dress will look great with the Anticipation Heels. I can't wait to hear how those work for you.
    I'm SO SO SO glad to hear about your ring!! It is funny how naked I feel if mine are ever off (for cleaning or whatever).
    Enjoy the weekend!!

  3. omg, I'm so glad you got your ring issue figured out! That woulda stressed and pissed the poop outta me!

    Omg yay for the Southward Stop Dress!! You look really cute in it, and it is frickin' hilarious that your friend totally called you out on your previous birdie clothing smashtalkin'! Still, I wouldn't put this in the traditional category of Anthro's 'quaint little printed dresses'. This pattern is more subtle and less like a quilter's quarter. I also like this color on you better than the refined cord shirtdress. I don't know if you worry about this in the winter, but when I wear dark clothes near my face it can make me look super pallid.

  4. Sammie - Thank you!!! I just went on their site and their shipping for rugs is autrocious!!!! If I get an 8X10, I'll have to pay like $150 bucks to ship it.

    Erin - You're so cute. Well, I didn't want to keep you waiting any longer! I like how you specified you take your ring off for cleaning or whatever. Hehe...cause I take mine off for clubbing. JUST KIDDING! Haha oh gosh, I haven't stepped in a club in y ears.

    Lori - Thank you! Now my finger is naked for 2-3 weeks. Hehe. I know with Asian skin tones, in the winter time, we either turn pale or yellow. I think I'm naturally tanned a little, got the dark skin genes from my I don't really run into that problem.

  5. HURRAY for the ring issue being fixed :-)

    I really like The Alice sweatercoat- Since the closest Anthro is a few hours from me, I can't try anything, but I can't imagine why that sweatercoat has gotten mixed reviews. I think it's LOVELY!!

    P.S. Thanks for the suggestion on the Discovered Lace Dress for my mini! I would DEF need to try it on first, however. The fabric and shape look like it wouldn't be too flattering on my lumps and bumps. lol, but we'll see! I have my eye on a few I think would work for me as well.

  6. Cindi, you can call home decorators directly and they will reduce the shipping by 50% or you can just wait for when they have a free shipping promo! :)

  7. Great reviews! I especially like the Cord dress. :-)

    I'm glad you're able to get your ring fixed. I know what you mean about your finger feeling naked. haha

  8. You look great in the Southward Stop Shirtdress! I haven't tried it on yet and can't imagine myself loving a dress with deer/birds on it, but I kind of hope I do because everyone has looked amazing in it so far!

    Up until last year, I wasn't an Anthro fan either. Look at us now!

  9. Hello cindi
    Woohoo - a purchase! cAN I just say you suit the southward stop shirtdress very much! I can just picture you wearing it with a pair of boots.

    Like you, my finger feels totally naked and exposed without my wedding and engagement rings!


  10. Good choice with the southward stop dress! No contest between that and the refined cord. That's awesome that NM's is fixing the ring for you guys. I must be the opposite of you. Every time I put a ring on, I can't wait to take it off. Is is possible to have claustrophobia that only affects the finger?

  11. Sammie - Thank you for that tip! The rug is on our list as the number 2 item to buy after the mac mini! Hehe.

    Debbie - I actually think the cord dress will look totally cute on you. It's got your name written all over it.

    Jen - I hope you get a chance to get to another Anthro store soon so that you can try the southward dress on yourself. :) It's a great dress!

    Cat - When you get married then, you'd prob want a dainty little ring like my wedding band. Having only that one, without the ering feels like absolutely nothing. I wanted a thin band on purpose so that my entire hand don't look like I'm from the Housewives of OC! Plus, I didn't want to overwhelm my beautiful engagement ring.