Monday, September 20, 2010

Fat Pants!

Happy Monday morning, everyone!  I'm feeling a little bloated today...probably due to the lasagna I made and ate this weekend.  On my fat days, I have a habit of wearing things too big for me.  Today's fat pants is a pair of Banana Republic slacks I bought when I switched jobs in 2005.  So...these pants are almost 6 years old!  They are extremely cute and classic, so they never went out of style.  I actually bought these pants as part of a suit because the new company was a business formal environment.  Can you still believe there are companies out there that require business formal everyday?  Let alone in the Pacific Northwest?  Needless to say, I left this job within 2 months!  I have no idea where the top of this suit went, but these pants I've worn over and over again on my "fat" days. 

So...what are some of your fat day outfits?  Are they pants?  Dresses?  Skirts??  Do you feel cute in them?  Cause I sure don't feel cute today!

I'm debuting the Majorie Heels today!  This is my first time wearing these and I just love them.  They're so comfortable!  I feel like I can walk in these forever!  And they create the perfect height as well. 

Speaking of shoes, I have an Anticipation Heels update.  This past Saturday I made it to the Anthro store to see if I can return the wrong shoes.  I was told by the SA that because they are the wrong shoes in the box, I can't just return them to the store.  I'd have to send them back!  I was peeved about this of course but decided to call CS to order the heels again and ask for free expedited shipping.  CS was nice enough to do that for me, and as of this morning, the new shoes shipped out.  Lets just hope tomorrow when I get them, that it's the right shoe in the box.  I will be returning the original ones this week as well.  Thanks everyone for sharing your frustrating shipping stories.  This has never really happened to me at any retailer while shopping online...but it was fairly a painless experience.  The only disappointment was that I couldn't return my shoes at the store...which was very weird to me. 


  1. cuuute shoes! I am glad you CS shipped the anticipation heels via expedited shipping. Ps. My fat days outfits = skirts = which is quite often :)

  2. The blouse is so lovely. And the shoes are indeed adorable!

  3. I think that's kinda weird that you couldn't return them to the store, too. Well, at least they provided free expedited shipping. That's great to hear.

    You look so great today! But I know what you mean about having those "fat" days. I tend to stay AWAY from pants those days and do a dress. The thought of putting on pants with a button and zipper on days when I feel bloated or out of sorts just ends up making me feel worese. It's crazy!!

  4. I think I've made all of one purchase from BR over the past two years (what's up with the boring styles?!) but I have got to admit, they do work basics well. It's awesome your slacks have lasted as well as they had through the years.

    I think I totally pants-it-out on "fat days" too. And of course shirts are to be loose and belts are nowhere to be seen!

  5. I think you look really cute today! I love the new shoes and I'm glad that they're comfortable. I was wondering about that. Did you get your usual size?
    I can't wait to see your review of the Anticipation Heels soon! :-)

  6. Your outfit is absolutely adorable!!! When I'm feeling fat, in a bad mood, or sick, I like to overcompensate and wear something pretty to make myself feel better. Usually skirts and dresses!

    I wish your new Anticipation Heels a safe (and quick) trip while making their way to you!

  7. I definitely had my fare share of "feelin fat" days last fun! I usually wear skirts with elastic waistbands or flowy dresses. I already feel bad about myself in pants on good days, so I would never go near them on my "fat" days!

  8. I think you look adorable, and that blouse is a beautiful color. I was feeling not-so-svelte myself, so I pulled on an elastic waist Anthro skirt. It's actually one of my favorite skirts, but then I paired it with a dumpy too-long cardigan. I didn't really look in the mirror until I got to work. Boo hoo.

    BUT, I'm glad it sounds like the shoe return will go smoothly! And your Marjorie heels look fab -- one of the cures to "fat days" for me is to wear my favorite shoes. It works like a charm : )

  9. Girl, you do not look fat! Cute outfit and shoes! I always wear dresses on my "fat days." Waistbands are my enemy on those days! Can't wait to see you new shoes!

  10. I think you look really classy. Totes know what you mean about 'fat days' tho. I think when I feel chubby (which is a decent amount these days since I haven't been exercising as much as I should), I compensate by wearing skinnier and clean cut items or ones with a lot of structure to at least give me that extra boost of shape and fit.

  11. Hey cindi
    glad im not the only one suffering fat days! If i have a fat day, I wear loose fitting tops or dresses then belt them. But you know what, you look cute in those pics, and definitely not 'fat'! we all see ourselves differently dont we?
    I just love those shoes!! ♥ bows

  12. You look cute! I'm having a fat today too:(

    I'm anxiously awaiting the debut of your anticipation heels because i've been dyiiinnnggg to buy them but I'm trying to be for budgets!

  13. Sammie - Haha I tend to do that too with elastic waist skirts. that's why I love love love the Circle the Globe Skirt.

    Sydney - Thanks!!!

    Pam - I hate wearing pants on my fat days as well but that's why I put on the ones that were WAY too big. The waist band on this pair sits loosely right below my belly. Haha!

    Lisa - I know! I haven't bought anything from BR in the last couple of years either. I believe the last thing I got from there was a cardigan...circa before I left for 2007!!!

    Debbie - I went with the suggestions online and got half a size up. They're european sizes, so I went with the larger size. They are narrow though FYI, if you have wider feet. I have really skinny feet so that didn't present a problem. But they fit great!

    Cindy - Oh Cindy...I with wearing something pretty on a fat day will make me feel pretty. Haha usually it makes me feel worse because I feel like people are looking at me. I know...stupid right?

    Sara - You know, now that you mention it, I don't think I've ever seen you in pants!!! Haha. You're so tall and lean though, I bet you'd look terrific in pants!

    Jamie - Don't you hate it when you find out after you get to work that your outfit is just not working? I do that all the time! Haha...on my nonposting days!!!

    Bonnie - Tomorrow might just be a dress day...meaning I had a huge dinner (or about to) tonight! Hehe.

    Lori - Skinnier items on a fat day? Oooh my! Haha I've tried that once before and my legs just looked like the sausages I had just eaten. =(

    Jen - I know! We are always so critical. But I found that the older I get, the less critical I am of myself. I guess there's one good thing about aging right? :)

    Courtnee - Looking at your pics today, you look so hot!!! If I had three kids and looked like you, fat days don't exist in my world!!!

  14. Cindi, you look so cute! I love that tank - why oh why didn't I buy it??? I've been kicking myself over it, lately. Maybe I can see if CS can help me track it down...

    And those shoes are too cute. Love!

  15. My fat day outfit is jeans! LOL, I only wear mine when I am feeling slobby or unhappy (or haven't shaved my legs...). You look so much more stylish and classy than I usually do in my outfit though!

    How bizarre that CS wouldn't let you return the shoes in the store. Anthropologie has sent me the wrong items before, and after I've explained the situation to the SAs, they've never hesitated to return the item for me and re-order the right one. But at least the main CS was still accommodating!