Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back From Camping...

I know I've been MIA for a bit and I was able to go into Anthro last week to try some stuff on.  But I wasn't wow'ed at any of the items so I'll save those for a later date.  I am excited to show you all some pictures of our first and ever camping trip with friends. 

Most of my friends and I have known one another since high school and throughout the years we've remained the same but at the same time, have all grown so much.  We're all either already married or is getting married...so these little trips together when we're all without kids are very special to us.  We know as soon as one of us start having kids, the others will follow and our lives will be changed (for the better of course) from then on.  But for now, we enjoy our times together as couples.

Chris trying to be "cool" on our hike.

We came upon a side of Lake Easton and it was just beautiful.  It was quite dangerous though because behind us was a huge straight fall into the rocky lake.

Ahh...serene and beautiful!

It's places like this that make me appreciate Seattle.  Just 10 minutes from this lake is a ski lodge.  So imagine in the winter time, you're able to ski in the morning and then come down to the lake to canoe and hike.  Where else can you ski and canoe in the same day?  Also, it's only an hour drive from Seattle.

Have anyone played "Spoons"?  It's a great card game where you pass the cards around the group really fast and you try to get four of a kind.  As soon as someone gets it, they grab a spoon in the center...then everyone else will have to grab a spoon as well as fast as they can.  There's always one less spoon than the number of people playing, so one person will always lose.  It was so much fun!

We ventured to the other side of the lake where there was a beach area.  The weather held out...it was 75!

My friend Jean posing Anthro-like for the camera! :)  She's a hottie!

Here we're cooking breakfast and boiling water for our coffee.  We're all coffee crazy people here...since Seattle's our home.

I have no idea what my hubby was doing here!

A fun shot on the lake.  :)

It was definitely a fun trip but I was glad it was over.  It's not fun to be without a real bathroom and shower for two days.  I have to admit that camping isn't for me.  I know there are people that just love it, but it can't appeal to everyone, or else it'd be really expensive!  I loved connecting with the nature and my friends, but we can do that in a cabin right? :)  Sleeping in a tent was a fun experience though...although it was so cold that first night.  I wanna say it was in the 40's that night and we were covered in three layers of blankets. 

Our friends and I were discussing a final trip together before we all settle down.  Maybe to Hawaii? :)  Who knows!  Can't wait! 


  1. Nice! My friends and I try to have an annual camping trip, but unfortunately we didn't this year. Haven't been to a place that didn't have an actual bathroom or shower though, that's tough! And I totally forgot about Spoons, I used to play that in high school! I should bring that game back for our next trip :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am not a camping person, either. I used to go a ton when I was younger, but now I am just allergic to everything! Good to hear that you had fun! YAY!

  3. Looks like you guys had fun!! I love camping. My friend and I used to take an annual trip every year in high school.

  4. Thanks for sharing these pics! I don't think camping is for me either, but it looks like you had a ton of fun with your friends.

  5. For the first time, I would actually prefer to be camping if not just for the cooler weather (LA was 113 degrees yesterday)! I'm not a big camping person either. Your pictures are beautiful and I love the lake! Where I camped we definitely did not have scenery like that. It's awesome that you've stayed close friends with so many people over the years!

  6. Ok I officially want to move to Seattle! Rain and this beautiful scenery? I'm missing out!

    I used to love to play spoons! Brings back memories :)

  7. Welcome back Cindi! good to have you back from being MIA for a few days. looks like you had a good time with your friends.
    These are fantastic pictures - the scenery is beautiful.... And you look beautiful too, even in your camping non-anthro gear!

  8. Btw, im also at the age where people are either married or getting married! hehehe..

  9. debbie deb - There was an actual bathroom but it was dirty and there was a shower stall that also felt dirty so we didn't dare to take a shower there. Overall I just fel dirty! haha.

    sammie - You're allergic to everything? Did moving to Seattle affect you in any way at all? I remember when I moved to LA, I developed some allergies but now I'm fine.

    Kim - I'm glad camping is for you because it sure isn't for me. I do look forward to going with my kids though or just pitching the tent up in our backyard for them!

    Thank you, stylemefab!

    Cindy - Yeah it's really hard to move away from Seattle and not want to come back because I think there's no where in the US that can compare to the natural beauty that we have. Other cities have other great things to offer, but when it comes to mountains, water and trees all in one area...Seattle's the place to get it.

    Sara - I know! When I read that you loved the rain...at first I was like what!! But then I realized I don't mind it either. I think it's very romantic. You should totally move here! :)

    Jen - Awww thank you! Isn't it a weird time in our lives? I think we're at the edge of a cliff looking onward to our future. It's unknown and scary and when we look back, we remember all the beautiful times we've shared. That's the analogy that I can come up with right now. Hehe...there will be a lot of exciting things to come!

  10. um, sure, I"ve played spoons but the loser always had to drink a shot!!!! probably not a good game to play that way near open water!!!

    Camping sounds fun, but I agree, you can connect with nature just as nicely from inside a cabin. But I bet it will better to remember the times you slept outside in the cold and boiled water for coffee on an open fire :)
    It looks and sounds like you all had an awesome time!

  11. Oh, Cindi, what a fun trip! Looks like you had a wonderful time! =D I'm really not an outdoorsy type at all, so I'll live vicariously through you and enjoy nature from this side of the computer monitor. ;)

  12. omg this weekend was the PERFECT one for camping in/near Seattle! You and your husband are totally cute (esp in the first pic), and I love your friend's anthro pose, lol!

  13. I love camping until l I'm confronted with the creepy crawlies. Looks like a fun trip!! I vote hawaii for your upcoming trip!!

  14. What a fun time! Miss the good old days when we don't have kids. Definitely travel as much as you can before you have kids. It is worth the splurge!

  15. What a great big group - looks like it was so much fun Cindi! But like I said - how would I know what camping is like? I can't feel "sleeping in 40s outside" thru pics - but it does look like a helluva time! I know I'm so glad we got to go to Hawaii with our BFF's last month. I know they're trying so those trips will be far and few between going forward.

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  16. Jen does look like she's in an Anthro shot! And what a fabulous place to go camping. It looks absolutely stunning!