Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lets get steppin'!

Those of you that follow this little blog know that I'm a huge turbo kick boxing fan.  I try to go twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays and my body literally aches if I don't go for a longer length of time.  I'm a firm believer of switching up your work out routines for muscle confusion and to avoid pure workout boredom.  So today I decided to take my first stepping class.  I call it stepping, but 24 Hour Fitness calls it "Power Sculpt".  It's cardio and strength training combined into one class.  The first half is more cardio focused...with stepping moves and stretching in between sets.  The second half is muscle training focused...push-ups, weights, and other weight strenghtening moves are used.  Let me tell ya, I thought I was in good shape but by the end of the WARM UP...I was already sweating like a pig.  The instructor called me out though and said I was following along and was pretty impressed was me (she knew I was new to the class).  I'll definitely be going again and making it a once a week thing.  I'm already feeling the pain and soreness from it must be working right?  Tomorrow is TKB again and next Monday I'm going to try the Zumba class.  What is Zumba?  I have no idea!  But I'll find out!

My outfit today was totally inspired (meaning copied) by Rosa of Love at First Shop.  She paired an olive colored J.Crew cardigan with the Anthro Boutonniere Dress and brown boots.  I thought the look was so cute so I decided to re-create it.  Here's my version:

Cardigan - Nordstroms Halogen
Dress - Anthropologie Camilla Dress
Boots - Aerosoles from DSW

I tried different ways of posing today and wanted to test out the lovely "look at shoes naturally" pose that I see so many bloggers flawlessly do.  Somehow that didn't really work for me.  I just look like I lost something!  Anyway, thanks, Rosa for the inspiration!


  1. Hi Cindi! You look adorable today. And I like your looking at your shoes pose! Isn't it hard to come up with poses that aren't "here's my outfit?" I just tried Zumba at my gym too! It kicked my butt. It is aerobics set to latin music- it is face paced and super fun! I hope you enjoy it!

  2. wow! You go girl with all your workouts! Can't wait to find out what Zumba is.

    Lol, isn't trying out poses kind of fun? I actually find it highly entertaining (i.e., funny) to look at the photos of me trying to pose. But I also think it's neat to get more comfortable doing things I wouldn't normally do in front of the camera :) I really appreciate the earnestness of your 'looking at shoes' pose! Your hands are very expressive!

  3. I saw Rosa's combination and wanted to try it out too! The green is such a beautiful pop of color and looks fantastic on you! I recently started doing pop pilates, which is a series of youtube videos. My favorite is the intense ab workout. It's set to pop music, similar to how Zumba is set to all kinds of music (reggae, salsa...). I can't wait to hear how that goes!

  4. That color combo looks great on you! I was just talking about how I could never be a model because I cannot master the "art" of posing. Most of the time, I am just laughing and looking silly! :)

  5. One of my friends is obsessed with Zumba...she just got certified to teach it. It's like latin dancing with special moves. It was created by this guy named Beto in Miami. I've never done it myself, but I see enough facebook status messages to know all about it!

  6. Hey Cindi,

    I just got home from Zumba (well at my gym it is called 'Latin Heat' which is a non brand-name version). It is super fun and the instructors usually call out and scream encouragement which gets me going. Any exercise that makes me smile is a win!

    Bit hard to see the outfit today with the bright front yard but the colours look devine. And lucky you wearing boots, still too hot here in Az!

  7. oh my gosh - they have free Zumba once a week AT my work - an instructor from a gym comes in to teach it - I went once because my boss said our whole department had to go - I can't dance and I have NO coordination - talk about embarrassing way to spend some time with your coworkers...eesh!

  8. Love boots with dresses! You look gorgeous as usual in your Camilla :) You'll have so much fun with Zumba. I tried it for the first time last year still try to catch when I can.

  9. Ashley (Anthropologie Girl) - Ooh I just saw some videos online and it looks fun! It usually takes a lot for me to get wiped out so I'm hoping this is a good work out. I can't wait!

    Lori - I thought of you when I was doing this pose. Chris was making fun of me when he took it. He said I looked "box-ish". Haha...I don't get what that means though.

    Cindy - Pop pilates huh? That sounds super fun!!! I know pilates is super great for the body but I can't get into it for some reason. It's the same thing with yoga. I wish I had more love for it.

    Sammie - I don't know...I think you do the staring-off-at-nothing look really well.

    Robin - How your friend feels about zumba is how I feel about tkb. I've thought about getting certified but I always chicken out. Haha.

    Kate - Awesome!!! I love it when instructors heckle...but in a funny and nice way. I can't wait to try the dancing.

    Ashley - HAHA...I think I'd put that right up there with putting on a swim suit infront of coworkers...which I think you've also done right? :) Look at it this way, you're so far really close to the people you work with. Happy first year job anniversary! :)

  10. Cat - I'm a bit scared with the moves. Remember how I said before that I always think I can dance and when I try, I really can't?'ll be a fun site!

  11. I LOVE Turbo Kick! I haven't gone in awhile, though. Must go soon!

    I also love your version of Rosa's outfit. You're making me regret returning my Camilla dress :)

  12. You are too cute with that outfit and the last pose is adorable. I can't believe you're able to wear boots already, jealous!
    Zumba sounds like a lot of fun and like something I should try out since I like dancing so much!

  13. You are a kick boxer that likes to wear dresses! That totally rocks!! =0D

  14. Hello Cindi
    You are one healthy lady! I'm not sure whether you have it in the states, but here in oz, zumba is always featured on the infomercials on daytime tv! it's apparently the craze at the moment. I think it's supposed to be like salsa and aerobics combined?
    The Camilla dress looks great when paired with those killer boots of yours! and your 'look at shoes naturally' pose ...hehe! not bad at all for a first timer! maybe i will have to try one day too...

  15. I've done a class similar to that power sculpt. OMG, I was dying after the warm up, too. But after the class was over, it felt so good you forgot about the pain!! Zumba sounds fun, I've seen the class at my gym, too, but it conflicts with my saturday morning spin class. Let us know how it is, I may skip spin and try it out!

    I love the outfit combo, esp. the dress with boots. I think your poses look great!!

  16. debbie deb - The turbo kick round right now is more fun than the last round. I love it!

    Dea - Thank you! It's been like in the 60's here. Our summer is officially over! :(

    Banhannas - Haha..I wouldn't say I'm a kick boxer but I do like tkb for the choreographed moves. I can't kick anyone's arse though. hehe.

    Jen - I just hope my uncoordinated self can pull off looking ok the first time. But I remember my first session of TKB, I got sooo lost. But I'm glad I stuck with it.

    Pamela - OK...I will def be posting about how it goes. :) I hope you get to try it out too. And spinning...phew! I don't know how people can cycle like that for an hour. It looks soooo hard!