Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Famous Primanti Brothers and Famous Cindi?

Hello all!!!  It's a lovely partly cloudy day here in Seattle, so what's a girl to do during her lunch hour?  Try to stay indoors...but at an Anthro store.  I decided to stop by to try on some new fall stuff for my Friday Preview.  As I was standing in line to pay for my purchase (item to be revealed Friday), someone behind me asked me if I was Cindi.  I said yes, and thought in my head that this person did not look familiar to me at all.  Then she introduced herself as LC from Bella Seattle!!!  We work only a couple of blocks from one another and I know there's been times where we barely missed one another.  I'm so glad she introduced herself to me since I'll never be able to recognize her!  As I drove back to work, I thought, "This must be how famous people feel!" and I kinda like it.  This is the first time a reader's recognized me...little ole me!  It was a fun experience.  LC...if you ever wanna go shopping during lunch or actually eat lunch...let me know! :)

For those of you that live in or near Pittsburgh, you must know the Primanti Bros. Restaurant.  They are most famous for their sandwich stacked high with coppacola ham, fried egg, slaw, provoline, tomato, and fries.  Obviously, we don't live anywhere near Pittsburgh, so we decided to recreate this sandwich!

Here's the sandwich from Primanti's:
Chris first fried the egg to perfection while I cut the tomato and fresh french baked bread:
Then we put the coppacola ham in a pan and fried it by itself.  The recipe calls for butter...but we decided to stay a little "healthier".  After the ham browned a little, we laid the cheese on top:
*Note: We bought the best Provolone we can find in the store.  We went to a local market that's like a Whole Foods and asked the deli to slice up their 8 year aged provolone.  The flavor is so intense! 

Next came the layering...bread, tomatoes, slaw (purchased already made at the market), egg, meat, cheese,...and here's our compiled sammie:
We decided to skip the fries since the sandwich was getting extra thick.  And boy...the first bite into it was a piece of heaven.  A success!  I can just imagine how the real sandwich would taste, but until I go to Pittsburgh and taste it for myself, right now our own version will do.  And it's good enough for me!

So what am I wearing after last night's gigantic meal?  My vagabond dress of course!  LC actually said if it wasn't for this dress, which she remembered my blog entry about it, she would have been scared to introduce herself to me. 

These are the Stuart Weiszman's I wore under my dress on my wedding day.  I'm so glad they work for everyday life as well. 

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!


  1. I absolutely LOVE that entire outfit, Cindi! It makes me want that dress and cardigan AND shoes :-)

  2. haha, that's so funny! If I ever see you around, I will totes say 'hi'!

    Ooh I'm so excited to see what you purchased!

  3. Yum! You're so making me hungry and I have none of those ingredients in my fridge!

    That is so cool you got to meet another blogger! Hopefully, you guys can get together and do some shopping sometime! Or as you said, eat some lunch.

    I love the Vagabond, but I never tried it on because it felt real heavy. I almost snagged it when it popped back up in my size on my wishlist, but I am trying to control what I buy with no more free shipping. Looks great on you and I love the color of your shoes and nail polish!

  4. What a pretty outfit! Love the shoes. My hubs and me tried to recreate those sandwiches as well after seeing them on an episode of man vs food. They actually turned out really good. We made ours with the fries. We looked up the recipe online for the coleslaw. It was an amazing sandwich. I want to try the original now to see how we did.

  5. Love the fit and the shoes! That sandwich looks divine! :)

  6. Jenny - Thank you! I woke up absolutely dreading getting dressed cause I felt like I had nothing to wear! Glad I was able to put together something quickly.

    Lori - Most of the time I don't even pay attention so I bet if I passed by you on the street, I'd not even notice!

    Gemma - One of the reasons why I love this dress is because of its weight. I had originally bought the speckled ink dress which I thought was too light in weight.

    Lorraine - It's kinda cool how easy it is to create huh? We saw the epy of Man vs. Food too and that's when we decided to recreate it. The coleslaw recipe called it to let it sit for awhile and we didn't have the time. The pre-prepared one was just as good though. :)

    Sammie - Why thank you! I love these shoes as well. They're so comfortable too!

  7. So cool to meet someone from the blog world! That sandwich looks so good...and I just ate a big ass brownie.

    Love the shoes!

  8. It is so cute you two prepare dinner together! Any men can fry eggs to perfection and is willing to make it for you anytime of the day is a keeper!

  9. That sandwich looks so yummy! I love your outfit & that you got to wear your pretty wedding shoes again. :-)

  10. I live in Pittsburgh! I saw the post headline and was like, Cindi came to the Burgh??? Ughh, Primanti's is an experience for sure. Soooo freaking good. Come to the steel city! We now have TWO Anthro stores locally!

  11. Hey cindi, wow you are famous! you got spotted!
    when i was in london anthro, i was hoping to bump into the bristish Anthropologiest but didnt get to sadly...hehee.
    I love those shoes! I wore Stuart Weiszman's on my wedding day too!

  12. Awww, that is so fun!! I want to work a few blocks from y'all! :)
    I have to tell you that I got my CC Jacket today and have been so excited all day! I was just prancing around the house in it, actually :) haha!!

  13. Liz - A brownie would have been perfect for last night's dessert. But I had a Skinny Cow instead. Haha.

    Yi - I man is a keeper. I typically don't allow him in the kitchen because he makes a mess! But there are things he just do better than me. Like baking and frying an egg!

    Debbie - I know...same here! Now if only I can figure out a way to wear my wedding dress again! :)

    Jenn - Haha...I wish I could go there. There's quite a few restaurants I want to try all the places Man vs. Food went!

    Jen (vintageglammz) - Haha...that would be funny if you did run into her. She's like an overseas celebrity to this bloggy world.

    Erin - You are SO cute! I knew you'd love it and that it'd look good on you. It's raining here and I can actually wear the jacket! I can't wait to wear it again. I'm also excited for you to debut it!

  14. Aw you're famous! How exciting! And that sandwich looks yummy - I love when the Food Network talks about Primanti Bros. So yummy! And those shoes are just awesome. Jealous!

  15. How awesome you got to meet another blogger - and a fella Anthro lover like LC no less! I'm not sure what I'd do if I ran into a fella blogger I recognized (though chances of me recognizing people are low, I'm so bad with faces and names!), but it must have been awesome!

    I have a couple of co-workers in the 'Burgh and they rave about those sandwiches! Your sammi looks delish!

  16. It was so nice to meet you. : ) I wanted to steal your shoes. We definitely have to do lunch (and of course an Anthro visit)!

  17. That's so cool that you ran into LC! I'm glad to see that you get to wear your wedding shoes. They are so lovely!!

  18. Awwww, I'm jealous you got to meet up with a fellow bloggie friend! Now I just need someone to move to North Jersey. Any takers? ; )

    And I love that you are wearing your SWs! They are gorgeous! My cousin wore bright pink ones under her dress for her wedding. She works as an attorney and occasionally wears them with a suit. I admire her boldness!