Thursday, September 9, 2010

Honeymoon in Hawaii...Part 1

Hello everyone!  Many of you have already been to Hawaii but for the ones that's never been, I can't tell you how great those little bunch of islands are!  This is my third time back there, and the Hubby's first time.  My prior two times, I visited with an ex boyfriend and some friends.  It just wasn't the same.  It's so true where you're at and how much fun you have totally depends on who your company is...and being there with the person I love made me appreciate Oahu a lot more than before.  It was just such a great week...we didn't feel rushed, nothing to worry about...except whether we have enough sunscreen on.  :)  Allow me to share some of this trip with my pics!

We got a little bored on the 6 hour flight there, so we decided to take some wedding ring pics.  Chris said he feels more grown up with a ring on.  Haha.

Let me tell ya...Hawaiians drive slowww!  We were so hungry by the time we got near to our hotel, we decided to stop by Rainbow Drive-In to eat before we check in.  This is what I ordered...the loco moco with sunny side up eggs. 

This was what Chris ordered...the special that day...roasted pork with gravy.

And this was the aftermath!

That first night we went to Alan Wong's for a little celebration.  Alan Wong is a famous chef in Hawaii and I can't seem to find anyone that has anything bad to say about his restaurant. was SOOO good.  Not only that, they had a special menu designed for us with our names up top and all of their staff signed it.

This was one of the dishes we had.  Braised beef short rib with shrimp.  Yum!

The next morning for breakfast, we had the famous Puka Dog!  I believe Anthony Bourdain has been here and it was very good.  You eat the hotdog right side up and you can get many island infused flavored sauces with it.  I'd definitely go back!

Here's Chris taking a huge bite out of his!

And a good tourist would not miss out on Giovanni's Shrimp truck. 

This is the hot and spicy version...and they don't mess around.  It was indeed very spicy

We also ordered their original shrimp scampi...which....I mean...need I say more?  It was just so yummy and garlicy!


Since we were already in North Shore, we had to stop at Matsumoto's shaved ice.  I am not much of a shaved ice person, but Matsumoto's is famous and I liked it quite a bit.  I got it with red bean, ice cream and condensed milk!


There's quite a big Japanese community here in Seattle but what's so disappointing is that there's not one single great ramen place, despite an over abundance of sushi places.  So, we had to hunt down a good ramen joint.  This was Kiwami's Ramen on Waikiki.

We ordered pork rice on the side.  They sure didn't skimp on the pork!

Chris sure loves his ramen!

OK, so I know it seems like all we did was eat!  I promise we did more than though...although the best part for me when it comes to traveling is trying all the different restaurants.  Food is the center of my life and I love it.  So, there's no doubt that my recap of the trip will focus a lot on that. 

Ladies, tomorrow is my birthday!!!  Chris is taking me out on a nice lunch date and then a dinner date.  I'm super excited to enjoy a nice weekend.  Saturday, Chris' family is coming over to celebrate...then Sunday my parents wanted to take me out.  Ahh...I love birthdays! 

I'll be back later with more of my Hawaii trip!  Have a great day!


  1. man, I have never been to Hawaii but I always want to go after bloggers post about it - plus it's right before my lunch hour now so you made me very hungry!

  2. Yum! I can't eat seafood because it's makes me really sick, but I'd risk getting sick for those shrimps.

    My favorite part about a new place is eating! I love food and I love that you share that love!

    Happy early birthday!

  3. I am a total foodie too! Everything looks so good. Glad you enjoyed yourselves :)

  4. Oh lady, what a gastronomic honeymoon feast. Bourdain would be proud!

    It's way past lunch here and I still haven't eaten yet. And all your pics look so delectable!

  5. All that food looks sooo yummy! But, the name of the first dish you had " el moco loco" does not sound too appetizing... ( the crazy booger in spanish) yikes

  6. I've never been to Hawaii and just the food pics alone make me want to go. Literally, my stomach is growling right now.

    Happy Early Birthday!!!! Have a grrrrreat day!!! With the plans you've outlined, geez, how could you not!! :)

  7. Love the food!!!! So yummy! I love this one japanese restaurant's grill squid at Waikiki. Haven't had other restaurant made it quite as well.

  8. Ashley - I strongly advise you go...but go with a loved one or family! Hawaii is definitely a trip you need to take with the people you enjoy being with. It's not like Vegas where you can party and don't wanna be with loved ones! :)

    Tien - I know...both you and I share the love for food. I always drool over your food pics!

    Sammie - We should share notes of good Seattle restaurants. I always want to try as many places as I can in this city.

    Lisa - I hope you've had the chance to grab something to eat. It's now lunch time here and I'm starving looking at my own pictures!

    Beli - Right? I have no idea what loco moco means other than what it does in Spanish. Haha. Maybe it's a Hawaiian thing!

    Pamela - Thank you for the birthday wishes. It'll also be themed around food!

    Inkmark - Oooh I didn't hear about that one. I love grilled squid. Especially if it's not overcooked.

  9. Oh, yummy! Wow, I didn't even know how hungry I was until I saw all these photos, hahaha. So fabulous! I wanna go! (I wanna eat). Mys sister went to Hawaii for her honeymoon too, and she also returned with lots and lots of eating stories. Sigh...such fun. Thanks for posting!

  10. I'm hungry now! Looks like you had a great time. I can't wait to get back to Hawaii.

  11. Rainbows always hits the spot! :) "Loco Moco" is the standard local mix--rice w/hamburger, egg, and gravy all over. I've always thought of "loco" as the shortened, pidgin form of the word "local" although it could be from Spanish. And I think "moco" just rhymes with "loco," LoL. It's a Hawaiian thing.

    Anyway, next time you guys come to town, you should try Waiola Shave Ice in McCully by Stadium Park, and Jimbos (really good ramen & udon place) on King Street. :) There's also Goma Tei at Ward Center, which serves really good tantan ramen.

    One thing I miss when I leave the islands is the good food. No place can compare. :)

    Looks like you guys had a great time! Happy Birthday!! ^_^y

  12. I am ready to go to Hawaii!! I'm allergic to shrimp, but I LOVE eating at new places. It's like its own little adventure :) Can't wait to hear more about your trip!
    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope you have an excellent day celebrating! :)

  13. Yum, you're making me hungry!! It looks like you had a great time. :-)

    Happy Birthday!

  14. Hmmm...Moco Loco. I love it! My parents went to Hawaii, and when they came back, my mom started making Moco Loco whenever my dad was out of town on a busiess trip. And I think it's totally fine for a vacation to be oriented around food. What's better than that?

    It sounds like you had a relaxing and enjoyable time. I guess the good thing about the slow driving pace is that by the time you get to the next place, maybe, just maybe, you'll be hungry again. Haha : )

    I hope you and Chris have a fabulous time celebrating your birthday! Best of wishes!

  15. Carol - I think you can't take a trip to Hawaii without wanting to stuff your face. There's just so many unique Asian eateries where like it!

    Lorraine - I'm thinking the exact same thing! :)

    erinaomi - We actually had Waiola Shaved Ice on our list but didn't have enough time to go. Jimbo's was also recommended on our list by a friend. There just wasn't enough time. Haha.

    Erin - Awww allergic to shrimp? Don't you hate that? I'm lucky to not be allergic to anything but I'd be sad if it's something I loved.

    Debbie - Thank you! I love retelling trips with pictures. Like your recent San Diego trip!

    Jamie - Haha...I believe at onee point after North Shore we sat awhile in traffic and stopped near the hotel for ice cream. We got hungry again! Thank you for the bday wishes!

  16. Your rings are GORGEOUS! I love hearing about's one of my favorites things about traveling too! Can't wait to hear/see even more!

  17. I love the first picture! My husband and I like to work on puzzles when we're on the plane, an activity that we don't do elsewhere heh.

    I'm a food lover myself. Anytime we plan to go somewhere new, I look at places to eat before lodging :).

  18. Wonderful pictures! I too love eating at the exciting new places when I travel ... nothing wrong with that at all! :)

  19. Cindi- thank you for sharing so much about your wedding and honeymoon. everything looks perfect and so special :)
    My new hubs won't wear a ring- he is such a pill. I think it's sweet that your husband feels grown up in one :)
    The food looks so good- wow!

  20. Happy EARLY (like 14 min early) Birthday Cindi! hawaii sure looks fun and I know what you mean about food pics. There's too much fun to take pics when you're doing stuff other than eating. I've never tried Puka Dog though we've walked by it a bunch of times. I know AB did feature it on NR's too.
    Oh and I LOVE your ring - I want o see more of it!

    xx Vivian @

  21. I've never been to Hawaii, but I hope to go some day and now I know to bring my stretchy pants so I can enjoy all the yummy food! :)

    I totally agree--how much fun you have really does depend on who you're with. Glad you had fun!