Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oooh the Anticipation!!!

Other than the Cream Confection Coat, I really have not been as excited about many of the new fall items coming out.  I believe I'm not the only one that's feeling this way, so I have started to look at other stores to help fill my much needed fall wardrobe. 

After seeing Vivian in her lovely Tucker by Target dress here and Rosa here, I was intrigued enough to make a couple of purchases online.  Both pieces qualified for free shipping, so I thought there's nothing to lose.  I've been looking for pieces I can transition from fall to winter and also pass for spring or summer wear.  So...here are the two pieces I recently ordered:

I can totally see myself wearing this halter with a nice gray skirt.  Or even a nice black skirt.  I love the vibrant colors and of course, it's versatility to be worn with a skirt, slacks, cardigan.  And at $25, it's a great deal!

This was one of the few colors I can find still in my size out of all the Tucker dresses online.  But I think it'll match with my skintone really well and I can dress it for work with some brown boots and tights.  I can not wait to get this and try it on!

Also, guess what else I'm super excited for?

Yep...the Anticipation Heels!!!  These are so darned cute and I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them online.  I like that you can wear these in the summer or in colder winter weather with some tights.  After reading the reviews online, I ordered these in a half size smaller...so I hope they work out.  I'd be sad if they didn't. 

Have a great night, everyone! 


  1. I haven't really been into anthro's fall stuff either. Hopefully it will all change come October! I have the anticipation heels and I LOVE them. I went down 1/2 a size because my regular size was super loose. So excited for you!

  2. You picked such cute Tucker pieces, I still haven't made it to my local stores to check it out - but it looks like adorable stuff!

    Happy belated birthday - looks like you had an awesome time celebrating over the weekend! I LOVE your Cream Confections Jacket - jealous!!!

  3. Cute. I'll have to check those out myself (now that we'll have money tomorrow). And those heels are adorable!

  4. The Target tops are so pretty. I especially like the first one. I wanted to get it, but recall that I've a similar top from Banana Republic here: http://tinyurl.com/235637k

    I'm still deciding though :).

  5. Cute picks Cindi! Yeah - I haven't been too excited about Anthro's Fall stuff. You'll love the Tucker dress! It was te first one I reached for, but I wear pants a lot more than dresses so the top version was more practical. I love the Lawn Bird dress on Rosa too! I kinda wish I got that one now also (but it wasn't as good on my complexion). Can't wait to hear how you like the Anticipation Heels.

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  6. omg, those booties are so hot! I love them! I'm excited to see how your new orders from Target go. They def could be cute.

    Yah, I have to say I was also less than enthused with Anthro's fall collection. I went in there today to try on a couple stuff, and the personal shopper went crazy pulling a bijillion outfits out for me to try on. And, well, I like very little of it :(

  7. Sadly, I too haven't been super excited about a lot of Anthro's new fall offerings, which is just strange for me! Then I found the most adorable Girls From Savoy Sweater Skirt that I'm nuts for! I think more good things are to come :-)
    You will love the Anticipation Heels. My personal shopper/friend @ anthro had them on the other day and made me try them on - they def run a half size big.

  8. I just bought a black flower print button-down dress from the Tucker for Target collection and I love it! I can't wait to see you in your new purchases!

    Also, I'm so jealous of the Anticipation heels! My Steve Madden Luxe heels are close enough that I can't justify buying new ones in a similar color and style ):

  9. Sammie - I'm glad I bought it half a size down! I'm just afraid of my middle toe sticking out. It's irregularly longer than my other toes. Haha...lovely...I know.

    Jan - The Cream confection jacket looks so cute on petite people...I bet it'll look great on you!!

    Kathleen - Yay! I can't wait to hear about what you purchase this month!

    Sydney - That is a really similar top but what's great about it is that they come in different designs. Maybe something else will catch your eye?

    Lori - Yeah I know! I couldn't believe it as I was walking around the store and yet nothing stuck out to me. What's going on???

    Kim - OOOH....I'm excited for you to review the sweater skirt. I might have missed it. I find that I miss a lot of things since all their clothes are scattered everywhere.

    Vivian - I wear pants a lot too! So I decided to get a top rather than a second dress. I wished they had the one Rosa had on too. They look so comfortable.

    Cindy - You're getting me more excited!!! I'm glad to hear they're such great pieces.

  10. Gosh, those are great pieces. I'm especially liking the dress after seeing it on Vivian from Diamonds & Tulle. I'm sure it will look great on you. And, those shoes! The anticipation! Do let us know how these work out :)

  11. wow cindy, i love the halter (and the price!), i can tell that it would look great with a grey skirt too! i can't wait to see it on you. i wish i could live near an American Target store.
    Anticipation heels look fab - i hope they fit you too!

  12. That dress will definitely look awesome on you!! The color is perfect...oh, and you looked gorgeous on your birthday!!!

  13. What a wonderful halter -- the color will work so nicely with your complexion. And I am excited for you, for the Anticipation heels. They are amazing -- I keep trying to find something like them that is a little less, but it seems like mid $100 is the going price for all-leather peep toes. Maybe I'll just have to take the plunge : )

  14. loving the dress- such a great style and colour! The boots are just adorable too! xxx