Thursday, September 23, 2010

So Tuckered!

I am extremely sore today!!!!  I'm whining but I have to, girls.  So please excuse me.  The power sculpt really did it to me but you know how it is, the soreness sucks...however at the same time, it feels so good.  I guess it literally "hurts so good".  I probably did some 80 pushups and hundres of dumb bell curls so my arms and chest area is killing me.  OK...I will stop now.

A white Target bag awaited for me yesterday after returning from work.  It was my Tucker for Target pieces that I purchased.  FINALLY!  I just couldn't wait so I wore the dress today.  I thought it went great with how I was feeling...all tuckered out!  I really can't say enough about how comfortable this dress is for me.  Remember how I blogged about having fat days?  This will sure help add to that section of my closet.  It's so flowy and roomy...and I can eat anything in this. 

I love these tights.  They add a great texture feel to any outfit.  I have the same one in a plum color too.  Great sale purchases at Anthro.  :)

This weekend my friends and I planned to head over to Lake Easton (about an hour and a half away) for camping.  OK, don't judge me but I've never been camping before in my adult life.  The only time I went was with my parents (and my cat...yes I brought my cat along) in Yellowstone Park.  I remembered it to be fun...but I want to experience it again before this camping season ends.  The weather's not good here though.  It's said to be in the high 60's this weekend with some chances of showers and at'll probably be in the 40's.  We are prepared though...we have lots of blankets and sleeping bags, a tent, an air mattress and lots and lots of Northface jackets and fleeces.  I can't wait to just relax a bit in the wilderness. 

My Anticipation Heels finally arrived and guess what?  They're perfect!!!  I will have to debut it properly after all the fuss I went through to get it. 

Sorry was garbage day in our neighborhood so please excuse the cans in my pics.  Is it only in WA or does garbage days happen on Thursdays across the country? :)  It was Thursdays in LA too.  And I swear...sometimes I feel I live in the same neighborhood they have on the Truman Show.  Hehehehe.


  1. Cute pattern and love the tights! We're a week away from tights weather, but I am SO ready! Glad your Anticipation Heels finally arrived. Can't wait to see you debut them!

  2. And I just LOL'd when I saw my post in your margin and a random photo of Bob Denver! LOL

  3. I am so ready for tights! I have a purple pair I am dying to wear (: The Tucker for Target dress looks fantastic on you (and who doesn't love a comfortable dress that allows you to eat anything you want?). Have a fun camping trip!

  4. So cute! I'm headed camping this weekend in Zions. I love camping. We go a lot in the summer. This is our last hooray before it gets cold. Love the outfit! I tried to go check out the Tucker for Target line, but gasp! My Target didn't get it. What's up with that? I took it as a sign I shouldn't have it in my closet.

  5. Luvvvv the Tucker dress! And omg, I absolutely LOVE it when I'm sore after exercising! Then I know I really worked it! YAH! Garbage day over here too, but I know the day varies for people throughout Seattle so the garbage peeps can spread out the pick ups.

    Have fun camping! Can't wait to see the new heels!

  6. The dress is so Adorable on you and those tights are so cute! Yay on the Anticipation Heel! I've been holding out on Anthro lately so I'll live vicariously through you!

    xx Vivian @

    P.S. I've never been camping in my entire life - unless you count 6th grade camp where we stayed in cabin room things. heheh have fun & good luck!

  7. I love this dress on you! I got the blouse in this pattern. I was thinking today how cute it would look with skinny jeans and those anticiaption heels...d**n them! They are now starting to haunt me. I want them so bad!!!

    anyway, you look adorable. I love it with the tights and boots:)

    Our garbage day is thursday too. You should hear my son complain on Wed nights b/c he has take the cans out to the street..sheesh you would think I was asking him to remove a kidney with a butter knife!

  8. Have fun camping!!!

    The dress looks awesome on you. I love the pattern on the tights with it. Great idea!!! I know I have some patterned tights SOMEWHERE!

    Our Garbage day is Tuesda and recycling is Wednesdays. We must out of the loop over here!

  9. The dress is lovely on you. I am going to wear purple tights for this first time this Fall. Very excited yet nervous :).

  10. Cindi, you look darling in your new dress with your cute fall tights & boots!! I am so so excited to hear that the Anticipation heels are perfect - I can't wait for their blog debut!!

  11. Hey Cindi,
    i've never heard of Tucker until bloggers started gushing about the Tucker for Target range, but now i know and the pieces are drop-dead gorgeous! your dress is no exception. you look so gorgeous in it! i like how you put it together with the belt, boots and tights (they look divine!).
    have fun camping. The only time i went camping was when i was in high school, and i don;t think i will be going anytime soon. I don't like toilets that have no flush!

  12. I've never been camping either, but I'm perfectly ok with that :)

    I wish I could have found a cute Tucker dress, but they were all gone at my Target by the time I got there :(

  13. Thanks for all the comments, Ladies! I actually went into Anthro today and the SA commented on the dress. It's like one of those odd times I go in there without an Anthro piece already on. Thanks to all those ladies that opened me up to Tucker! :)

  14. That dress is really cute on you! I might have to stop by my Target this weekend after seeing all the cute Tucker stuff on so many blogs lately. :-)
    I can't wait to see your post about your Anticipation Heels! Glad they finally got to you!

  15. The Tucker prints so appealing to my inner print monster! Enjoy camping and stay warm. The thought of 40 degrees has me shivering!

  16. I LOVE this dress on you, especially with the Looping Lanes belt. And I admire your diligence to get to the gym -- I haven't done anything physical for so long, and it's starting to show (eek!). I have a skirt that fit in August, and is definitely snug now. Time to kick my butt into action!

  17. Cute!! Gorgeous and love it on you - especially with the tights. I bought this one too and wore it with the green cami dress underneath and burgundy tights to finish it off. I'm loving the Tucker for Target collab! It's the best one yet!!


  18. Those tights are such a great find! I love the plum(?) color of the dress, perfect for fall and really, any season. Have fun camping!