Monday, September 13, 2010

Birthday Weekend...

Hello all!  I turned one year older this past Friday and whenever it's the time around my birthday, Chris always makes it extremely special for me.  He always says September is my "birthday month".  And that one day is just not enough time to celebrate.  A couple of years ago, he gave me numerous gifts and took me out almost every weekend.  I think I might have gained ten pounds that month.  :)

Friday September 10th is my actual birthday.  Chris made reservations at an Italian restaurant called Anchovies and Olive which I was really excited to try.  But I'm sad to report that the restaurant disappointed me.  The food was only OK and the portions were teeny tiny.  Way too over rated for my taste.  But on a good note, here's what I wore!

I finally debuted my Discovery Lace dress!  It was a bit chilly that day so I wore it with my black tights and some gray suede booties with ruffles I got at the Nordies' annual sale this year.  I got a lot of comments with this outfit and it made me feel so pretty!

Yes ladies, that IS the Cream Confection coat!  I decided after trying this one that I liked it a lot and with the mild winters we get in Seattle, I'll get a lot of use out of it this year.  I've decided to actually take back the Clinton Trench in exchange for this, and it was a great decision.

Our dinner reservations at Anchovies and Olive was at 7:30.  We had some time to kill so we went into this tiny wine bar across the street called Poco Wine Bar.  It was great!  Ladies, don't you love those times when you and your man are not in a hurry, and can just enjoy the time with one another trying out new things.  I love these little date nights we have and I believe it's essential to keeping a healthy relationship.

No pictures of Anchovies and Olive, but after dinner we met up with some friends at another wine bar called Portalis Wine Bar in Ballard.

Saturday night, Chris' mom wanted to treat me out for dinner so we went to a fusion Asian place, also in Ballard.  For those followers that know me by now, can you tell what neighborhood in Seattle is my favorite? Hehehe.  Anyhoo, I wore my blue Camilla dress and we ordered some tapas and for dinner I had the chicken curry which came with three different dipping curries.  Very yummo!

Sunday my parents took me out for sushi.  It's more for my dad really since he always wants sushi when we go I decided to have it for him.  It was a little cloudy so I decided to grab my field game cardi and match it with some brown boots I got not too long ago.

I always think it's so cute when my parents grab their reading glasses in public.  They only share's adorable!

And OMG!  We went to a place called Kisaku, which is probably my favorite place in Seattle.  They have the best fish for the best price I believe.  It was my parents' very first time trying sea urchin...which is the yellow tongue looking thing on the right side.  It's an acquired taste and texture for people so it's not for everyone.  But Chris and I love it and so did my dad.

Random pic: This hoodie was one of Chris' bridal presents on our wedding day.  He gave me this with letters on the hood that read "Mrs. Jocson".  He also gave me some underwear with Mrs. Jocson on the booty.  Haha!!!  Finally, he gave me the Michael Kors Swarvski Cystals Ceramic white watch which I've yet to debut on the blog.  And what did I get him?  Well this of course....

And what happens when the daddy and his son gets tired after playing on the IPad?

Sunday nap!  Our cat loves to cuddle...and he's always sleeping with us on the couch.  Isn't this just precious?

There you have it?  My weekend in a blog!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I love your blog. I also live in Seattle, so it is so fun to see what you're up to! I actually was at Anchovies and Olives on Friday! Small world, right? :) Those other restaurants you listed are great. I'm such a foodie!

  2. Meredith - Really? WOW...what a coinkidink!!! Were you with two other girl friends and sat in the corner table close to the restrooms? Haha!

  3. Hello "Mrs Jocson"!
    thanks for sharing your weekend. and Happy belated Birthday!
    You look so chic walking down the street in the discovery lace dress and clinton trench. You pull it off with so much confidence.
    You are so lucky to get a Michael Kors watch from your hubby. Good idea to get him an ipad - you can co-share it!!! hehehe

  4. I wasn't, but I did see them! Our reservation wasn't until 9:30, so we stopped in around 8:00 (to see if we could get a table earlier) and then headed to Tavern Law for drinks.
    I've been to all your other b-day weekend eats, too. You have good taste! :) I also heart Ballard. Have you been to the new gelato place there? *swoon*

  5. Happy birthday!!! It looks like you had a fantastic(and yummy) weekend. I'm needing sushi now after all the pics:)

    ps-You look great in your discovered lace dress and anthro jacket.

  6. I love the discovered lace dress on you! (I will be wearing it to a wedding next month!) The Camilla dress in blue looks cute on you, too! I totally am in love with the ballard area as well. I am glad you had such a wonderful bday celebration!

  7. vintageglammz - Thank you! Some of the Seattle streets photograph so well because they're in older neighborhoods mixed with modern shops. And believe it or not, Seattle is very hilly. So the contrast makes the city very beautiful.

    Meredith - Wow...we were right next to their table but we were by a pole so maybe you didn't see me against the wall. Haha. I have not tried the gelato place...Chris will be SOOO excited though!

    Courtnee - Sushi is so yummy in Seattle and since we're a huge port, we get some of the freshest fish around. Love it1

  8. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend and your hubby is so sweet to make your birthday a big deal!
    I love, love, love your gray suede booties from Nordies and I'm insanely jealous - I want those so bad!

  9. Happy bday!! I love all the outfits you wore this weekend. Especially the discovery lace dress.

  10. I always stay in Ballard when I'm in town. I'm convinced I'll end up moving there someday. lol. Your b-day weekend sounded like so much fun. There's so much more september to look forward to. Yay, you! And, Chris... his sweetness never ceases to amaze me. You are a lucky lady for sure :)

  11. Kim - Those shoes had to be special ordered and sent to me because they were so popular and a great deal during sale time. I think they retailed for over $100 but I got them for like 70 something.

    Beli - Aww thank you! The dress is soooo comfortable and I can eat eat and eat without feeling big in it. Haha.

    Cat - I actually lived in Ballard two blocks from everything before I moved to LA. I still have my townhome there and someday Chris and I might just retire there! Haha.

  12. Happy Birthday!! That dress looks great on you, especially with the coat (and it is SUCH a fab coat indeed!)

    I <3 Ballard. We used to live in Phinney Ridge, and we'd go to Ballard all the time. Now it's enough of a trek from Madrona that we head downtown, or to Capitol Hill. I especially miss Volterra.

    btw, your husband sounds adorable. So awesome that he's pampering you all month!

    Also, I totally love the double-happiness on your front door!!! :D

  13. Happy Birthday again girl! What a fun eventful weekend! I'm drooling over all the food pics of course, and you look so cute in every single outfit! Your parents are so adorable that i just want to hug them through my computer screen. haha! And wow, does your man deliver!!!

  14. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great one. All of your outfits are to die for. I want the cream confection coat even more now. Please please let it still be around in my size in October. I think your husband is such a sweetie to celebrate your birth month like that. I think I'm going to suggest this to my hubs.

  15. Happy birthday! It sounds and looks like a great time! Steve bought an iPad for himself to do some programming on, but he got bored... and well, now I have an iPad! I use it mainly to read on.

    OMG, if you play scrabble, you can get scrabble for the ipad, and the tile rack app for your iPhones (I think you have one) and play 21st century scrabble. It's so neat!

    I always love just how full of life you look in your photos. The radiance just comes right on through.

  16. Happy Birthday! You look beautiful in all of your Anthro outfits, but especially the Discovery Lace Dress!

    My husband would kill for a cat like yours! He wants one that "cool" and does his own thing but that will curl up with us on the couch/bed. He also wants one that can learn how to flush the toilet...weird!

  17. Ha ha, I think we got your table after you were finished with dinner! We were also by the pole (on the bathroom side) and got there as the 3 girls were leaving. Crazy!!!!
    p.s. that birthday dress is super cute on you!

  18. Happy Birthday! You look so cute in the Discovery Lace Dress!

  19. Happy Birthday, Cindi!! It sounds like you had the best time celebrating!! I just love birthdays and look forward to mine every year.
    I absolutely looooove your outfit with the lace dress and the Cream Confection Jacket over it. It looks so awesome on you!! I've now got the jacket on hold at my store to get :)
    Keep enjoying your Birthday Month!! :)

  20. Cute! Happy Birthday! Sad, that the first restaurant you went to wasn't all that great. I took the boyfriend to Barolo in Seattle for his bday this year and it was really great. Kinda pricey, but we were celebrating! Thanks for sharing all your pictures w/ us :)

  21. Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like a marvelous weekend.

    You look stunning in the Discovered Lace dress. And I am so, so glad you got yourself the Anticipation Heels. Well-deserved, I would say. Did you buy then in store, or are they coming in the mail? My local Anthro doesn't carry shoes -- boo!

    And you look adorable in the Cream Confection! If I had less willpower, I would beg you to let me buy the Clinton off of you, because I absolutely love it and it seems to be sold out online. But I have so many coats!!! And one of them was a super splurge from last year (I bought a Burberry coat at Saks. 40% off, but STILL) that has only been worn a few times as of yet. Must be sure it gets some love this rainy season!

  22. Hi Cindi! Happy Birthday again! I think it's sooo sweet of Chris to indulge you with a Birthday Month! Great wedding gifts and birthday outfits! I LOVE your Discovery Lace Dress outfit! Tres chic! And I always regret not getting the Field Game cardi. The food all looks so delicious! BTW - Did i mention that J stepped on a real sea urchin in Hawaii? Eek! Those buggers were HUGE compared to ones you get at sushi. Oh - and the Cream Confection Coat - so adorable on you! I still want the Clinton Trench but they sold out before ever making it to sale. Here's hoping the Wish List feature helps me find one!
    Happy Birthday Month again lovely!

    xx Vivian @

  23. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful few days of celebration - you've got the best hubby and fam!

  24. Lori - Ahh you live in Madrona? I love that area and Capitol Hill is also one of my other favorite neighborhoods. Haha that double happiness was my parents' idea of course. I wonder when I should take it off!

    Aimee - Haha try hugging my parents and it's the weirdest thing. They're stiff but thanks for the lovely comment!

    Lorraine - I hope it's still available too. I just went to the store and didn't see it. In fact, I had to order it online because in store they only had a 12 left!

    Tien - OMG I love scrabble. I was hooked on it for awhile. Haha...but I suck at it and Chris is even worse!!! Which is odd considering his vocabulary is huge.

    Sara - Haha so funny that your hubby likes a little cuddler!!! I love my cat for wanting to cuddle. It's like having a live teddy bear!

    Meredith - OMG...such a small world! I didn't even notice while walking out of the restaurant if anyone's by the door. Considering the exit was so small too!!! Too funny!

    Debbie - Thank you!

    Erin - YAY! I'm glad you decided to get it over the boots. I think you'll be so happy with the purchase cause I sure am!

    Jennifer - I thought about Barolo too but then the owner is an ex coworker of mine! Haha...and at my old job, we've already been there before. It is quite good though!

    Jamie - The only store that sells shoes here is downtown Seattle and since I have to pay parking if I'm there, I think paying shipping isn't all that bad! I decided to get it half a size smaller than my usual size though so I hope that works out. If it doesn't, I will get it returned and reorder instore to avoid the shipping costs.

    Vivian - OMG...really? Poor J! Haha I woulda picked that sucker up, broke it in half and ate it right there if it stung me! :)

  25. LOL, that makes sense ;) If you have any suggestions for good places up there I'd love to hear, I live down in Tacoma but make my way up there all the time!

  26. Happy Birthday!! I love all your outfits! You look so pretty!

  27. Happy birthday Cindi! (Sorry, I'm slow - just catching up with blogs from the last few days now). You look so great in that Lace Dress, and all the other outfits.

  28. I'm just catching up too! happy belated birthday. What a wonderful weekend and each and every day you looked awesome! I love the lace dress with tights and booties!

    I know you'll love tucker dress. the color should be just perfection for you.