Monday, April 18, 2011

Engagement Slideshow: Karen+Josh

Photography has kept me and the hubby pretty busy for the last couple of months but I am not complaining at all.  I love everything about this little venture we're taking on.  From the beautiful parks and locations we've discovered around Seattle, to the most amazing people we've met and have gotten close to, I realized that this is what life is all about.  Not that life's about pictures, but more about doing what you love, with the person you love.  Putting together this slideshow for Karen+Josh reminded me of that amazing day we had with them again.  We sat in the coffee shop near Golden Garden's park for about a good hour or two, just chatting with the couple and discussing their wedding details further.  Once our session ended, I really felt like I wanted to just grab a beer with them.  Maybe once we deliver their final DVD of photos, we'll get to spend a little more time with this cute couple.  But for now...we hope you enjoy the slideshow!

Location: Golden Gardens Park, Seattle

P.S. The hubby and I received Karen+Josh's wedding invitations in the mail earlier last week and we were so surprised to find that she used one of our pictures we took as part of the invites!  She also acknowledged us on the back, so WE LOVE YOU GUYS for that!  :)  Muwah...we love you and can't wait to party with you on your special day.

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  1. I'm so happy for you and your husband. I love the passion and excitement you have about your photography! It's very refreshing.