Thursday, April 7, 2011

Special Engagement Sneak Peak: Wai+Tatsumi

Wai (pronounced Way, not Why) and I have known one another since Language Arts class in the 9th grade.  She was one of my first friends I made in high school and we remain close friends to this day.  When she told me she met a guy named Kai (pronounced Khy like Why...not Kay), I knew they were destined to be together.  After all, their names are almost identical!  Of course I soon found out that Kai was his middle name and his first name is Tatsumi (but most people call him tater it yet??), I still felt like they were a couple made for one another. 

You may remember Wai+Tat's post here that I did when he proposed to her last June.  Fast forward almost a year and we're a month away from their wedding.  They're getting married on May 15th in Washington's wine country at a beautiful, quaint venue and Wai graciously asked me to be her Matron of Honor.  Thinking back to the day I first saw Wai in high school, I could never have imagined at that time that we'd end up here.  She was part of my wedding and I can not be happier to be apart of hers.  It's comforting to know that she's found such a suitable mate for herself.  He's the yin to her yang, the sugar to her spice, the memory to her lack of memory!  :)  I tease Wai all the time for her forgetfulness, but I seriously believe she's forgetful because she's so carefree.  From now on, she has Tats to lean on, and I can not see her with a better man.

Wai+Tats already have their wedding photographer hired but we really wanted to also take some pictures for them.  This time of year, cherry blossoms bloom beautifully and there's only a short window of time before they're all gone.  Our University of Washington (the alma mater to Wai, Tats, Chris and myself) campus is famous for our cherry blossoms and that's what Wai+Tats requested.  We started off at Pike's Place Market though and the theme of the day was PEOPLE!  We could not get away from the massive amount of people everywhere we went, but we tried to make it work.  The results?  Well, see for yourself below.  :)

Wai, you surprise me with your beauty!  The moment I think...oh she's so decide to lay some "fierce" on me!

Chris and I love catching impromptu moments while we're shooting.  Wai+Tats weren't posing here...she was just so darn cold and he was trying to keep her warm!

For those not from Seattle, this is a wall full of chewed up gum.  Colorful eh?  I guess not as colorful as Tats in these pics.

EVERYONE was out enjoying the cherry blossoms that day...including Wai+Tats' wedding photographer they hired!  I think the couple's pretty happy to see him!

Ahh...a natural, beautiful smile.

Tats was a great sport!  He's not a fan of the "forehead to forehead" shots but he posed for us anyway.  And I think right about here, he's saying, "Oh man, this is uncomfortable!"


I love a fun couple that'll do anything a photog asks them to do.  This includes lying, stomach down in the university library, with surrounding students studying around them!

My good friend, Wai, I love you and can not be happier for you.  You will be such a gorgeous bride...I can not wait to stand beside you on your wedding day as you enter the land of married blissed-ness. :)

Love...Your Friends,


  1. oh em gee. I loved all of these photos! They were all so gawgeous! Congrats to Wai + Tats!

  2. Incredible photography and very creative as well. It is clearly evident that Wai and Tatsumi are in love and very happy!

  3. beautiful pics! And I love her Anthropologie!

  4. Sooooo cute! I love how she's rockin' some Anthro. :-) And I must know where she got her amazing red shoes!!!!!

  5. Oh my gosh Cindi, they are the cutest CUTEST couple and your photography was amazing! You captured so many beautiful moments, such great shots of the university campus, and wow......I only wish for such beautiful photography when we get married. Wanna come to Virginia in a couple of months ?? ;)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day - it was very sweet and I definitely see how much you've grown in your blog through your posts, and the growth in confidence shows! I'm happy for you lady!

  6. Thank you girls. It's really hard to not capture beautiful shots when you've got such an amazing looking couple. And their love shows right through the photos doesn't it?

    Dea - Seriously...I"d do it! :) I didn't know you were getting married!!!! Congrats!!!! And thank you for your sweet comment. I really do appreciate it.

  7. Cherry blossoms in the quad! My favorite place to lay in the Spring! Gorgeous pictures, Cindi!

  8. omg i LOOOOVE the sun star popping through the tree blossoms... but of course i would! great job ;)

  9. Love that stud on the left in the last pic, with the black man-purse. What a sexy beast!!

  10. Wow I love these photos! Simply gorgeous.