Thursday, April 21, 2011

Different Perspectives

When Chris and I made the decision to start our photography business, there was this unsaid understanding between the two of us that we'd each equally put in the same amount of time and dedication into it.  Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that we split everything down the middle or we need to keep track of how many photos we each edit.  It's not like that at all.  If we were to sweat the small stuff like that, our business would never thrive.  However, one of the most important things we believe we must do to grow our business was to decide that both of us would be present at every photo shoot.  We believe this is one of the key things that'll help set us aside from all the other photographers in our market.

We understood that the typical wedding package usually offered two photographers.  It's totally understandable because in order to capture so many needed moments during a wedding, there usually needs to be two people around.  We carry this same philosophy to our portrait and engagement sessions because even shooting a single person, or a couple, we find having an alternate perspective helps the overall feel of the session.

To give you a better look at what I mean, below is a couple of pictures we took during our photo session with Karen+Josh.

For this "pose" I was shooting from inside the cafe through the logo stenciled window and Chris was standing beneath the elevated entrance of the cafe, on the other side of the railings.  We gave Karen+Josh minimal instruction and kind of just left them to be themselves.  Meanwhile, we simply positioned our cameras to our eye...and started shooting.  The look and feel of these two photos are both different due to our perspective, but they were actually standing in the same place, with almost the same pose.  We ended up delivering these two photos and included these in their engagement slide show.

This past weekend, during our session with Stephanie, we shot the following photos:

For these shots, I was positioned on the side of the porch on the ground shooting up through the pole on Stephanie's left.  Chris was on the porch standing slightly behind Stephanie.  While he asked her to look at his camera, I took the first shot.  We ended up liking both shots and will be giving Steph both of these for her to keep.  

I know it's not always practical to have two shooters at every session, but Chris and I are lucky in that we are partners and can afford to spend our time together with our subjects.  We hope to continue this for as long as our schedules will allow us as we believe we provide our clients with the best end product this way.  

I hope you've enjoyed my little "perspective".  Happy Thursday!  


  1. Very cool! You guys are a great team. Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)

  2. I hope your endeavor continues to thrive - you guys have some real talent!

  3. Fantastic! I totally agree that you guys will have a leg up on the competition if you continute to stay true to your business plan roots. These photos are fantastic, Cindi! I'm in total awe of the talent between you and Chris.

  4. I think it's great to have two different perspectives. I've noticed my boyfriend and I often have differing views on how a shot can be set up. Sometimes he'll verbally give me instructions on how to shoot something, I'll compose it, and it's completely different from how he pictured it. But it makes for great variety!