Monday, April 11, 2011

A Special Weekend...

This past weekend we drove about 3 hours east to a little sleepy wine town called Lake Chelan for Wai's (of Wai+Tats) bachelorette party.  This is not your typical bachelorette as the bride-to-be herself requested that we have a). a relaxing weekend and b). no strippers.  :)  We're all at an age where if we were to take about 2 shots each, we'd drop dead.  So we just decided to enjoy our weekend with some nice wine tasting.

The big event for the weekend was the limo wine tour and we had such a great time.  Out of all the girls, I probably was the heaviest drinker (I do love my wine) but by the end of the four hour tour, even I was starting to feel a hangover coming on.  But it was fun nonetheless, and that night after all of us rested a bit, we all cooked Wai and nice dinner themed with her favorite foods.  She was a happy camper and we all had so much fun.  Here are some pictures that'll help sum up our weekend!

You know me, I had to start my day with coffee

The girls infront of the limo

All of us girls have known one another since high school and some since middle school.  Our good friend Malena moved to Chicago five years ago for school and has since met her fiance!  She's getting married this summer/fall!

Ms. Marla being oh-so-fashionable

I got these fun bachelorette pins for the girls and Ms. Jean was the Rock Start of the group.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get a good picture of Ms. Marla with her pin, but she was Ms. Tease.  

Malena was the Princess of course...but I think we should have pinned this on Wai herself! :)

Look at how innocent our "Virgin (Maybe)" looks

And here's the Bachelorette Bitch herself.  Hmm...Sexy & Single huh???? =)

How proper our little Porn Star looks

And finally, our big Slut!

Ms. Jean chillin' in the limo

Mmmm sure is

We went to a winery that was an ex-brothel and this was their wall paper.  Pretty cute eh?  From far away, you'd never see these figures...but look closely and you'll be very surprised.
We're friends for life and we had such a great weekend.  One more month before we all unite in Western Washington's wine country for Wai and Tats' wedding.  


  1. Lovely photos Cindi. And it looked like you celebrated in class and had fun at the same time! I'm not a fan of tacky bachelorette (Hen's) parties. For my hens, i asked for no strippers...and i didn't even want to wear a sash either...although my gfs got me into one in the end!
    I must say, that wall paper is very tricky...i looked closer and oh my! The "positions"...oops i meant poses ..hehe

  2. It looks like such a fun weekend! I love wine tasting. Very interesting wall paper too:)

  3. That is some naughty wallpaper! LOL

  4. I like how jean+marla are on a romantic boat ride, and the rest of you guys just invited yourself in.