Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Job Toys

I'm literally a zombie right now.  Many of you know this week I started my new job.  It's been great so far.  I've already learned a lot and my new coworkers all seem to be awesome people.  This job so far has given me the feel of accountability, challenge, and ownership that I was looking for from my last job.  And that's a great feeling.  There is one catch though...this job requires longer hours.  Not a lot more...but enough to make a difference.  I've said before that I'm not a morning person.  And let me tell you...waking up half an hour early has taken a toll on me.  I know...I know...I'm a wuss right?  I just need some time to adjust to the new schedule, then I'm good.  Next week is my first monthly close and in the accounting world, that means OVERTIME!  I will try to post as much as I can...but word has it that I'll be working at least 12 hours a day next week.  Eeeek!

In the meantime though, I've started to try to make my workplace as comfy as I can.  I hate the feeling of always using a paper cup for coffee everyday even though the company provides it, so I went and got some of these:

I got the "C" and "J" for home and the "X" for work because I loved the baby blue color and "X" is the first letter of my legal Chinese name.  I can't wait to carry this mug around into meeting rooms.  I bet it'll get a bunch of comments! :)

My last job didn't require me to get a laptop, but this one did.  So this also gave me the opportunity to get this:
This bag will comfortably fit my laptop no problem.  I love a good, stylish bag for a career woman.  And the mustard color is just so lovely.  

As you can tell, I've been pretty busy the last couple of days.  Busy SHOPPING!  :)  What have you all bought lately?  


  1. Neat! Love that career woman feel!

    Is your legal Chinese name Xin, by the way? If it is, you're the 3rd person I know who translated it to Cindi (Xindi, Cindy) in English.

  2. So glad to hear that the new job is going well. Hope the new coffee mug helps keep you caffienated next week :). Unfortunately I have been traveling quite a bit lately so there hasn't been too much shopping going on :(. Sounds like a good thing to do this weekend while the sun's out!

  3. I'm glad to hear your new job is going well. How exciting! I love your new mugs and your new bag.

    I totally hear you about needing sleep. My BF got a new job about a month ago that requires him to get up about an hour and a half earlier than me. Of course, I always hear him getting ready and end up waking up as well. Hopefully I will get used to it and be able to sleep through it because I have to have my sleep! You are right, even half an hour makes a huge difference. I don't function well without a good 8 or 9 hours per night.

    Enjoy your weekend!

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  5. No! I did not know about your new job since I've been MIA, but CONGRATS. I hope you're rolling in the Benjamins =)
    I adore those funky mugs. SO much better than those boring styrofoam cups. Cute bag too. I haven't been shopping at all lately, too busy catching up w. sleep.