Monday, March 21, 2011

Sneak Peak: Karen + Josh

She walks with a sexy swagger.  Like a classy woman should walk, but she tosses in a smidgen of swagger and a pinch of cute.  He walks alongside her, paying close attention to every single little movement.  As a man in love should walk.  Together, they're Karen + Josh.  A couple of co-workers that met on a project, and fell in love.  When I first met Karen + Josh, I thought they balanced each other well.  She, like myself, is the talker in the relationship.  She's warm, fun, and utterly charming and he's calm, subdued, and naturally kind.  He's the cool and collected compliment to her vibrant and vivacious nature, a recipe for a perfect pair.  

Karen + Josh met the Hubby and I at a cute little cafe in Seattle's Crown Hill neighborhood.  We decided to start off the afternoon chatting with them for a bit.  For couples that have never taken professional engagement pictures before, the whole experience can be a little nerve wracking.  Standing so close to one another in public, with onlookers can be weird.  And it can take couples a few shots before they start feeling comfortable and just "be in the moment".  But it didn't take long for these two to warm up, as told by these pictures.

Karen + Josh's wedding will take place this upcoming June.  They've kindly invited Chris and I to help photograph their special day and we just can not wait!  Karen gave us a sneak peak of her wedding dress and I won't lie, my heart fluttered a bit.  She's going to be such a beautiful bride!  In the meantime, enjoy these!

We asked the cafe barista to draw hearts in the lattes on a whim and they were kind enough to do that for us.  Cute eh?

Karen, you are FIERCE and beautiful.  Even when you "whip yo hea back and foeth!"


  1. I spy Anthro's Eastpointe Garden top on Karen! These are gorgeous Cindi. You and your hubby did another stellar job at capturing the love and fun-loving nature of these two people. My faves are the shots #2, #4, #5, #7 and #12.

  2. They look so happy to be together. I wish them all the best! =) Great job, Cindi and Chris!

  3. You got some amazing that umbrella fun! You're so talented and I love looking at your photos!!

  4. These shots are stunning! I especially love the umbrella shot, as well as the pic where the happy couple is sitting in side-by-side adirondack chairs!