Monday, March 7, 2011

Sneak Peak: Diana + Jesse

He has this way of looking at her.  After three years of dating and two and a half years of marriage, he still gazes at her as if they're on their honeymoon.  Diana is THE one for Jesse...for the rest of their lives.  I know it because I understand it.  And it was such a pleasure to have Chris and I capture this special love that they have this past Sunday.

Diana + Jesse met one another in college.  In Beta Alpha Psi, of all places.  For you cooler people that don't know what that is, BAP is an accounting fraternity/club!  Yep...we were all some cool dudes as Chris and I were also part of this "club".  Diana + Jesse though, ruled the ranks by becoming officers...and becoming a couple shortly after.  He looks at her longingly as we take single portraits of her.  Almost in a proud way, as to think, "Look at my gorgeous wife!!"  And gorgeous she is indeed.  She laughs at almost everything he does and says, as if they're on their first date...giggly and giddy.  And funny he is indeed.  Together, they're one easy couple to hang out with, and Chris and I couldn't have imagined a better Sunday.  

We started the day on D+J's rooftop where Jesse asked Diana to marry him more than three years ago!  
Diana, you made it SOOO easy!

Ahem, this was how we ended our Sunday.  Frozen yogurt of awesomeness!

A complete slideshow with more pictures to follow shortly!  Thank you, Diana + Jesse for a wonderful day.  Chris and I LOVED hanging out...and yes...happy hour soon?  :)

The hubby also uploaded some of his awesome takes from check it out!


  1. AMAZING! You guys are AMAZING! The angles and the colors of each photo is fantastic! Where were you guys when we got married lol!!!
    Thanks for an unforgettable shoot :)

  2. Dang, we were part of a Cindi+Chris photoshoot...Soooooo cool!!!

    They're all amazing, but I am especially diggin the pics from the field and that one of our lower halves on the porch.

    Well done. So much fun. A Jocson+Sanchez HH is in our near future. ;)

  3. Diana + Jesse - Awww...thank you! You guys are too funny. I'm glad you like them. Can't wait for the slideshow! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing! These pics are FABULOSITY AND DROOLISTY! Luuuuuuurrve the lower half shots, so cool! Like an Abercrombie (did I spell it right?) ad. And what a gorgeous couple!
    I should be in bed, it's almost 2am here, yet here I am at yours truly. I think your soothing pics will make me sleep like a baby. zzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. So beautiful. And such a beautiful couple. I am sure it was really nice day for you all.

  6. How beautiful are these shots! Both of your subjects look like naturals. I love the one of the couple from the waist down. I wished our wedding photographer took a shot of us like that.
    Is that really frozen yoghurt? Looks more like icecream from Dylans!! yum.

  7. What a fun outing, and great photography subjects as well.

    And that fro-yo looks delicious! I'm so addicted to it. BTW, Have you ever had Pinkberry? I think I could eat it every day, for the rest of my life. Except I guess that would be about...$1800 worth of fro-yo every year, which is just not that thrifty : )

  8. These pics are amazing, Cindy! I know I've said it before, but you and Chris have a real eye - I'm so glad you guys are pursuing your dreams! These are not only beautiful pictures that capture a handsome couple, but they are fun too! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I think your pictures are beautiful! My fiance and I are looking for an engagement photographer right now. I wish you guys were in Boston. I'd hire you guys in a heartbeat.

  10. You guys are so amazingly talented! Beautiful pictures!!

  11. Cindi, this couple is gorgeous!! I really enjoyed how you captured their love and emotions toward each other - great job!!

  12. You did a great job capturing such a gorgeous couple! I'm really loving what you and Chris are doing! Just beautiful, Cindy!

  13. These are really beautiful, Cindi! I love all of the fun, creative shots!

  14. Lisa - Thank you! I hope that didn't mean my pictures were boring! Haha. :) Just kidding!

    Monika - Jesse and Diana are truly a beautiful couple aren't they? They made it super easy as you can tell!

    Jen - Hmm I'm not sure what Dylan's is but if it's like frozen yogurt with toppings, then that's it!

    Jamie - Yes I have had Pinkberry! I lived in LA and that's how I was introduced to this whole yogurt phenomenon. I personally like this place and Red Mango a lot better.

    Lisa - Thank you SO much! I really appreciate you saying we have an eye. Most of the time I feel like it's luck but I guess I do try hard to see that right moment. So it can't be all luck right? :)

    Kimberly - We do free photos for any wedding if our travel is subsidized! Haha!!

    Courtnee - Aww thank you! I know you're in your own new venture so good luck to both of us!!

    Dea, Cat, Kristin - Mooches!!! Thank you for being such loyal readers. More to come...I promise!

  15. Cindi,

    These shots are gorgeous!!! You had a beautiful couple to begin with, but your camera work is amazing.


  16. I can't believe how new to this photography gig you two are - these shots are AWESOMENESS!!! You do great work together!!!

  17. A+ work happening here. You got yourselves a couple of fine test subjects.

  18. They are truly a beautiful couple...even though I am biased...Jesse is my son. Thank you for giving them such a beautiful day and for giving me some beautiful memories...