Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Little Babies...

Introducing the new additions to our family!

Yep...we have new triplets!  We've been waiting for them for a lonnnnnnnnng time and can not wait to test these babies out.  Unfortunately, one of them will be separated from the rest of the two but don't worry, she's going to a wonderful home.

We were able to get a "bulk deal" by ordering three of these camera bodies, so Ami decided to have us order for her and we'll send her her little baby to her directly.  So, now may I introduce you to your West Coast wedding coverage team!  :)  Readers, if you are getting married or know of someone getting married, you know where to find us!  

Our first shoot with our new babies will be this Saturday with Stephanie.  In typical Seattle fashion, Saturday calls for rain but lets hope for some sunshine!  


  1. How exciting! Good luck with the weather!

  2. Super exciting!!! Enjoy your new toys!

  3. What fine additions to your family :-) Enjoy every moment!

  4. I am drooling here - ooh, the Canon EOS ...

  5. Stupid me was expecting to see new puppies or kittens right after I read your title and the first line of your post :) Hope you have lots of fun with your new babies!