Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's the Plan?

The husband and I's what we do...we plan everything.  It's not to say we have no ounce of spontaneity inside us (in fact we have exactly 2.3 ounces between the two of us), but for life's big events, we communicate and we plan for them.  It works for us and I truly believe that's part of what makes us successful as a couple. day...(lets hope sooner than later)...we hope to have lots of potential newly engaged clients asking for our photography services.  And for that initial (getting-to-know) meeting, we want to be able to bring the couple into our home where we'll have an area set aside with a nice cushy couch, coffee table, and photos on our walls that help showcase our work.  Currently, any meetings we have with our friends/potential clients are held at an outside public a coffee shop.  But nothing speaks more personally to me if I were looking for my wedding photographer, than to step into their home office and be offered home made coffee.

And that's the experience I want to create for my brides....and grooms I guess.  :)  So...yes...I started this entry talking about planning and that's what we kinda did.  We took some of our favorite shots we've taken thus far, and professionally printed 8X10 sized prints we'll eventually frame and hang in our client studio.  These are just to start with, but we're proud of our work, so printing these off was the right thing to do.

Oh and we also printed off a huge wedding photo we'll hang in our living room.  We bought the frame ages ago and finally was able to fill the frame with one of our favorite wedding photos.

I'm so happy with our printing results.  It was definitely worth going through a professional online lab rather than taking our prints to Costco or Walgreens to print.  The lustre paper we printed on was amazing!  Too bad these pics can't convey that...but trust me!  :)


  1. These pictures are wonderful. I do like that set you took of Stephanie.

  2. Wow. You and Chris are really moving forward with your business and it's so admirable! I love the simplicity of your business cards and your plans for your client studio sound great! I love following along so thanks for sharing these important details with us!

  3. I really like the idea of a home studio where your clients are offered home made coffee. I think it's a great way to get to know your client, and help them feel at ease. I can't wait to see your business will happen.

  4. I like your plan. And you know what? I'm sure if you work toward it, some day, pretty soon, we'll see pics of that studio of yours on your blog. Along with you other readers, I'm enjoying this journey.

  5. I love the pictures you chose to showcase. I can't wait to see the space you create - I know it's going to be beautiful, inviting, and cozy!