Sunday, February 6, 2011

Project 52: Week 6 - Muse...And Michael...And More Elsa

This week's Project 52 theme was "muse".  Yes, yet another one I thought I'd have a hard time with, but when we arrived at the karaoke bar to celebrate our friend Michael's birthday, I immediately knew what I wanted to include in my picture this week.  Yes, Michael sang a song by Muse!  It was a total coincidence, but heck...I'll take it!  "Starlight" was the song to be exact...and yes, he's a star (I mean just look at him!!!) and yes, he's my muse this week!!!  Happy Birthday, Michael!!

Since my post of Elsa yesterday drew so many ooohs and ahhhs and "how cutes"...I've decided to post a couple of more shot by my hubby.  I can't stop looking at Elsa's cute little face.  That's right people!  My ovaries are officially clapping and it's a standing ovation!!!


  1. Someone should give you an award for most unexpected talents, for as I get to know you through time, you keep unveiling something new that completely surprises and impresses me. You are KARAOKE KWEEN! Who knew!?! I love it! So you, dear Cyndi, are my Muse!

  2. Cindi, I need to see some shots of YOU, as Michael calls you - the Karaoke Kwee, at the mike, singing your heart out. Yes, that's a reader request! And a sound bite would be nice too ;)
    and thanks 4 sharing more Elsa pics, she is a total doll!

  3. Guess what song my hubby and I walked into at our wedding reception??? Yep, Muse's Starlight - we love that song !!!!
    These pictures made me go "awwwww" inside. And i can see that you applied the rule of thirds in these shots - am i correct?

  4. Oh, more Elsa pics! She is such a cutie and I love the photos (especially the one that catches her smiling).

  5. I want a video of you KARAOKE! Youtube please...........