Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Extra Extra!!! Free Engagement Pics in LA!!!

I know I have some wonderful LA area readers, so this is your lucky day!!!  My lovely friend Ami Martin launched her website and photography business not too long ago and currently she's running a First Year in Business Special by offering engaged couples a FREE engagement session.  Now, this is probably one of the best offers you can get from a professional photographer, because we all know how expensive pro photos can get.  The deal doesn't stop there, Ami is also GIVING you a CD of all the final edited photos (typically around 30) for you to keep.

She got super excited and even decided to post a video blog about her new special.  Her little laugh at the end is just so darned cute!

So, my dear readers, if you're interested in this offer, visit her site and click on her contact page.  OR...just email her at amisinla(at)gmail(dot)com.  Also, if you get the chance, "like" Ami here on Facebook!

I hope some lucky reader will get a chance to work with her.  Ami shot Chris and I when she visited us here in Seattle and I can tell you, it was such a fun time!  Have fun!  Now...go practice your poses!!!


  1. How cool! I wish I lived closer to LA:)

  2. oh, what an amazing opportunity...dare I say I wish I wasn't already married? :-)

  3. I know, like Gina I wish I wasn't already married so i can do a whole new wedding shoot. btw Cindi, we MUST discuss The Bachelor. Who do you think he'll pick in the end?

  4. Aww! Lucky for some couple! Wish we could be "engaged" again! Isn't that such a fun period of time?!

    xx Vivian @