Monday, February 7, 2011

Sneak Peak: Jill and Angela

Jill and Angela met last year at Olympic Community College, where Jill was attending Head Start during her senior year of high school.  My sister-in-law Jill is only 18 years old...but she's a true classy woman already.  In high school, she couldn't wait to start college so she can get away from the typical teenage drama.  So when she met Angela, it was friendship love at first site!  I first met Angela a few months back when Jill's tire blew out in the middle of our interstate highway.  I didn't get a chance to speak with her since cars were roaring and passing by at 65 mph, but I had a sense that she was a warm and approachable person.  When I asked Jill if she'd like to do a photo shoot with someone, it was no surprise that she took Angela along.

It was comforting for me to see two friends so at ease with one another.  Chris and I had such a great time with these two gals and, as you can see, they were perfect models.  We walked around the University of Washington on a cloudy, but non-rainy day.  Thank you, Jill and Angela, for such a terrific time!  You gals were such a riot to work with and I miss you already.

Oh Jill, you are such a gorgeous girl.  What could be more beautiful than that face of yours...well your heart of course.  :)

Fierce!!!  I can't even find another word for this.

All BFFs should have a fist bump picture don't you think?

Cutest little face ever! 

Angela is such a natural isn't she?  We gave very little instruction to her.  She just knew what we wanted out of her.



  1. These pictures are so sweet Cindi, not to mention very professional looking. Hooray to friendship!

  2. Such cute girls - these pictures are so much fun! You two are totally building up a great portfolio!

  3. You and Chris have such a great eye for capturing people! I'm glad you two are pursuing a new more creative venue for yourselves, that is so awesome and refreshing!

  4. Looks like a super fun photo shoot!

  5. Thanks, girls! It was a super fun shoot and I look forward for more to come. It feels so refreshing to be holding a small device that you can use to create such beautiful images. Of course having beautiful models help! :)

  6. oh, they're super cute and total rock stars! and you totally captured their spirit!