Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day = A Celebration with Steak!

Chris and I are not huge Valentine's Day people...I mean why make just one day especially about love when it should be everyday right?  I know...mooshy and yucky!  I'm not a romantic, I swear.  But I love being loved.  Hence, I love my hubby.  :)

So Valentine's Day for us is more of an excuse to overeat and cook at home.  We love celebrating with food, so this year we decided we wanted to buy a huge tenderloin from Costco and age it in our fridge.  Last night, Chris butchered it up and we made filet mignons, ceasar salad, and mac 'n cheese.  It was an astronomical amount of food, which was probably why we both fell asleep before 10 pm! 

Chris literally butchering the steak

Oh I was sipping on this while I was cooking!  One of my favorite CA cabernets!  Got a case of this on my drive back from LA to Seattle.

Chris searing the steaks first before they went into the oven.

Mmmm steaks!

I tried making a mac 'n cheese

Chris made a home made caesar salad

And when it all came was yumminess in my tummy!

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day.  Word on the street is that Chris had flowers delivered to my office...but they never came!  Hmm...a mystery which we shall hunt down! :)


  1. YUM YUM YUM!!! That dinner looks so amazing! Hope you had a fabulous day and enjoyed each other's company!!! Happy V-day!

  2. Your dinner looks delicious! Mac 'n cheese is one of my favorites. Good luck hunting down your flowers:)

  3. I'm not sure what looks better - the photos or the food. But given that i don't eat steak, i'd say the photos! Celebrating with food has became a habit in our household too.
    And oh no, sorry about the flowers. Oh well, I'm sure you had a romantic evening minus the flowers anyway!

  4. yummm omg your valentines dinner looks so nommy!!!

    i heart mac & cheese... yours looks super cheesy too :)

  5. OMG, someone probably thinks they rec'd flowers from a Secret Admirer!

    Your dinner sounds like it was delightful! We grilled yesterday. Skewered shrimp, marinated in lime and spicy seasonings. Yummy!!

    I hope you find your flowers!!

  6. oh my GOODNESS, those steaks looks absolutely amazing!! Now I'm craving one :) I do hope you find your flowers!!

    Off topic question: I remember a while back in your blog you said you found some very comfortable and extremely reasonably priced black pants from Nordstrom. They were a little more casual than trouser, I believe. I can't remember anything about them, but I'm trying to find them - can you lead me in the right direction?? :)

  7. We celebrated with steak as well. It was delicious! Your meal looks equally as delicious as mine was. We usually always make our own dinner for Valentines Day. We don't like dealing with all the people and waiting at restaurants. I went to bed in a food coma myself.

  8. Ooh your dinner looks delish! HOORAY for everyday awesome love and food = best times ever!


  9. Those steak look so yummy! Love the photograph you shot over those everyday objects.