Monday, February 28, 2011

Project 52: Week 9 - Express Yourself

By now, a lot of my regular readers probably would have guessed that one of the ways I choose to express myself is through my clothing.  After all, what one wears really do tell a lot about a person.  And since this blog first started because I was inspired by clothes, it's actually not the most important way I feel I express myself.  Many of you might think, also, that I might use my photography to express myself.  However, I don't feel that way.  I use photography to capture moments for other people.  Rarely do I go out and shoot something based on my mood or take a picture because I feel like I've created a piece of art, on purpose.  Don't get me wrong, I do think a good photo is a piece of art, but when I take pictures, I don't do it thinking I'm going to create art.  I simply want to capture my beautiful subject and make them feel beautiful.

So...this week's photo challenge really got me thinking.  What DO I use to express myself?  And the obvious answer was staring right in the face...err...right under my nose.  Yes, it was the aroma from the yumminess I was creating as I was stirring the concoction while thinking about how I express myself.  Yes, that's right.  I express myself through my cooking.

Unlike me with photography, I was never afraid of cooking.  I've never taken any classes or have I ever asked my mom for help.  What I've learned from making yummy foods came from trial and error.  I am definitely not a chef of any kind...and I don't know how to cook gourmet foods.  I also don't bake!  If you've read my recipes on this blog, you know I don't measure my ingredients.  Which is why I can never be a baker! :)

But I love me some good 'ole home made goodness.  Specifically, I love to make stewed or roasted items that takes hours and hours to slowly cook to perfection.  Hence, the Le Creuset pot in my picture.  This little (well, big) pot was a gift to me from Chris a few Christmases ago and it changed my life.  I use it almost every Friday night to make some type of a meal.  Whether it's roasted pork belly, or home-made Texas style Chili, or oxtail soup, after a long work week, having a meal like that, feels...well...comforting.  Especially right now, in the winter time.  One of the best compliments ever given to me (outside from the compliment Chris gave me when he first met me) was from my friend Michael, who recently told me that being around me feels....comforting.  And I'd have to admit, I try my best to make people feel this way when they are in my presence.  And if they're ever around my house to taste my food, I hope they're extra comforted!  


  1. What a great (and delicious) way to express yourself:)

  2. ohhhh, I have a Le Creuset pot too and it is the best investment ever! and yum, roasted pork belly, holla! I am drooling all over my keyboard. p/s I know you're too shy to ask, so I'm supporting you on my blog without you asking. hope you're okay with that. I don't know how helpful I'm gonna be since I'm just a tiny, no-name blog w. a few readers, but I thought every little bit helps :-) right?

  3. Great photos!

    I love the Le Creuset pieces I own. Luckily, we have an outlet near us and what they consider "seconds" is a piece that maybe has a blip on the lid or something so minute even the SA has a hard time finding it!

  4. I would love to hear how you make your oxtail soup...yum! I really want to get a few Le Creuset pieces for my kitchen. My mom has a set and I love using her collection to cook.

    Your post had me thinking about how I express myself. I realized that I too express myself through cooking, but I also express myself by either singing, drawing or knitting.

    By the way..great photos!

  5. Kristin - Thank you! It is yummy indeed and I'm getting quite hungry. Hehe.

    Lisa - Awww...I'd love to. What topic would you suggest? :)

    Pamela - Oooh I'd love to have a store like that. I don't think we have one close to us. I'd have to check though. But even then, the market down isn't huge. Oy!

    Natasha - I think singing is a great way to express yourself. I do a lot of singing too...especially when I'm super sad cause it lifts my mood!

  6. I love making stew too, Cindi! I just made Moroccan chicken stew this week and my hubby loved it.

  7. Stacey - I know. Food that takes hours to cook are so yummy aren't they? :)

  8. I've always wanted to own a Le Creuset piece just to say I own it... You see, I can't cook, but I do love to eat!!

    Can I ask a question about the pictures?-- I know how you achieved the bokeh in the first photo, but how did you, for lack of knowledge and better word, 'reverse' it (having the subject blurred, but the background crisp)?

  9. p - Ooh the bokeh question. Hehe..and it's not hard at all. Depth of Field is easily created by blurring the subject or the background by using the same technique - focus! In the picture where I blurred the pot, I simply focused on the playground (by pressing on the button half down) and then repositioned the shot to have the pot in the frame. This will automatically blur whatever you're not focusing on. Hopefully this makes sense! :)

  10. I love and hate when you talk about food, Cindi! haha! Still look forward to your food posts. Everything always looks so darn delicious! :)