Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let's Talk...The Bachelor

I can tell people that I don't enjoy reality TV and I don't follow the Bachelor and its crap...but I'd be lying.  As much as I'd love to hate The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, I just can't.  I love it!  There's just something about watching catty women fight over one guy (most of the time a guy with no depth...just looks) that spark chills inside me whenever I'm propped infront of the television.  Monday sure don't disappoint and I love you for it!

So here he is:
Mr. Brad Womack, the most recent Bachelor.  He's gotten a lot of slack for being on the show a prior season and ended up picking no one.  But I think people are focusing on the wrong thing.  Is it only me or is Mr. Brad the BORINGEST guy ever to walk on earth?  He's definitely the least interesting Bachelor to be on the show...but hey...that's just my opinion.  

And who are the gals left?
Chantel O'Brien is from my neck of the woods Seattle...well not really...Mercer Island, WA...where all the rich people live in this area.  Her dad is the man behind all the O'Brien dealerships here that specialize in selling high end cars.  I haven't actually noticed Chantel too much throughout the show and all of a sudden, she's in the final 3.  Word has leaked that she's the one Brad ultimately picks and after watching this week's epy, I totally agree.  It was in the way they talked that clued me in.  When he visited Seattle, he kept saying to her how he loved the city and that he can see himself living here.  And as they were chatting with one another, Chantel said he would have to like the city because he'll need to visit often.  It was like an agreement she was going to be picked had already been arranged and for a moment, they forgot the cameras were there.  If I'm wrong, I'll definitely be my bets are on Chantel at this point!  

Emily was my favorite from day one, but as I continued to follow the show, I started to realize that she was way too good for Brad.  This past week's episode proved to me that he's not going to pick her because he was just way too awkward infront of her daughter.  He almost took a step backwards in their relationship, after wanting to meet her daughter so badly.  He's not ready to be a dad and it's totally apparent.  That's ok though because just look at her.  She's only 24 and have tons of time to find a man that'll be more of a partner and a perfect fit for her.  I only wished Chris from Ali's Bachelorette episode could meet her because they'd totally be cute won't they??

Finally, there's Ashley.  I don't have much to say about her because I kind of feel indifferent towards her.  She's really cute and pretty but I just don't see the connection between her and Brad.  She's from a small town and compared to the other two, just seems kind of "meh".  But words leaked to reveal that she might be the next Bachelorette in the upcoming season.  I don't know how interesting that'll be...but well see if that's true or not!  

Anyone else watch The Bachelor?  Thoughts?  


  1. I haven't watched this show in years but decided to watch this season because I'd seen his original season. I like Emily the best too but also don't think he's going to pick her. And don't get me started on MI - I've never met a single nice person from there!

  2. Oooh fun post! I've watched The Bachelor every season since the beginning and I have to agree that watching Brad on TV is like watching paint dry. He's nice to look at, but so freakin boring! I think part of it is that he's just kinda awkward in front of the camera. Like he can't be himself when they're there, which I guess is pretty understandable.

    From the start I've been a big fan of Chantel (did you see her house on this weeks show? OMG it was like a palace!). I like Emily too, but they just seem to be in two completely different places in their lives.

    Can't wait for the finale!

  3. I watched the first couple seasons and for some reason was curious about this season (maybe because Brad is from Austin?).

    I think he'll pick Chantel too--he seems the most natural with her (what little personality he has comes out with Chantel). He seems to get really flustered by Emily-it's kinda cute. And Ashley is just too freaking hyper for me.

    I was hoping Michelle would be the next bachelorette--she's a little annoying to watch but she's also got the bats**t crazy thing going for her which might make for good tv.

    I can't believe I'm having fun watching this!

  4. I'm so glad that there are other Bachelor fans out there. I don't normally watch the show, but I was curious about this season as well.

    I love the way Brad looks...he's hot, but I agree with you Cindi that he's a little awkward.

    I really like all three of the ladies, but I think that he'll end up picking Chantel. He really had a strong connection with her family (her dad) and I think her lifestyle is more like his. I don't think that he's ready to be a father just yet...he wouldn't even kiss Emily because her daughter was sleeping upstairs. It was sweet, but who are we kidding. I also liked Ashley...but Brad has to do way too much reassuring with her. That routine is getting little old for Brad.

    We'll all have to stay tuned for the finale and have a post-finale chat!

  5. Ohhhh, great post Cindi! Well, here is what I think....Chantal seems like she will be the one, but I LOVE Emily...but I agree, can't see Brad being a dad quite yet. Ashley is SO peppy she sort of makes my teeth hurt. Also, do you think think Chantal's mom could totally be on "Real Housewives Seattle"? LOL

  6. Oh girl, you know I'll talk Bachelor all day long!! I tune in every single season and just can't turn away. I do like Brad, but agree that he is a bit boring. Heck, I read an interview a while back and the boy doesn't even eat sugar or salt. Perfect body, yes, but I need someone who will cut loose!

    I love Emily this season. Go NC! :) She is so sweet and super cute. I also thought that she would be just perfect with Chris L, but he is with Peyton (from Bachelor Pad), and they are really cute, too.

    I'm interested to see how Ashley will do as Bachelorette. I am a little sad we won't get to see Emily as Bachelorette because you know those would have been some of the cutest outfits ever!

    I agree with Natasha that we'll need to have a post-finale chat, too!!

  7. Good tips girls...I'll post a post finale session as well!

    Ginabean, I did see the house and's sooo huge. And yes, if there were ever a Housewives of Seattle, she'd certainly be in it. I thought of that when I saw her.

    I'm excited for the tell all episode where he faces the girls. Hehehe.

  8. Chris and Emily would TOTALLY be a perfect couple!

  9. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! My fav topic!!! Oh yes, Em and Chris would be soooooooooo purrrrrrrrrrfect. And I'm glad Brad picks that Chantel/ Shanon Doherty snarky chick. Em deserves so much better.

  10. Yes yes! J and I are regular Bachelor watchers and though I didn't see his past season, he does seem too wishy washy for me. I do agree Chantal O. will be his pick and Emily will find a guy that can handle her beauty, grace, and baggage!

    xx Vivian @

  11. Ok I'm late to this conversation but I watch this yummy garbage too!

    I think brad is a tool- everything he says seems therapist approved

    Emily (sorry everyone) is a bore. She's sweet but YAWN. I like Chantal, she's a little bit crazy and dramatic, but I like that about her- she's 100% real!