Friday, November 12, 2010

Wedding Photos Part 2...

Chris and I met up with our wedding photographer, Erwin Wijanto last night for dinner.  He gave us 2 DVD filled with 1020 wedding photos!  It took us two hours to go through all of them last night and all of them were wonderful.  Here are some of the highlights that you didn't see from my previous post.

My Matron of honor delivered my groom's gift...which was an iPad.  I wrapped it in an inter-office mail envelope.  :)

Putting on the veil for my portraits...just to forget it later!

Chris' home made card that came along with my bride's gift

Bride's gift!  Michael Kors' watch!

It's great being a guy huh?  They got ready early and started to relax with some alcohol!

Erwin gave me a TON of portraits!  All of them were amazing.  I have enough to remember this day for a life time.  He is just so great!

Instructions Chris made for our gift book

Our cake was so yummy and beautiful but working with our decorator was kind of scary.  She befriended me on Facebook and throughout the year, when a bride pissed her off, she'd write about it as her status.  Then all her friends would chime in on her side!  I was so afraid to get on her bad side...but luckily no statuses were written about me!  :)

Hugging is just not a thing in my family, so when my parents gave me away, Erwin caught this pic of me and my mom hugging.  I just love it and want to frame it for her!

See how uncomfortable my dad looks?


Jill was still teary eyed after the cememony and Erwin was able to catch her laughing at herself.

Somehow, a mysterious rainbow was on top of Chris' head.  We believe this was his father with us that day!

This is an awesome picture we'd like to blow up and hang somewhere in our house.  Upon first look, you really can't tell it's our wedding day...which I like.


Our flower girl and ring bearer...the little Princess herself

Our home made programs

We made a dedication video to our parents and I was welting up!

Me dancing with our family friend and my Uncle.  Our family friend is an immigrant from Taiwan and he knew every song I played!!!  Guess what his baby daughter's name is???  BEYONCE!!!!!  Haha.  It's the cutest thing.

Chris and John changed into their "kicks" and tried to break dance!

That's it all!!!  I loved revisiting our wedding day through photos.  I hope you also enjoyed these...and have a great weekend!


  1. Looking at all your photos makes me want to retake my wedding photos! I love all your different poses and details! Too cute!

  2. Cindi- you are drop.dead.gorgeous. thanks for sharing :)

  3. Gril, you are so gorgeous and your photographer is amazingly talented.

  4. Where are your bridesmaid dresses from? They are gorgeous, as is everything else!

  5. Cindi,
    LOVE your two lovebirds are so cute. :-)

  6. Kathleen, Spiffy, Inkmark - THANK YOU so much! I am blushing here!

    Suzanne - My bridesmaids dresses were from Alfred Angelo. I believe they're a national chain and the price was pretty good as well.

  7. What fantastic, fantastic pictures - LOVE THEM! And wowie you are hot stuff, your makeup was perfect for the day too, stunning! I love that group shot with your bridal party on the couches - you all look like the cast for a hot new TV show! What a treasure these photos are - especially the hugs...

  8. Cindi, you were the most beautiful bride!! You and Chris look so in love, so happy, and like you're having a blast in every picture ... just wonderful! Thank you for sharing these lovely memories, they are all treasures! ;)

  9. One of my favorites is the one of you, Chris, and your bridal party on the couches. It reminds me of a promo pic for the Sopranos (in a good way!)!

  10. Cindi - WOW! 1020 photos! what a lot to cull through!
    Ok, I just LOVE these photos. You look absolutely beautiful in every shot, and i love that one of you tearing up. Your photographer is a genius! These photos capture all the love and all those special moments.
    I also love that wedding cake shot - it's gorgeous. I can't see why your cake maker would say anything bad about you on her fbook status :-) you look like too much of a kind, loving person!
    Congrats once again ♥

  11. What glamorous, beautiful photos! Everyone is having such a great time! I personally love the ka pow picture.

  12. Hooray -- more beautiful pictures! I really, really love the deep burgundy color you choose for the bridesmaids. It is so flattering, timeless, and always seasonally appropriate. And the details on your cake are so elegant and timeless. Thanks for sharing this joyous occasion with us!

  13. Wow! These are such great pictures and it really recreates the love and fun of your wedding day. I seriously think each picture is awesome! But the rainbow above Chris's head is really special and I do believe his dad (your dad now, too!) was there with all of you, smiling upon you. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Cindi, you're so beautiful in these photos - and it looks like you guys had SUCH a great time! Yay! Thanks for sharing these! =D

  15. Cindi you look gorgeous! Love this second round of pics! I'm so impressed your photog was able to capture so many special moments among your friends and family.


  16. Oh My Gosh Cindi!!! These pictures are STUNNING! You look absolutely gorgeous and there are sooo many fave pictures to choose from! I'm feeling very guilty now about not finishing picking for my album yet. My top faves in this bunch are : the b&w of you two in front of the fireplace (so much love oozing), the group shot with your bridal party in a lobby or something (SO classy and elegant!), the ring/fist shot (you guys rock!), and the rainbow pic (what a sweet thought).

    xx Vivian @