Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some Non-Golfing and Tried Non-Shopping...

Hello everyone!  Today was a pretty busy day for me.  I had to participate in an inventory at one of our golf courses, so I had to arrive on site at 5:30 in the morning!!!  Believe me, I'm not a morning person, so getting up at 4 am was a chore!  This was my first time going to our Echo Falls Golf Club and it was just beautiful.  I was able to take a couple of pictures of the course.

The inventory was a success.  However, I failed at trying to be good about the Anthro sale.  I proudly commented on several of your blogs earlier today saying how I did not buy a thing.  But then my willpower weakened at around mid-afternoon at my office.  It was probably my attempt to stay awake from waking up so early this morning, but my mouse had a mind of its own and clicked straight to Anthro's sale page.  There I saw these:

I've been looking for the Switching Lane's cardigan for awhile now and with it being 19.99, I just couldn't resist.  :)

From the looks of it, lots of you scored big today.  Congrats on that! 


  1. 4:00 AM? That is just insanely early, but at least the scenery was beautiful. My company just signed a huge deal with a big time golf company. That means golf is in my future :) I can't believe the price of the switching lanes cardigan. Smart mouse!

  2. The pictures of the golf club are beautiful Cindi. Who would have thought golf could be a beautiful thing? You should check out Sydney golf clubs - errr...maybe not.
    congrats on your sale purchases. I'm sure we'll get to see them on you in the near future!

  3. Wow, 4am for work?? Don't think I'd be too functional but you look extremely cute! As for caving in, sometimes it just happens. If it doesn't work out, you return them and move on to the next cute thing!

  4. Such cute cardis - your mouse did well ;) Hope you got to bed early last night!

  5. For somebody doesn't normally get up at 4:00, you look incredibly sharp!

  6. 4AM nooo! lol. I resisted sale purchasing. I even went by anthro this evening, but as I made my way to the sale section, my friend texted me for clothes advice from H&M. So off I went!