Monday, November 8, 2010

A Halloween and Weekend Catch Up...

Happy Monday night everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend because mine was great!  The PanCan walk was perfect and I will have pictures for you soon.  For those of you that already submitted your Purple for PanCan outfits...THANK YOU so much!  For those of you that still want to submit a purple incorporated OOTD, please email them to cindiwang(at)gmail(dot)com.  Please see my original post about this here and submit your outfits by Friday!

I know I still owe you some Halloween party here they are!

Marla and Mark came as a Seahawk player and Ref.  A funny story...Mark decided to open the door and jump infront of some kids trick or treating.  And one five year old yelled what we believe to be SEAHAWKER!!!!!!!!!  But all of us heard "mother...cker".  It was hilarious!!!  We were so confused for a second there but we still think he said Seahawker...we think.  Haha.  

Jean and Jun came as Waldo and a ladybug.  Waldo's outfit was home made!  The red stripes were actually red duct tape!  Way to go, Jun!

Wai and Tats came as police woman and prisoner of course.  Wai is barely 5 feet tall and this dress was made for someone average height...probably my height at 5'5".  Can you imagine how short it'd be on me???  

Here are my husband and his sister and brother.  Jill came as Snooki, Justin as Mr. T and my my rival gang member.  I loved how Snooki brought her own fuzzy slippies.  :)

Here's me and the hubby.  :)  I realized that night that I was the only non-cute girl there!  I felt rather boyish actually.  

Group Shot!!!

It was a great night for sure!  We must have gotten over 40 trick or treater groups...meaning that our doorbell probably rang over 40 times.  When it got dark, we watched Saw 5! 

Onto an outfit I wore this past weekend to my friend Marla's (the referee above) surprise birthday party put together by her loving husband, Mark.  

I finally was able to track down the switching lanes cardi after trying it on two separate times.  I only found it in a Large though, which is a teeny bit big, but not enough to notice.  I also love the fact that on the weekends, I can get away with wearing jeggings all the time.  These Hue jeggings I bought last year, but I had totally forgotten I had them until recently.  I own a pair in the blue colorway as well.  I swear by these on the weekends.  

Oh and I also was able to try out taking my OOTD with the new camera remote.  I'm still mastering my poses and positioning of the camera.  So...please bear with me and excuse Chewy's booty pic.  :) 

Cardigan - Switching Lanes Anthropologie
Tee - Anthropologie
Pants - Hue Jeggings from Nordstrom
Boots - Aerosoles from DSW


  1. I wore the same cardi today, only in the other color. It's so comfy!

  2. Everyone looks awesome in their costumes! I especially like yours since it's such a departure from your girlie looks. You look great in that switching lanes cardi. I never looked twice at that one until now. It's great in this color!

  3. What a fun party it looks like Cindy! You and your hubby are so funny with the gang members! lol! I LOVE the new bench + your guest book. And love your fireplace mantle - it's soo tall! Glad you found your cardi finally!

    xx Vivian @

  4. the costumes are adorable! I love the switching lanes cardigan in you :)

  5. The costumes were all great. And that police woman is kinda scandalous! Funny!!

    I just posted my switching lanes cardi! don't you love it?! I wish I would have bought the other color way. I think we are most twins in our outfits! Yay!

  6. Aww, i think you still looked cute in a non girlie kind of gangsta way Cindi! The halloween outfits look awesome and so much fun. I'll have to gather up my troops and do something similar one day :-)
    Your switching lanes cardi is a great purchase, and I can't even tell that it is a size large! err..i love that shot of chewy's bot bot...he's cute from the front and back..hehe

  7. What fun pictures! And I love how both you and Pamela styled the Switching Lanes cardigan -- so cute on both of you. I have a purple outfit that I will be sure to send to you soon!

  8. omg y'all look like you had a blast on Halloween. Everyone has such great costumes!

    Yay for remotes! I get Buddies' butt in pics all the time. Don't they know to look at the camera. He also runs in front of me all the time and blocks the outfit for the OOTD pics :)


  9. I love that you celebrated Halloween with good friends and got dressed up in costume! You and hubs looked great, as did everyone else. And your house, it's so pretty!!

  10. That was an awesome Halloween you and your friends all look stellar in your costumes! And I love that cozy cardigan on you, it's perfect with jeggings! I went to the store yesterday to buy the remote for my camera and they didn't have one in stock - boo - I'm going to try the other store across town. Your results look great to me :)

  11. LC - Ooh cool! I know...isn't it so comfy? I just love the way it feels and how it doesn't add bulk.

    Cat - You sure know how to make a boyish girl feel good! :) Thank you!

    Vivian - The fire place is a great feature and I love it. The original stone surrounding it was a ceramic tile which we thought was ugly. So we upgraded to the slate.

    Sammie - Thank you! It was just perfect for the rainy day we had Saturday.

    Pamela - I saw that you styled it almost the exact same way I did! funny. I think we have a lot of the same clothes together. We should make a list!

    Jen - Do you guys celebrate Halloween in Australia? I thought I read that it's just the US and parts of Europe. is fun though.

    Jamie - Thank you and I can't wait to see how you style your purple outfit.

    Lori - Haha I know right? Dogs are smart enough to know when we're trying to look fashionable. Silly pups!

    Dea - Aww thank you for the house compliment! Our downstairs is just one great room and it's just huge! I don't know what to do with it. We can dance between the living room and the kitchen. Haha.

  12. Adorable couple outfit! I love that it wasn't conventional. The best idea I've heard was for the guy to dress up as Harry Potter, and for the girl to dress up as a golden snitch so that he can chase her around all night (: Might have to do that one year.

    Great outfit!! Love the stripes, and the doggy cameo (:

  13. I love the Where's Waldo costume! I never would have thought to do that!

    I wore my yellow Switching Lanes Cardigan over the weekend and really love it, but it's so hard to style! Luckily I have a lot of navy in my closet because you can't go wrong with the yellow/navy combo.